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S.P.P Chapter 129: Huge Sandstorm

The strange voice made Rogen and Jason look at each other.

“Take the necklace, and help me please!”

The man who just talked has very chapped lips, his eyes were vain, and his face was pale. He seemed to be in an unconscious from walking.

Biting his teeth and squeezed those words from his lips, and after he said that he fainted.

“It’s awkward, isn’t it!”

Rogen couldn’t help but look at the necklace in the young man’s hand.

The green heart-shaped jasper, which was connected by a fine gold wire, and it was still has a green luster. It was clear that this necklace worth a lot.

To their suspicion, according to the uncle, these guys were apparently murdered by desert bandits, but it was a bit of a miracle that the necklace in the kid’s hand is still intact.

“Captain, look!”

Jason suddenly found something and pointed it.

Rogen’s eyes turned and looked at the pointed place.

“These guys are bandits!”

At first glance, there were five bodies lying in front of them, they all looked fierce. And at that time, they were already dead.

What surprised them, was that these five has a small round bloodstain on their chest and forehead. As if they were died by a single shot.

“This kid!”

His eyes turned interestingly and looked at the young man lying on the ground.

Not far from the kid, there were two semi-automatic rifles on the ground, and the ammunition shells were scattered not far away from him.

According to the distribution of the bodies on the scene, he quickly reached a conclusion. These five robbers were caused by this young boy.

“Jason, take him to the trailer, give him some water, and bandage his wounds!”

“The boy is not seriously injured, he just fainted because of dehydration and other unknown reasons!”

Rogen’s eyes flashed and told Jason.

Jason responded, carried the young man on his shoulders, and then headed toward the trailer.

“You’ll incur disaster!” the uncle said with a low voice.

“Uncle, don’t be afraid, just drive!”

Jason laughed and patted on his shoulder.

The middle-aged man had no choice but looking at Rogen who was looking at the injury of the young boy, but he was no longer dissuaded.

The two guys seem friendly, but the uncle could feel the fierce atmosphere of these two. It was a unique feeling that he had walked through the desert for many years.

The bell in front of the camel’s neck rang, and they slowly began to move forward.

Three hours already passed.


The camel trailer swayed, and Rogen who was sitting in it heard an unusual movement outside.

Looking at each other, Jason quickly stepped forward and opened the curtain.

“Uncle, what happened?”

As soon as he said those words, His mouth suddenly opened.

“Sand… Sandstorm!!!!”

“That too bad!”

The uncle was panicked, and there was horror in his eyes.

In front of them, a huge Sandstrom covered hundreds of meters, roaring and rushing forward.

The wind roared, and the sand was like a dragon in the desert. The storm broke out and roared endlessly. It can be clearly seen where the Sandstrom passed by, everything was swallowed up by it as if the dragon was engulfing the world.

“It’s enormous trouble!”

Jason’s voice was trembling.

Such a large-scale sandstorm, although he has great power, he was embarrassed when facing the power of nature. As the wind blows, the force increased, and he was afraid that this Sandstorm could sling him up into the sky and threw him somewhere.

“This, this is not a sandstorm!”

Just then, a weak voice sounded, Jason looked back, and he saw the kid behind him.

“It’s you, are you awake already?”

“I’m not a kid! Please call me Trensu!”

The kid suddenly answered.

Rogen, who was ready to jump out the trailer, he almost burst out when he heard the name.

People in the world of pirates naturally do not know this name, but for Rogen, it seems very familiar.

“Trensu, you just said that this is not a sandstorm, what does it mean?”

Jason asked curiously.

The rushing and roaring sands in the sky were clearly formed by the great power of nature.

“It’s a person, it’s made by one person!”

“We are harmed by that guy!”

His eyes were full of fear and anger at the same time.


Rogen’s eyes stunned, and he kept looking at the Sandstorm outside.

“It’s impossible! Human beings cannot do such thing, it’s a range of hundreds of meters, it’s enough to destroy a town!”

Jason was shocked.

“No, Jason, the sandstorm in front of you is really human-made!”

Rogen suddenly said.

“And that person, we both have seen!”

Jason glanced, and he was surprised. “Is it Crocodile??”

“But we saw his attack, this huge range sandstorm, it’s not like he can do it!”

“You forgot. He was only on the sea at that time.”

“And here is his field!”

Rogen whispered.

“In this desert, it can be said that his power is endless. All this sand is his weapon!”

In a word, Jason’s eyes were shocked.

“That guy has great power!”

“But, don’t worry!”

Rogen smiled, and he was relaxed.

“Uncle, go ahead and don’t worry about this sandstorm!”

“But…!” the uncle was still afraid.


Rogen’s tone was very serious.

Being stared at by Rogen’s eyes, the middle-aged uncle suddenly trembled, and he has a feeling that he wanted to obey, and didn’t dare to resist.

The camel’s bell rang again, and the two trailers moved in the strong wind and approached the Sandstorm slowly ahead.

“That man can manipulate the desert, do you dare to move forward?”

In the trailer, Trensu was shocked.

He had seen the horror of that person and experienced the fear with his heart.

Although they were only affected by that man’s power, they were abandoned facing death in the wide desert.

You can imagine how much pressure and fear you have to endure if they really face it.

“Be reassured, kid!”

Jason patted on the kid’s shoulder.

“Speaking of it, you boy, how would you rather die than let go of that necklace?”

If they hadn’t met him, he would have been buried in the desert within hours, and no one would know about his death.


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