One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 24: Gol D Rogen

When Rogen left the marine base, there wasn’t any marine chasing him, which made him feel relieved.


After all, it’s good to have less trouble.


Otherwise, if the Marines were all besieging him, then it will cost him a lot of effort to get out of this marine base and a lot of money. Although he has accumulated a lot of Belly at the moment, He needs to be careful and save his money.


There are many strong pirates in this world, and when he reaches the grand line and face those enemies, he was afraid that his money would not be enough to resist them.


In a sense, the soul value of the possession system is equal to the strength of the pirate bounty. Of course, this wasn’t absolute.


For example, the sword Saint Ge Nie from the Qin Dynasty, which has a lower price for summoning. However, in this world, his subtle swordsmanship, for some reason, there was a variation on his value. His strength was not inferior to pirates with ten million reward.


On the Ship, Rogen’s heart alerted.


“I must leave the East Blue as soon as possible, I can’t stay here any longer!”


It wasn’t good that the marine suspected him.


After another month, Rogen defeated five pirates and exchanged their reward with the marine. He saved until now 75 million Belly in total. It was a huge amount of money, which made Rogen’s heart relieved.


“If I exchange these 75 million now, I won’t reach the next class level of the 100 million!”


That Marine with a high rank who’s representing the East Blue was invincible.


Rogen gave himself three days off. He spent these days on a small island, hanging around, looking for a quiet bar, listening to the violin, watching a beautiful woman dance. After this period, he left the island and moved toward to grand line.


As far as he knows, if he wants to go from the East Blue, he must go up the waterway of the reverse mountain. Of course, he didn’t know that he only heard that from guys talking.


To go to the reverse mountain, he must pass through his hometown, the Loguetown.


When he thought about that, his eyes narrowed and his face became serious.


Looking at the nearby town, which was familiar, Rogen felt nostalgia.


In the beginning, he was forced to leave that place. Even his martial art couldn’t help to stay there. He didn’t expect that he would have a great power after turning around the whole east blue. In the end, he returned to his hometown.


When the Dragon Root quietly approached the shore, Rogen slowly took out the mask and put it on his face.


Then, he jumped off the boat and went to Loguetown.


Just as Rogen boarded in the shore, meanwhile in the town, in the Marine division’s office there was a discussing.


“So, you suspect that Ge Nie is a pirate?”


“He transformed to a pirate hunter just to hide his identity!?”


The middle-aged Commodore Smo frowned at the young man in front of him and his eyes were full of doubts.


“Yes, that’s for sure!”


The young man smiled and his tone was abnormal.


“Dragon, you have to know that if your news is not correct, you will put the marine in a big trouble!”

Smo said quietly.


“I can’t be wrong!”


He said that and his eyes become deep, then he looked out of the window.


“I’m not only sure that he’s a pirate, I also know who this guy is!”


Since that time he missed the chance to caught Rogen, Dragon did not let any clues of this case, he visited several nearby islands including the island where Rogen bought his ship.


Slowly, Dragon took a drawing in his hand.


“What is this?” Smo wondered.


“It’s the boat!” Dragon said.


“What do you mean?” Smo still didn’t figure it out.


“This is the ship of that guy, the sword saint Ge Nie, and he is the Brother of Roger, Gol D Rogen, he bought it from a small aristocrat family named Roth.”


“From the day that he bought this ship, Rogen disappeared, but at the same time, a pirate hunter named Ge Nie was born!”


“This guy is very clever, he almost hid all the traces, but he wasn’t smart enough.”


Dragon said softly and his eyes were full of interest.


“Do you mean that the famous pirate hunter Ge Nie turned out to be Gol D Rogen?” Smo was shocked.


Dragon didn’t respond this time, his eyes flashed and he smiled.


“Very interesting guy!”


Dragon muttered, and then he took out the Den Den Mushi.


“Report his position!” He asked.


Smo looked curiously at the young man in front of him. He didn’t understand what he was doing!


“In the Loguetown!”


The low voice came out from the Den Den mushi, which made Dragon very happy.


After he heard that, he didn’t care about Smo, he waved to the commander and walked out of the office.


Rogen started for a long time, but there was no news since he left his hometown, he was too smart. It seemed that he had disappeared, however, after a period, a guy named the sword saint Ge Nie came over. It was strong evidence, which proves that his identity was wrong. He was right next to him.


“In the South Blue, There is no swordsman named Guigu, also there is no Ge Nie who was lived there!”


The South Blue division affirmed this news.


Therefore, the identity of Ge Nie was fake. This made Dragon curious, why such a pirate hunter would hide his identity with a mask?


There must be secrets behind this. It must be very interesting.


At first, Dragon checked Rogen swordsmanship, but he didn’t find any clue.


After that, he checked the ship.


It was the ship that solved his previous problem. Because of it, Dragon knew that Rogen changes his identity.


Then, through all the clues, Dragon contacted the marines in the finance department, and they affirmed that so-called Ge Nie used a sword, exactly the same as Rogen used against Sauder.


He is the same person!


That day Dragon confirmed that.


Because Rogen came to Loguetown, then he will go to his house.


“This is very interesting and funny!”


“Such an interesting guy, I really don’t want to take him back to the marine.”


“But, because he is interesting, he is more dangerous!”


“Compared to Roger, you are accustomed to hide behind a mask, which is even more overwhelming.”


“Gol D Rogen!”


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