One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 135: Difficult

“So, I can’t rely on the original story!”

Looking at the hazy area in front of him, while the sky was full of golden sand, Rogen murmured.

Crocodile, who has a bounty of 81 million defeated by Luffy’s punches (Gomu Gomu no Storm.) In the course of this battle, Crocodile did not even release a decent skill. Compared with the strong people that Luffy met in the future, which was just like a scrap, people seriously doubt that he became a Shichibukai.

But at this moment, Rogen was shocked when he witnessed the Devil fruit ability releasing its strongest energy.

The massive sandstorm and the roaring wind. Rogen and Jason, at that moment, couldn’t find anything to do against it.


The wind roared and formed a huge sandstorm with fierce power and floated toward Jason and Rogen.

“Captain, what should I do?”

Jason got shocked when he saw such a scene and shouted loudly.

“Who knows?”

Rogen’s eyes flashed, he muttered and kept thinking.

It was easy to defeat Crocodile with his weakness from seawater, but now, after the sandstorms, it became very hard to deal with him.

Even if there was water, what could it do under such huge sandstorm?

“We have no choice, we must run!”

Jason heard the whistling wind, he picked up Rogen who was in a daze and run.

“Hahahaha, have you seen it? Look at my power! This is the power of my Devil Fruit, this is the power of the Gods!”

A huge face surrounded with sand grains circle of about 20 meters appeared and laughed loudly.

“Damn, this cheater, he has a great power that almost killed Luffy!”

Rogen looked at the scene, and he sighed, but he wasn’t afraid at all.

He ran all the way with Jason, and the sandstorm in the rear kept up with him.

Suddenly, Rogen stepped and stopped.

“The Buddhist Palm!”

With a sudden retreat towards the rear, giant palm prints emerged and covered the sky, then, in less than a moment, it thundered down toward the sandstorm. With a very high speed and powerful force of the hit, the sandstorm stopped and shattered, but in a while, it gathered again and began to rotate in huge speed.

The Buddhist palm didn’t work.

“It’s not easy, you have to find Crocodile. Otherwise, it’s a waste of effort to compete with all this sand!”

Rogen’s eyes flickered, and in a flash, he disappeared and began to look for Crocodile.

However, after running hundreds of meters in a row, Crocodile’s figure was still hidden. Only golden sand in the sky was getting thicker and thicker, and the atmosphere was getting darker.

Unexpectedly, Crocodile that they defeated it easily on the sea became so troublesome in the desert.

“Captain, I found him!”

After a while, Jason shouted.

Immediately afterward, a blast sounded, and Jason pointed the direction for Rogen.

As soon as he heard it, Rogen’s figure flashed immediately and went to the pointed place.


With a huge power, that almost blow the air, Jason hit Crocodile again.


Jason shouted with anger.

Jason increased his power a hundred times and punched.

The rear admiral Kuzan couldn’t bear this punch so Crocodile won’t bear it too.

Under the shock, Crocodile’s body exploded again into golden sand.

his body stretched like a piece of cloth, but then, the sand flowed together, and Crocodile’s figure restored again.

“Useless big man, your attack can’t harm me!”

“This is my field, hahaha!”

Crocodile’s eyes were cold, and he waved his right hand.

The sand floated in the air and quickly condensed to form a huge desert sword.

“Desert Spada!”

A huge sword made of sand formed and rushed toward Jason.

Jason was angry, he needs to move quickly, but before he did that, the sand beneath him moved and tied him firmly.

“My strength is endless!”

The indifference in Crocodile’s voice was very clear.

The Desert Spada slammed out.


Suddenly, a long sword struck from the side, and crossed in front of the desert Spada and blocked it, and also made a big collision with a loud sound.

Then, a figure twisted and appeared quickly. It was Rogen.

“Captain, this guy is hard to deal with!”

Jason shouted.

After he got hurt twice in a row, Jason was fully aware of the strength of Crocodile.

In close range, maybe he can’t do anything, but once the distance increase, he will be a strong one with a powerful ability.

The current situation proves that Crocodile took advantage of the time and place, which made his strength surpassed the peak of the past.

“I know!”

Rogen’s eyes condensed, and his hands became strong, so he held his sword and waved it, which made the Desert Spada flew out.

Then, he took the bottle from his waist and threw it at Jason.

“Drop the water on your body!”

Jason caught the bottle.

“Great, there’s water, I can kill him with my punch now!”

Jason was excited, he took the bottle and poured the water on his arm.

Seeing this scene, Crocodile looked at him and retreated quickly.

But when he moved, Rogen’s eyes condensed and followed him.

Just a second, and Rogen was in the front of Crocodile, he jumped and swung his sword, he was like a gyro with a sword spinning suddenly.


The sword was as fast as the electric light and went straight to the neck of Crocodile.

The latter’s face changed immediately, and he retreated a few steps. His figure scattered and turned into golden sand.


The sword crossed, and it hit only the sand.

Rogen’s eyes condensed, he strode forward, his attack didn’t finish yet.

One sword, two swords, three swords, sixteen swords, thirty-six swords, fifty-eight swords, sixty-four swords, all the way to one hundred and eight swords.

This series of swordsmanship links up to form beautiful swordsmanship, which cuts through the air and the sands in an instant.

Suddenly, Crocodile who wanted to back to his complete figure, broke apart and drifted away again.

Rogen’s powerful move was as fast as the light. For a time, this amazing swordsmanship forced Crocodile to lose his body shape and return to his original body.

After a while, In the space where Rogen’s sword was slowing down, Crocodile’s face changed, he stepped back and quickly recovered.

Looking at Rogen’s eyes again, he could only see the terrible and fearful eyes he has.