One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 136: Forced To Join

Such swordsmanship has never seen before, like meteors in the sky, but it was endless and unbreakable. Also, it could suppress the logia type of devil fruit easily.

It can be imagined that if his opponent didn’t succeed reform his body, he would be cut off by Rogen’s swordsmanship.

At this moment, a loud sound came out.

Like a beast, the burly figure came to the middle of Rogen and Crocodile.

It was a magical momentum, and an overbearing atmosphere, that was Jason.

“You have to die, Crocodile!”

With a huge power, Jason strode forward, and in just a few steps, he came to the front of Crocodile and punched him.

“Strength increase, two hundred times!”

Crocodile’s face changed immediately and trembled when he saw Jason in front of him and the drops of water on his arm. So, he retreated.

But it was too late.

Jason was horrible when he strode forward and punched, even the sand in the void seemed to be shocked.


Jason increased the strength of his punch by two hundred times.

The sand cracked, and the air was still compressed.

In the eyes of Crocodile, there was shock, fear, horror, and he retreated again.


The punch did not reach Crocodile’s face, but it already erupted blood because of the wind compressed with the fist.

As the fist got closer, Crocodile felt like a beast was roaring toward him, so he was very afraid.

Crocodile kept retreating, but at this time, the punch came, and it was only an inch away from him.

His face was already full of blood.


Crocodile sighed, at that moment, he felt that he was going to die.

That was Jason’s strong punch, like a roaring lion.



Crocodile saw with his own eyes the cracking air in front of him, and then, a fierce and overbearing force came from it, hitting his nose, his face, his head, and all his body.

In an instant, Crocodile’s whole body seemed to be distorted and disintegrated by the violent force.

“I don’t believe it, he is alive!”

Jason shouted loudly.

He saw that the shape of the Crocodile was erased, and there was no process of even sand.


At that moment, a cough sounded. 50 or 60 meters away, the sand gathered again, and Crocodile’s figure appeared again.

“He’s still alive!”

Jason clenched his fists, and he was very angry.

“This guy is really strong!”

“The next time, I’ll increase my strength by four hundred times, and I don’t believe that I can’t kill you!”


Crocodile quickly got up and walked back to the rear for dozens of meters.

Looking at the opposite face, he was extremely afraid.

Yes, he is a devil fruit user, and he is able to control the desert, but this dude, he’s not a person at all.

If that punch would hit him directly, he will disappear.

“How can someone have such a powerful force?”


The sandstorm was still blowing on the top of Rogen and his crew and move slowly.

“Crocodile, your strength is beyond my expectations!”

Rogen walked a few steps forward and slowly said.

Indeed, the strength of Crocodile shocked him, and it was completely beyond his expectation. But when you think about it, it was normal, the devil fruit ability can be brought into full play, covering an island and the sea area easily. The sandstorm played by Crocodile wasn’t that good, after all, his devil fruit was a strong one, and he could be stronger and powerful if he masters it.

“In this world, the strong power brought fame, wealth, and higher status!”

“I agree with your strength, are you interested in joining us?”

Changing the world with a single shot was impossible. This guy in front of him is very fierce, and Rogen has enough confidence to suppress such vicious people, not to mention the current state, but a young person who has just gone out to sea, they’ll absolutely need to recruit more people to their crew to keep sailing and achieving their goals.

“Captain, this guy just wants to kill us!” Jason opposed.

Rogen’s eyes condensed, and he shook his head slightly.

The most difficult thing is to domesticate a tiger, but once you get him, he will be a great companion.

“Haha, do you think that you have won?”


Hearing Rogen’s words, Crocodile laughed, and his eyes became more sinister.

His whole body trembled, he bent down and inserted his hands into the ground beneath him. Once his enemies touch the ground, their bodies will dry up, he is the winner inevitably!

At that moment, Rogen’s figure distorted and disappeared.


The swift sword, before Crocodile could see it clearly, had cut off his arms and let it burst into the golden sand.

Then, the sword turned and went toward Crocodile’s neck, making his eyes tremble.

“Don’t move, you cruel guy!”

“If you move, I’ll shoot you!”

At the same time, a cold and gloomy feeling hung over him, making him even more shocked.

In the corner of his eyes, he saw the kid who shot him before, holding his gun and staring at him. What made him wince more was that he saw that kid poured water on the muzzle of the gun.

“Damn it!”

In this case, the shot will be stained with water, and with only one shot, he will die.

Crocodile’s heart trembled, and he became afraid, but there’s no way to deal with it.

“What do you want!”

Rogen saw that Trensu had the means to threaten Crocodile so he couldn’t help but smile.

Hidden in the shadows, the gun master was indeed very dangerous. But looking at his appearance, he was somewhat laughable.

“See, I want to kill you too, but you have some use!”

“So, I’ll force you to join us!”

With a smile, the words of threats were introduced into the head of Crocodile, and the anger was surging.

“Do you think that you can threaten me with such words!”