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S.P.P Chapter 128: Don’t Save Him!

Seeing the anger expression on his face, the black-suited man directly kneeled on the ground.

“The elders are angry!”

He exclaimed loudly.

“Which made me angry too!”

The majestic man kept looking at the agent in front of him while he was kneeling down, and suddenly, he hit him on the face with his crutch.


Blood flew out, and the agent’s face was torn open. However, he was still down and didn’t move.

“Elders are angry, we need to wash this shame of this family!”

The majestic man took a deep breath.

And then he listened to the black-suited man.

“I’m Lent, your dog, and I’ll try to do my best!”

“I chose to be the elder’s dog. I must be the most loyal dog!”

Lent fell on the ground and answered calmly.


The majestic man smiled and said again.

“Then go ahead, wash the shame and bring Illyasviel von Einzbern back!”


“You need to kill those criminals by the way, as a gift for the incompetent marines.”

The man waved his hand.


The black-suited man knelt and retreated a few times.

“Right, and if you can’t wash the shame of our family, then I’ll wash you off!”

After a while, the man was deep.

“Lent Understand!”

“Celestial Dragons doesn’t need a useless dog, go!”

Lent squatted on the ground, and after exiting the door, he slowly bowed his head and left quickly.

When he looked up, he showed a grim face full of cruelty, and there were cross scars on his face. His body looks a bit thin, but there was an explosive force hidden in it.

All the way out of that place, Lent’s face became calmer.

Being humiliated and threatened like that, there was no trace of discontent and resentment in his heart.

After choosing to give up his dignity and everything, he already pushed himself into the dark.

“Now, there’s no dignity, why don’t I throw everything away?”

He chose to be a dog for the noblest owner in the world.

“Keep an eye on the target and be careful!”

“The battle group is ready to move in a day. This time, I’ll go with you.”

“Keep in mind, protecting her is the first goal!”

A series of orders quickly issued; Lent eyes were cold like a lake hasn’t yet frozen.


The next morning, Rogen and his crew woke up early.


The crisp bells rang, and two camel trailers stopped in front of the hotel.

“Hey captain, I ordered two camels to go to Alubarna, we need to pass through the desert, and it hard to do that without camels!”

Rogen smiled, he was about to talk, but he was interrupted by Jason.

“However, I have no money, you’ll pay, haha!”

After saying that, he directly jumped into the trailer.

Black lines appeared on Rogen’s face; He didn’t want to take a ride with Jason. But finally, he helped Rouge and the little master to enter the trailer.

After that, everyone set off. The camels weren’t fast there, it took an hour from them to pass through the city.

Finally, they reached the desert.

“It’s spectacular, what a big desert!”

Jason pulled the curtain and kept watching through the window.

“Oh, this is also one of the wonderful places in our Alabasta, the desert is combined with the oasis!”

The middle-aged man who drove the camel smiled and said.

Uncle, how long this camel will take to pass through this desert?”

Rogen asked curiously.

The date of the birth of Rouge was getting closer and closer, and they couldn’t delay it longer.

“Without any accident, we could reach Alubarna in two days!”

The uncle answered.

“Two days!!!”

Rogen nodded; this period was quite acceptable.

The camel trailers were walking slowly in the desert, which was a very boring place for Rogen, he pulled up the curtain, and he was ready to rest for a while.

Jason was very interested, and he kept looking around.

When someone used to be in the sea very much, he would feel particularly cordial to see the desert.

Time passed quickly, and at noon, everyone stopped to eat. After they finished, they moved again.

After three hours later, Rogen blinked and suddenly heard the voice of the middle-aged-man calling outside, and then the camels stopped.

“What happened?”

Rogen didn’t open his eyes yet, and Jason quickly opened the curtain.

“Look, there are many victims in the desert.”

The middle-aged man pointed to the front, and he was very sad.

Jason looked at the pointed place, and he saw a row of dead bodies lying on the ground. They were stained with blood and covered with golden sand. They would be buried there sooner or later with the sand, and no one would find them.

“They should have encountered a strong group of people or a beast!” Jason was a bit stunned.

“They met bandits in here!” the middle-aged man was very sad, but he wasn’t afraid at all.

“there’s someone still alive!”

Jason nodded, and suddenly, he saw a corpse moving in the distance.

He was about to get off the trailer, but the middle-aged uncle pressed on Jason’s hand and shook his head.

“It’s not an auspicious sign to save a man in the desert.”

Jason stunned.

“Legend has it that there were gods in the desert, people who have killed here became the property of the gods, and if you rescue these guys without authorization, you’ll make gods angry and bring disaster to yourself!”

The uncle explained to Jason.

“Is that right?”

Jason was astonished.

Rogen in the trailer heard those words, he shook his head and smiled, and the probe came out.

Following Jason’s gaze, he immediately saw the guy who was still alive.

In the wide desert, with blood stains on his body, thin and seemingly young, his right hand clutched something tightly, and it was shaking. All of these indicate that this person was still alive.

“Jason, save this guy!”

When Jason heard the order, he snorted and immediately jumped out of the trailer.

The middle-aged uncle wanted to stop them, but they ignored him.

“Hey kid, are you still alive?”

Jason asked loudly.


The still surviving boy really made a sound.


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