One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 126: Pirate’s strong intersection!

With the words of Crocodile, everyone looked at him and found that there was a group of people on the cost in front of him.

The leader of the team was very tall, 50 centimeters taller than Crocodile, reaching an astonishing height of three meters. He was a light blond-haired, very lean and muscular with tan skin. He dressed in flamboyant pink clothes, and with his sunglasses, he was full disdain.

He smiled when he saw the obvious hostility in Crocodile’s gaze.


The one in the pink coal laughed, which made Crocodile’s crew took a step back.

These guys already lost more than a dozen of them last night, and their deaths were horrible and bizarre.

Knowing that his crew passed through a tough battle, and they were terrified, Crocodile frowned again.

He became increasingly dissatisfied from his crew.

In this vast sea, weak companions and subordinates mean that they will be abandoned and die.

He lifted up his right hand, and with a cold expression, he said. “The shame you gave us last night must wash today!”


The air inexplicably trembled, and the ground under them shook, which made a lot of sand began to float. In a moment, the man in the feather coat changed his expression.

A large amount of sand was suspended in the air, and it was overwhelming toward him and his team.

These grains of sand formed a sand curtain that reaches about 50 meters, it was floating in the air and dashing forward.

“This guy!”

The man in the pink coat had a cold look under the dark sunglasses, with a slight tremor in his right hand.

Under this tremor, a pirate behind Crocodile suddenly became frightened. He moved his hand and pulled out his sword, then slashed it toward Crocodile’s back.


The sword crossed the back of Crocodile, and a lot of sand began to scatter.

Crocodile’s eyes were even colder and paused his attack. At that moment, the opposite group leaped to escape this blow.


The sandstorm fell on the ground, and the calm returned.

“Why are you so angry, Crocodile? That’s what the sea looks like!”

The man with the pink coat laughed exaggeratedly.

“Strong would stay, and weak should die!”

“That’s what the world has always followed. Isn’t it?”

Crocodile quickly recovered his body, and the will of killing was very clear in his eyes.

The arrogant guy in front of him ignited the flames in his heart and made him very angry. Such words would make anyone angry.

“Just a few members of your crew died, why so angry?”

“If you want to kill my men, and you can’t do that of course, then you’ll die!”

The man with the pink coat shouted loudly, and when he said that, his crew behind his were all smiling.

It seems that they understand that the other side couldn’t attack them.

“It’s good!’

Crocodile’s eyes flashed, he slowly bent his waist down and pressed on the ground with both hands.

“Don’t u know whose home is this?”

Just after he finished his words, the ground shook, and a lot of sand fluttered.

The sand floated up and covered the controlled crew behind him.

Then, a lot of sand appeared from the ground.

In a while, the sand has already appeared in everyone’s eyes.

“Ground Secco (Drying Up)!”

A mysterious and strange force emanated from Crocodile’s hand, and it swept hundreds of meters in an instant to reach the man in the pink coat.

a lot of quick-witted people retreated speedily, but there were still people who didn’t know what to do, and in a moment, they got shrouded by this force.


The bodies of five people who were standing there became dry as if the water was absorbed after the attack of Crocodile. Their whole bodies became like a mummy in a short period, and they died. Because of such speed, they didn’t even find time to scream.

“Ground Death! (An extremely strong version of Ground Secco)”

With a low roar, all the five mummies were crushed and turned into sand grains, which melted into the vast amount of quicksand.


A beautiful scene appeared, the atmosphere became yellow, and a sandstorm was blown up.

With a strong wind, the sand just covered a large area and swept hundreds of meters, which made people unable to open their eyes because of it.

Suddenly, footsteps sounded.

Not far from the attack, a large number of guards with weapons were running nervously.

At the moment when they saw such a scene in the field, they were screaming loudly.

“Stop it all! This is Alabasta, not the place where the arrogant pirates can stay, otherwise, please get out of here!”

The captain of the guard who took the lead pulled out his sword and shouted loudly.

As he shouted, the man with pink coat bends his fingers.

The pirates behind Crocodile changed their expressions, they took their swords and pointed it to Crocodile.

“Damn it!”

The panic was clear in their eyes, Crocodile’s ability was very strong, but the other side ability was so terrible, he could control anyone he wants.

“Crocodile, your ability is powerful, but mine isn’t that bad, I killed few useless pirates from your crew, is it necessary to be angry?”

The man in the pink coat kept staring at Crocodile while he was standing on the building.

Although he has a very strong ability, he was very jealous of Crocodile. The ability to reform the body of Crocodile without the Haki, it can be said that there was no solution to deal with it.

Especially on this ground, it was Crocodile’s field.

“That’s Bullshit!”

Crocodile’s face was cold again, and then he put his hands on the ground again.


The sand in the sky was bursting once again, and it became denser.

“Stop! In this way, we will not be polite!”

The leader of the guards became angrier, and the soldiers behind him pulled their swords.

Glancing at the guard and at the man with a pink coat, Crocodile’s face was very cold.

“Let my crew go, I’ve spared you this time, Doflamingo!”

“Ha ha ha!”

Doflamingo laughed, and he played with his fingers again.

All the pirates were released, and the look in their eyes was full of panic.

The era of pirate came already, the pirates everywhere moved by the wind, and they all converged on the Grand Line.

The first strong intersection was between Crocodile and Doflamingo!