One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 125: You did it.

The sea breeze waved gently, and the sun rays shone in the early morning, reflecting the sparkling sea surface. Fishes with different color and type were jumping out the sea then plunged into it again, and made a beautiful spray.

A wooden boat moored quietly on the sea and swaying with the sea waves.

Soon, the sun rose, and the ship shone with great light. The light and sunshine fell evenly.


Jason stretched out and walked out of the bedroom.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, he saw a figure sitting at the bow, facing the sunrise, and surrounded by a purple aura which turned slowly, forming a strange cyclone.

Jason couldn’t help but being stunned.


At that moment, Rogen noticed Jason, and the aura quickly inhaled into his body and disappeared.

“You’re awake!”

Jason nodded, but he was thinking about what happened to Rogen.

Finally, he dared to ask.

“Captain, what is the purple aura that surrounded you!”

Rogen looked at Jason and answered softly. “Internal strength, it’s a method of breathing, this can increase the body’s various function.”

He kept quiet for a moment and then he said again.

“However, you are not suitable for it!”

“You are suitable for external power!”

Jason’s body allows him to have hard-external training, he had a powerful body.

“I’ll teach you a set of external training, if you practice it, you can make your body stronger!”

Rogen didn’t have any concealment for Jason, and he decided to teach him the Dragon Elephant methods.


Jason was excited.

He always thought that his captain was very mysterious. Also, he didn’t expect that he would share such skills with him. Although he does not understand what the internal and external strength was, intuition was quite a powerful secret.

Following the clarity of the morning, Rogen passed all the actions of the Dragon Elephant to Jason.

What surprised him was that Jason looked silly, but his talent for learning martial arts was quite high. After several exercises, he understood a lot of things and started to work on the spot.

The Dragon’s core bulged in his body, which made his muscles tightened, and his face became serious.


His body bloated because of this Dragon elephant training.


The bones and muscles extend, and impurities in the body were extruded stiffly from the pores. Jason moved his foot and stepped on the deck.


The ship was shaken, and there was splashing of sea water.

“Sure enough, this method is very suitable for him.”

Looking at Jason’s physical state at the moment, Rogen nodded.

From the very first time with such training, he already practiced it to the 5th movement, and it was clear from his body that he mastered it.

The human body was like a well-conceived machine made up of a variety of parts. If these parts became more compact and coordinated, there was no doubt that the human body would be more reinforced.


Jason breathed out, and there was a white aura came out of his mouth.

Without the practice of internal strength, he actually formed the white light that the master of internal strength could exhale.

The while aura was just virtual expression, and only masters could have it. After practicing it for a short time, it was good for Jason to own it.

“Good, how do you feel?”

Rogen asked.

“Very strong, captain!” Jason answered, and he was very excited.

He didn’t know what the mysterious method of operation was, but after the exercises, he felt that his strength became more systematic and symmetrical.

“In the future, you have to work hard on this, I have mastered a total of 10 movements, and I will teach you all I know!”

Rogen exhorted again.

“That’s good!”

Jason’s tone was a bit serious.

“Let’s go to Alabasta, it’s the daybreak!”

After half an hour, the people on the Dragon Root ate breakfast and sailed toward Alabasta.

At the same time in the port of Alabasta.

A ship landed slowly, which attracted the attention of people on the port.

“Look, the ship is almost broken, how it can sail?”

“It’s really miserable, I don’t know whether they met a storm or cruel pirates!”

“Look, they are pirates, look at their flag!”

The people on the shore kept talking until they saw the pirate flag on the ship, they immediately became nervous.

“Don’t be afraid, we are in Alabasta, pirates can’t mess around!”

“Yeah, even the marines couldn’t come here, we are under the protection of the world government, anyone dares to make a mess would be punished!”

“Speaking of this, after Roger’s execution, many pirates passed by here!”

The cluttered voices came from the streets, people kept talking about them. Even if there were some tension in their eyes, there was no fear.

At that time, Alabasta was very strong, especially under the protection of the world government, which means that even strong pirates meant nothing there.

Under the eyes of everyone, the broken ship slowly lowered the sails, dropped the anchor, and stopped at the shore. And then, one by one, the pirates were walking out of the boat.

They looked pale, their eyes were swollen, they were tired and mentally depressed. At first glance, it was clear that they had experienced horrors that were hard to imagine. What makes people wondering was that these pirates were stained with bright blood.

“Their enemy must be very strong!”

In a flash, people judged it.

After all the pirates walked out the ship, a tall figure with a black robe and cold face jumped down.

As this figure appeared, the expression immediately changed.

“Sir Crocodile!”

“The famous pirate, with 45 million rewards, and who was in the Grand Line recently, Sir Crocodile!”

“Is that him!”

When people recognized him, they were even more shocked.

It can be said that this guy was expected to be one of the strongest pirates in the near future, he was very powerful. Also, he was very fast like a bullet or even quicker, which was hard to stop him. However, at this moment, people seemed to be shocked.

“Who did that? What happened to them!”

When Crocodile heard these words, his face became colder.

He ordered his crew to land quickly while his cold eyes squinted toward the coast.

Although he did not speak, the vicious momentum made the people who were talking stop at once and disperse quickly with fear.

“This Crocodile is too fierce!”

“Hurry up!”

At that moment, Crocodile turned and looked back.

It can be clearly seen that when he turned to the rear for a moment, his face was colder.

“Did you guys do that last night?”