One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 127: Shame!

“This era became very berserk, Crocodile!”

“If your men are just a group of weak chickens, then we won’t meet again!”

As Doflamingo laughed, the feathers on his pink coat trembled.

After a brief encounter, both sides became aware of each other’s strength, and they didn’t rush again.

In this sea, unless the strength has overwhelming advantages, most of the encounters are temptations.

After the fight last night against Rogen, a dozen crew members suddenly pulled out their swords and weapons and then they attacked each other in the darkness. This strange scene caused a serious consequence for the whole pirate regiment. By the moonlight, he saw that the man who led the team was the one in pink feathers.

“hu-hu-hu” (One piece laugh!)”

With a series of laughter, Doflamingo quickly left. For the guard’s captain who was very angry and ready to attack, he kept standing there to stop them if they back to fight.

Crocodile was surrounded by the sand, he has a cold look, and his face was quite pale. After that, he didn’t utter a word and entered the island with the rest of his crew.

Crocodile’s crew were stunned, and they didn’t even say anything in front of their captain.

The guard’s captain looked at the two famous pirates in the Grand Line of the first half, and then finally he was relieved when they left.

The existence of such guys in Alabasta would cause a huge sensation. And it was hard to stop them if they start fighting. The necessary surveillance was indispensable.

Otherwise, if these two people started making a fuss, then only a few people who could stop them.

Time passed slowly, and at noon, a small ship approached the coast of Nanohana.

“Finally, we arrived, I haven’t seen an island for a long time!”

Jason shouted while he was looking at the shore.

Alabasta was really big compared to the islands where they used to be.

After a slow landing, everyone has disembarked.

The civilians on the coast only took a look, when they saw several ordinary people, they didn’t pay much attention. Compared with Crocodile and Doflamingo in the morning, Rogen’s group weren’t very attractive at all.

“This is Nanohana!”

Rogen smiled.

“Sister-in-law, we will stay here until you give birth to Ace and then we’ll left.”


Rouge nodded, and then she looked at the island in front of her, she was very satisfied.

At this time, Alabasta has very beautiful scenery, with its green trees and colorful flowers. It was full of birds, and there was only a small area representing the desert, and no one goes there.

“Let’s go and buy some necessities, and then we must find a place to stay!”

Rogen walked and said to Jason beside him.

“Give it to me captain, and I promise that I’ll do it for you!”

Jason smiled.

The crew walked slowly, and they disappeared from the port, leaving only their ship.

After a few steps, Rogen’s eyes condensed and he smiled.

“Jason, you guessed it well, we might meet Crocodile!”

After a careful look, Rogen saw the broken pirate ship of Crocodile.

“There’s only Alabasta in this area, he has no choice, haha!” Jason smiled.

They didn’t pay much attention to it, and then they laughed and walked to enter the port town.

Because it was a port town, the place was quite dense, and the streets were full of voices, which was very lively. The crew walked on the streets and kept smiling.

They didn’t saw such a lively city for a long time.

After a round of laps, they went to a restaurant.

At the same time, not far from them, a young man with a white shirt and a smile on his face whispered on his neck.

“The target appeared, Alabasta, Nanohana!”

“Good, don’t lose him!”


The man in the white shirt whispered, then raised his head again to greet the passers-by, looking very skilled.

the night came.

Because of the time constraints, the three people just found a hotel for a temporary rest. They need such a place to settle down, Rogen needs to rest and focus.

Rogen and Jason were in the same room, next door, there was Rouge and the little master. If anything happened, they could act immediately with a loud scream.

Rogen opened the window at looked down.

They were on the 2nd floor, when he looked through the window, he could clearly see the densely populated streets below.

Nanohana was really populated, even at night, the streets were quite dense.

“What a lively city!”

Rogen sighed.

“Captain, have you thought about where we will be in the future? Ah refreshing!”

Jason put his feet into the hot water and kept sighing comfortably.

“Our next heading is a village near Alubarna!”

“Alubarna, isn’t that the capital?” Jason was curious.

“Yes, compared to the port town, the capital is safer, we won’t encounter major events, life will be calmer there!”

“What we need is calm!”

Rogen’s eyes were deep.

Jason nodded. “I understand, we must find a safe place for Rouge!”

“Yeah, that old guy left his baby, and we should take care of him!”

Rogen’s face showed a smile.

“Oh, very comfortable!”

Jason was experiencing the comfort of soaking his feet in hot water, and his expression was extremely trivial.

Deep in the Sabaody Archipelago, in a bustling place.

“Is the target found?”

A majestic voice rang.

“Master, we already found it!”

The black-suited man answered with a respectful tone, his body was bent down humbly, and his head was low.

“Bring her back, our family can’t afford this shame!”

“Yes, the villain will arrange it.”

The black-suited man answered quickly.

“I heard that she is surrounded by world criminals!”

The majestic man suddenly said again.

“According to intelligence, that’s right.” The black-suited man was stunned and answered.

“As a proud Noble of the world, the descendants of the twenty kingdoms mixed up with criminals!”

“Shame, it’s a shame!”

The majestic man violently angered.