One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 133: Sables

Compared with Jason, who was brutal and strong, but ill-brained, Rogen the young man, made Crocodile even more afraid, he was scarier than Doflamingo who faced him earlier.

That weird and strong ability, it can be said that it was hard to deal with that huge palm which covers the sky and the sun.

Which was more important, the Marines put a reward on his head, 150 million, this huge bounty shows the danger behind his hidden smile.

“Crocodile, we have met again!”

In the trailer, Rogen smiled faintly.

His low voice was very clear in Crocodile’s ears.

He was furious and then released.

Rogen, I didn’t expect to meet you here too!”

Crocodile glanced, and he hesitated.

Jason, and Rogen, Crocodile wasn’t sure that he could deal with them. Even though it was his field, but both of them were the world’s most notorious criminals.

One against two, can he make it?

“If you want to do it, then let’s start, I want to see how powerful you are in this desert!”

Rogen’s voice came again.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you!”

This sentence was enough to make Crocodile angrier.

He admitted that these two were strong and shocked him, but he was far from being afraid.

“Alright then, you’ll see how powerful I am!”

With a loud roar, Crocodile bent over and inserted his hands into the desert beneath him.

“Ground secco!” (Drying up!)

The entire desert ground stretched forward kilometers and trembled, also, all the objects weathered into the sand.

“Sables!” (Sandstorm!)

Crocodile roared again, and his hand suddenly stretched forward.

“Buuz!” (Wind SFX!”

“You’ll see the horror of the Devil fruit, here, I’m the God!”

His voice contained an angry voice, Crocodile was furious at this moment.

A large piece of sand began to float in the air, the sand grains swept through the void and made a harsh noise. In the blink of an eye, the place became full of golden sand.

But it’s not over yet. Far and wider, the sand grains seem to be pulled by inexplicable forces and flew toward the sky. Like a grasshopper crossing, the sand scattered everywhere converges rapidly towards the center.

After a moment, a huge sandstorm appeared and became larger and larger.

“This guy!!”

Jason was standing little far away, and when then wind slammed, and the sand came out, his face immediately changed, and he wrapped himself tightly.

He put the goggles on his face and wrapped it in coarse cloth very quickly. He knows that Crocodile would do more than that. If he was able to control this huge desert, then he won’t rest until he buries them under the sand.

To be honest, Jason didn’t expect that Crocodile would do the same as last night, when he was at the boat, the sandstorm he made was terrible, but it covered 100 meters as it does now.

Moreover, if he had time, he could expand the sandstorm again.

On the camel trailer, everyone was shocked, they kept looking at the incredible sandstorm made by Crocodile.

“Really, it’s really caused by human, it’s just too hard to believe!”

The middle-aged uncle has fear and horror in his eyes.

“He can really control the desert!”

Trensu was stunned and panicked at the moment, this Crocodile could control the desert and protect himself.

How can there be such a person in this world?

“Hah; Crocodile, you must die!”

At this moment, like a thunderous roar made everyone turned, they saw a tall figure suddenly leaped on the desert.


Like an explosive bomb, a huge pit appeared under the leaping figure, he was flying in the air like a bird.

After a while, he began to fall and stood at 10 meters in front of Crocodile.

He made a powerful impact that stirred the sand.

“It’s Jason!”

Trensu opened his mouth with shock.

He couldn’t believe that this seemingly dull man that was beside him could jump up to 100 meters and fall down as if nothing happened. He was like a beast.

“That guy, he’s so powerful!”

The cigarette fell down on the uncle’s trousers and made a big hole in it, but he didn’t notice it at all.


Seeing the other party jump, and unexpectedly came to his own front, Crocodile’s right hand trembled, and he showed his golden hook in his hand.

Jason roared, and the ground burst again when he slightly bent.

The next moment, he became very close to Crocodile, which made the latter shocked by the fierce speed, so he moved the golden hook quickly.

“Strength increase, thirty times!”
With grim eyes, Jason clenched his fist, and suddenly a punch suddenly hammered out.


Under Crocodile’s eyes, the golden hook smashed into pieces, followed by his right hand, like broken pottery, it cracked and shattered into sand grains.

“You’ll see my power!”

Jason strode forward and jumped.

The blue veins on his arms burst, and a “Crack” was made between his fists as if a sophisticated machine was running fast and then bursting.

After three steps, he punched Crocodile’s face which scattered into the sky.

Every move he made, Jason’s whole body was full of endless fierceness and majesty.

This move stopped Crocodile and immediately excited Trensu who was watching the scene.

“Great, Jason is so overbearing!”


As a man, who does not yearn for such a simple attack, Trensu didn’t expect such power from Jason, and that excited him a lot, he even clenched his two fists from happiness.

The sand gathered, and Crocodile’s face reappeared again. He was extremely gloomy, and his eyes were cold.

“You seem to have forgotten one thing, there’s no water. Here, you can’t hurt me at all, and every inch under your feet is my weapon!”

At that moment, his body was still sand, only his head restored to its original state. This sentence really made Jason’s heart tremble.

“Desert Encierro!”