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S.P.P Chapter 134: The Terror of Crocodile

Suddenly, the sand under Jason’s foot trembled and turned into a giant python winding up along his legs.

Only an instant, Jason was fixed in the ground.

“I’ll let you know how serious it is to underestimate the devil fruit!”

The sand quickly condensed, and Crocodile’s figure appeared in its complete state.

The smoke was lingering while Crocodile strode forward. When he moved his right hand, and a huge sword made of sand appeared again.

“Jason Aniki!”

In the distance, Trensu saw the action, and his expression suddenly changed.

The sand twisted into a rope, and suddenly it spread to Jason’s neck, making his face change.

The sand was soft, but under Crocodile’s control, it became harder than steel. Jason couldn’t do anything at that moment.

“That’s too bad!”

Even at this moment, Rogen’s face changed dramatically.

The distance between the two sides was nearly a thousand meters, and it was difficult to help. It was only a moment, and Jason became in big trouble.

“You’ve always forgotten that this is my field!”

“Crocodile is strong in the sea, but in the desert, he is crueler and more dangerous!”

A faint voice sounded in Jason’s ear. The huge Desert Spada made by Crocodile headed toward Jason’s neck while his lower body was tied in the sand.

In the original book, Crocodile was strong, but no one thought that he was extremely powerful like that, especially in the desert, his strength was enormous.

“Let me go!”

When Jason felt that the danger was very close, his muscles were agitated, and his face became fiercer.

The sand that tied him trembled, can he do it, of course not, more sand moved and wrapped him tightly again.

“Trensu, use your gun again!”

In a split second, Rogen shouted loudly.


Under the tension, Trensu didn’t hear it clearly.

“Use your gun and blow his head!” Rogen roared.

Even the uncle who was looking at the battle was extremely nervous.

Trensu heard the words of Rogen at this time and immediately took his semi-automatic rifle in his hand.

Aiming, calculation, and focus, all this was done in a split second.

At the moment, he lifted his gun, with calmness and bravery.

And then he pulled the trigger with fierce eyes.

“The probability of this shot…”

“Hundred percent!”

At the same time that this stream of data in his heart pressed, Trensu didn’t hesitate at all and shot.


The sound of the gunshot was deafening and echoed the open desert.

Hearing this, Crocodile was shocked, even Jason’s body trembled.

At this moment, he was face to face with Crocodile, and all the parts below his neck were covered by sand, only his head was exposed. The Desert Spada waved three inches away from him.

With the speed at which Desert Spada was swinging, his head would be cut off almost instantaneously.

And when it slammed, Jason closed his eyes.

Just a second before, he saw that Crocodile’s face exploded, as before.

Sharp and powerful, only one shot was enough to let Crocodile’s head burst open.

The sand particles drifted away, and the force that controlled Jason’s body suddenly disappeared. Jason growled all over, and the powerful force burst out, directly pushing the sand open.

Followed by, he strode forward.
After that, he clenched his fist and aimed it toward Crocodile’s chest.

” Strength increase, a hundred times! Crash!”

With a low roar, Jason was as fierce as a tiger coming down the hill.


Crocodile’s body trembled and exploded.

The sand particles were pulled by the invisible force and quickly floated backward. After a moment, it gathered again and returned to the shape of Crocodile.

“That boy!”

For the first time, Crocodile saw the solemn eyes of Trensu.

With his fierce eyes and the coincidence of the shot, Trensu was soft, and also he was gasping and sweating on his forehead.

“Are you ok?”

Seeing the appearance of Trensu, Rogen knew that this must be some kind of powerful shooting secret.

Otherwise, ordinary semi-automatic rifles, how can it be so precise and strong across this distance.

“You need to take a rest now!”

“Your shooting can only cause him a little interference. And it is impossible to hurt him!”

Slowly stood up and jumped out of the trailer, Rogen poured some water on the Yuan Hong sword and hung the remaining water around his waist.

“Without water, there’s no way to take him!”

Rogen muttered and strode forward. In just a moment, he disappeared.


Trensu exhaled and opened his eyes with difficulty.

“Crocodile, it was going to forgive you, after all, you are fierce, but you are a guy with no bottom line!”

“I won’t let you live!”

In just a few moments, Jason has already arrived at Jason’s side.

When he looked at the big man and saw the sweat on his forehead, Rogen’s eyes condensed slightly.

He knew that Jason was under big pressure when he faced this guy. Especially at that time, if Trensu didn’t interference, he would be dead now.

“Rogen, Jason!”

Crocodile’s eyes shrank.

He stared at the two men and smiled.

“If we were in the sea, I will be afraid of you!”

“But you’ve always forgotten that this is my field!”

His eyes were fierce, and he showed a murderous look.

“I’m the god of this desert!”

Suddenly, Crocodile turned into sand, and the ground behind him shook, and the sand on it flew into the sky.

In an instant, the golden sand in front of Rogen and Jason condensed, and the wind was raging.

“You can’t do anything in my field!”

“When I kill you, my bounty will raise up to hundreds of millions!”

The sand of Crocodile reverberated in the desert. After he said that, countless sand grains were manipulated by him, rushed into the sky and formed a thick sand stream.

In a blink of an eye, this scale-covered a hundred meters, and Rogen was completely wrapped in it.

“Danger, Brother Jason, Rogen is in danger!”

Seeing this scene, Trensu was extremely nervous.