One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 132: One Shot

That night, in the face of the guy who has a bounty of 110 million, it would be a lie if we said that Crocodile wasn’t afraid. Whether it was the violent force or the ferocious and overbearing momentum, that big man, he was acting like a savage beast, which makes others feel nervous.

But after that, when he saw him again, Crocodile just wanted to laugh, he has a strong will for revenge.

His right hand trembled, and the ground beneath his feet shook like a stream of sand floating up and spinning around him like a python.


Jason jumped from the trailer and shouted loudly.

“Jason.” Crocodile’s eyes were smiling.

“Fortunately, I met you again, it really surprised me!”

“Honestly, I don’t feel good when I met you again!”

Jason made a big step and walked toward Crocodile.

“Captain said that your strength will reach its limit on the land, and since you are in this desert, your power will be limitless!”

“I’m curious, what’s your real strength!”

“It’s so boring to blow you up with a punch like last night!”

There was a sense of sarcasm in his words. Jason’s body was full of power. He has made several big pits in the desert as he leaped, and finally, he came in front of Crocodile.

“I’ll let you know how foolish your arrogance is!”

Hearing Jason’s careless words, Crocodile squatted.

Immediately, he waved his hand.


“Fyuuuu fyuuu!” (sandstorm SFX!”

The sand quivered, it surrounded him like a python who opened its mouth and made a roar, and then rushed forward. After a moment, the python exploded and turned into grains, whistling through the air. In this way, the sand on the ground seemed to be pulled by some kind of attraction and flew to the sky.

In a blink of an eye, the sandstorm covered dozens of meters, showing a rotating shape like a tornado, and rushed quickly to the front.

“It’s real! The sandstorm came from his hands!”

Jason looked sharply and shouted.


Crocodile was shocked, then, when he thought about it, he said.

“Oh yeah, when I experimented the power, I did create a sandstorm!”

In the trailer, when Trensu heard Crocodile said that, he immediately became angry.

During that sandstorm, Trensu and his friend met Crocodile’s crew. Although they were good with guns, they also got hurt very bad because of the inexplicable sandstorm and some of his companions dispersed, and some had been attacked and killed by the bandits. They were directly covered in the sand and couldn’t be found anymore.

“I’ll kill you!”

With a low voice and red face, Trensu took his long gun.

With bullets loaded, Trensu actuated the safety lever and fixed his eyes on his prey.

Within two short breaths, Trensu’s eyes had narrowed and became sharp as the eagle’s eyes.

At that moment, his momentum changed. The fool kid disappeared, instead, he was an experienced and sophisticated hunter.

Suddenly, Crocodile, who stood in the desert, felt something awkward, as if he had been stared by a poison snake.

“One shot, one kill!”

There was a surge of anger in Trensu’s chest, but he was calm to the extreme at this moment.

His eyes were getting brighter and brighter, and Crocodile, who was standing far from him in the desert, seems to be getting closer in his eyes. After a few moments, even the sweat on his face was clearly visible.

When the muzzle pointed to the eyebrows of Crocodile, a sound rang in Trensu’s mind, and his right hand suddenly pulled the trigger.

“Distance is 928 meters, the wind speed is weak, the air pressure is neglected, and the wind came from the Northwest!”

“The tip of the gun raised by three degrees and it’s facing the Northeast!”

“Probability of hitting…”


In the moment of rapid calculation in his mind, the data, Trensu’s eyes flashed a brilliant light. He didn’t hesitate at all and pulled the trigger.


There was a loud roar in his heart.

The blue smoke floated, and the sound of the gunshot echoed in the desert clearly.


The fire flashed away when the bullet came out of the chamber, and then a stream of light broke through the air, carrying unparalleled power and anger, and headed for Crocodile with a fierce dash.

The air stream began to agitate slightly, and the bullet passed through the void and hit some newly floating sand grains. This slight force made its orientation change slowly. Then the breeze blew gently, and the air resistance increased, which makes the bullet began to change its angle slowly as it moved forward.

When the bullet crossed the distance and came to its goal, the gun released another 2 bullets with fierce and cruel fire.


Like a meteor, in the shocked eyes and discolored face of Crocodile, the bullets rushed into the center of his eyebrows.


The impact of horror broke out, Crocodile’s eyebrows burst open and then followed by his two eyes, then his nose, his mouth and finally, with a bang, his head exploded and scattered into the sand floating in the sky.

It was an amazing Headshot!

The uncontrolled sandstorm in the air scattered in an instant.

Jason’s eyes strode forward, and he clearly saw the effect of the bullets on Crocodile’s face.

These shots suddenly came to the extreme, it was shocking that someone could aim in such precision from that distance.

The shot of Trensu hit the target, and suddenly, his face turned pale, and he sweated.

“What a strong guy, I could only shoot him three times at most!”

“Fortunately, it solved him!”

From a distance, Trensu became very happy when he saw the headless Crocodile.

His shooting skills were very strong, but each shot also consumes a lot of physical energy, especially mental energy.

After a while, countless grains of sand reunited, and a head reappeared on Crocodile’s neck.

In a moment, Crocodile recovered his complete face, which was terrible. His eyes were fierce, and he directly glanced at Trensu, who was in shock in the camel trailer.

The murderous eyes of Crocodile stared at Trensu and made him feel the panic.

“He didn’t die!”

“How is that possible? He’s a monster!”

Just then, a hand patted on his shoulder, and a face appeared beside him.

“Don’t be afraid, relax!”

Rogen wanted to calm down Trensu.


When he saw him again in the car, Crocodile was shocked, and he became angrier.