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S.P.P Chapter 130: Trensu

“You can only find this necklace from the little flower, I bought it for Erza!”

When Trensu said this, his face turned red, and he was a little shy.

“Of, only for the lover you can fight.”

Jason suddenly said.

“This kid wanted to see his lover; doesn’t he care about his life? He dared to cross this desert!”

The middle-aged man shook his head and sighed.

“No, no, Erza is not my lover!”

Trensu hurriedly shook his head and explained.

“I just like her, and I wanted to surprise her!”

Rogen was speechless, she wasn’t even his girlfriend, so desperate! Looking at the beauty of the chain and Trensu’s clothes, he could see the difference, it wasn’t even a decent outfit, he could imagine how much suffering this boy has experienced. Understanding the meaning of his word, he was certainly not a person from the Little Flower, he must be from another place.

This necklace has cost him a lot of money, and he almost lost his life just to surprise an unsuccessful girlfriend.

As the middle-aged man said, “in order to keep your love, don’t die.”

“Where are you from, kid?”

Jason asked curiously.

The sandstorm outside covered the while sky with golden sand, and the people inside the trailer kept talking.

“I’m from Alubarna!” Trensu answered.

“For your lover, you crossed the desert, aren’t you afraid of bandits? You are very patient, kid!” Jason praised.

“Actually, Erza said that she liked this necklace, and I didn’t have money at that time. Also, you can find this necklace only in “Little flower” in Nanohana, so I went there and worked to make money, and then I bought it for her!”

Trensu scratched his head.

“Do you like this girl this much?”

Jason asked curiously.

“Yes, I do!”

At this point, Trensu hesitated.

“When I give her this necklace, she will be amazed, and she will fall in love with me!”

He was very sure.

“Hey, pure milk, can I ask you a question?” ( “Trensu” is a famous Milk product in China)

Rogen interjected at that time.

“My name is Trensu, what does pure milk mean!?” Trensu corrected Rogen.

“Trensu how long has it taken you to leave Alubarna and work to earn money and buy a necklace?”

Rogen asked directly.

“One year and three months, and every day, I kept thinking about the reaction of Erza when I give her this necklace.”

Trensu grabbed the necklace tightly, and he has a touch of happiness on his face, which proves the pure heart he had.

The tree people kept hearing Trensu, and they were speechless in front of him.

One year and three months? Not to mention whether Erza likes this kid or not, what if she found another man and loved him, after all, it was an extended period, and she might forget him, which would be a big problem for Trensu.

This kid was not only foolish for love but also has a very low IQ.

“Intelligence is a nice thing. I hope you can have it when you get rejected.”

Rogen has no hope for this kid, he shook and said.

Trensu was full of black lines, but it was hard to say anything to those who saved his life. He turned his head and looked at Jason, which was also speechless.

“Well, when you get back, maybe you’ll find that your lover became a mother of three babies, good luck with that!”

When he heard this big man, Trensu was even greener.

“Three in a year! Is she a pig?”

The camel’s bell rang, and the trailers drove in the depth of the sandstorm.

It was hard to see the way.

The wind blows golden sand.

There was a lot of sand, it fells on the faces and hurt. The uncle who was controlling the camels covered his whole body tightly to avoid the sand.

“This sand storm is a bit strange!”

At this time, the middle-aged uncle said sullenly.

“What’s wrong?” Trensu asked curiously.

“It’s impossible for a sandstorm of this size to develop in such calm wind!” The uncle said strangely.

“Our captain said it earlier, this is caused by man!”

Jason said.

“Go ahead, maybe we’ll find that guy!”

Rogen ordered.

“Is it really caused by a human? I’m curious about who did that.”

The middle-man was very interested.

Rogen found that the sandstorm was just trouble of sand that floating in the air. And as long as the wind wasn’t powerful, it won’t delay them. So, it wasn’t a big deal for Rogen at all.

“Keep going!”

The middle-aged man patted on the camel, and then the camel began to move quickly.

After a few minutes, the wind became lighter, and the sandstorm was smaller.


The camel’s bell rang, the sand was very thick, which made the two trailers move slowly in the desert.

“Come on, this sandstorm is very huge, it can’t be imagined that it was caused by human beings!”

The uncle was still couldn’t believe this fact.

Rogen didn’t answer, he sat inside the trailer and closed his eyes, and he kept thinking about the future.

Jason took off the cloth that covered his face when the sandstorm became smaller. Then, he kept looking for Crocodile outside.

“Captain, there’s no trace of that guy!”

The golden sand was everywhere, it was hard to find Crocodile’s figure.

Rogen didn’t answer again, and Trensu stared at Jason with curious eyes then he asked him.

“Jason, do you really want to fight that guy?”

“You are a child, and I don’t want to lie to you, but that guy’s face has been blown up several times by me!”

Jason gave him a blank look.

“But why didn’t he die when you blow up his head?”

“He is a devil fruit user, and he can transform, so he can’t die!”

“What! A Devil Fruit?”

Trensu was curious.

Jason didn’t want to explain; he waved his hand as he said, “never mind!” and turned his gaze to the desert.

“You’ll know it when you go out to the sea!”

Jason ended the conversation when he said that.

Five minutes later, the sandstorm began to disappear, and everyone could see the sky again.

“That guy is not here!”

Jason shook his head.

When the road became clearer, Jason couldn’t find Crocodile.

“No, no! Big Jason, look there!”

Trensu’s face suddenly changed, he pointed to the right side and shivered.


Jason turned his face, and he got stunned.

“Is that…!”

The camel trailers stopped, and all the eyes turned and looked to the right.

Along with their gaze, a mummy was standing in the desert appeared in their eyes. The face was dry, and it has brown skin as if it was drained of water. Such a scene made all the people looked cold.

There were a lot of mummies, more than a dozen.

Standing in the desert-like that, they looked terrified as if they have experienced great fear before they die.


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