One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 131: We’ve met again


Trensu trembled, and he was scared.

“It’s Crocodile’s deeds!”

Jason’s eyes condensed; he was sure about it.

He already saw the ability of Crocodile, and he recognized it at a glance. Everything he touches become dry. This method of turning humans into mummies was definitely his ability.

The uncle wasn’t afraid at all, he looked around and didn’t find any other people.

The trailers kept moving forward, as they progress, they saw the mummies more clearly.

The expression of fear, horror, and the will of staying alive was clear on the mummies faces.

“Pirates, those are pirates!”

With a careful look, Rogen determined the identity of the deceased.

“Go ahead, Crocodile is not far from here!”

The uncle took his cigarette and sighed.

“Since you are not afraid, then I won’t go back. I’ll go to see that guy that manipulate sandstorms and turn humans into mummies.”

The camel’s bell rang and kept moving forward, leaving its footprints in the desert.

After a while, the camel trailers disappeared, and the footprints were buried in the sand.

In front of them, there were a group of men, who covered their bodies tightly, and they were moving slowly on their camels.

The man in the rear looked at the tall man in front of him and blinked with fear from time to time.

“I have never seen such a powerful captain!”

“That’s simply the power of the gods!”

The crew members were terrified of that enormous strength that their captain has.

They kept moving silently, and no one dared to talk, they were afraid to disturb the desert god in front of them.

The white smoke came out, and the man in the front was indifferent. Walking in the dry and sunny desert, he was like going to his home without any disturbance.

The rest of the people were sweating all the time. Also, they kept drinking water because they were thirsty, but for the captain, there was not any sweat on his face, he even felt refreshed and comfortable.

“This is my field!”

The captain’s eyes were very sharp, and he felt this way since he reached this desert. Here, his power is endless, he can manipulate the sand and control it as he controls any part of his body.

Along the way, he was striding forward like a god, as he waved his hand, the sand flew up, and once again, a sandstorm appeared.

For him, the desert was way better than the sea, here, he was very invincible, and he could despise any enemy.

If he met the group he faced before, he could easily destroy them. But unfortunately, on the way, he only met a group of insignificant guys that got defeated by him and turned into mummies.

“If I don’t want to sail in the future, it would be good to stay here!”

“I can use all my strength.”

Crocodile kept thinking secretly in his mind.

At the same time, he had a little understanding of his fruit ability, which made him more skilled in sand manipulation.

“Captain, captain, there’s two camel trailers!”

Suddenly, a guy from the rear said with a loud voice.

Crocodile stopped the camel and said with a cold tone. “Let’s go to take their water!”

He doesn’t need these supplies, but his men wouldn’t stay alive without it.

At that time, Crocodile was very cold.

After all, he still has some human feelings, when he was threatened by Doflamingo, and when he faced Rogen, he kept always thinking about his crew. That’s why he still the captain of these people. In addition to his mighty strength, Crocodile has the charisma of some leaders.

This group was under the command of one of the strongest people at that time and that place.

The crew followed the orders of their captain, and then some of them drove toward the two camel trailers behind them.

After a while, they reached the two trailers.

“Give us your water!”

And immediately, the pirates showed their swords.

The middle-aged uncle panicked, he wanted to hide, but he didn’t find a place to hide.

“I’ll fight them!”

Trensu, the young man thought that his companions were all killed by the sandstorm. He was still injured, but he took his gun and wanted to rush out.

“Hey, you don’t want to die, you are still injured, and your gun would be blocked with the sand!”

Jason grabbed Trensu’s hand and forced him to sit.

“Look at me, kid, we could deal with them alone!”

Only hasty people would do a stupid thing, especially at the age of that kid.

However, it has to be said that Jason seemed to like this kid a little bit.

No matter who was the opponent and for the sake of companions, forgetting the fear and dare to fight hard is worthy of respect.

As soon as he opened the curtain, Jason’s tall body appeared in the eyes of the pirate who came to take the water.

Suddenly, the pirates looked at him as they felt panicked.

“This guy…!”

“The Demolisher Jason, Oh My God!”

Screams came out from the pirates, and one of them fell from the camel.

“How do you dare to rob us? Where’s your captain?”

“Ou…Our captain is there!”

They were terrified.

That night, this man’s performance and the influence he left them with was manifest in their eyes. They weren’t very strong; they should avoid him, or he would destroy them.

Looking around, Jason immediately saw the captain on the camel, a tall one with clouds coming out of his mouth.

He was full of indifference, and dangerous atmosphere, just like a crocodile lurking in a lake.


Jason’s eyes condensed, and he grinned.

“We’ve met again!”

At the same time, Crocodile’s eyes drifted inadvertently toward Jason, and then he winked.

“Here you are, Jason!”

After a fast break, Crocodile thought of where he was at that moment, and then he laughed.

“I didn’t expect to meet you again!”