One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 137: Thank Me!

“I think that you should!”

Rogen tightened his sword, and put it on Crocodile’s neck, leaving a deep fear in his eyes.

“Damn it!”

Clenching his fists, Crocodile didn’t dare to move at that moment.

The blade in front of his and the cold look of Rogen made him feel the threat of death.

“Make a good choice, Crocodile, because this time, a bad choice will cost you your life!”

The voice wasn’t loud, but it made the crocodile tremble and hesitate.

After the death of Roger, and the start of the new era, no one can endure the temptation of such great fame and wealth status of the temptation. He always dreamed of stepping into Roger’s field one day and becoming a famous pirate all over the world. However, as soon as he entered the Grand Line, he was aware of his shortcomings again and again.

There are too many strong people, Rogen, Jason, and Doflamingo, each of whom is no less or even better than him.

It is difficult to stand on the apex of such opponents, it was hard, especially with his current crew.

“He is hesitating, captain, let me punch him, we have to do something!” Jason stared at Crocodile and clenched his fists.


Hearing Jason’s words, Crocodile snorted and took a deep breath and then stared at Rogen.

“Okay, I’ll follow you.”

He was a human being, after all, and he would choose his life without hesitation.

“He’s not telling the truth!”

Jason shouted.

“Can you remove this sword? And the guy right there!”

Standing in the desert, Crocodile was somewhat embarrassed but still didn’t dare to move.

Compared to Rogen’s sword, the gun of Trensu was even more threatening.


With the indication of Rogen, Jason waved toward Trensu.

The latter glimpsed and carefully moved the muzzle.

Until then, Crocodile was relieved. When Rogen removed the Yuan Hong sword, he clearly saw Crocodile wiping the sweat from his forehead.

The death was very close to his eyes.

Once again, he took a deep look at Rogen and the others, and he knew very well that neither of them was easy to deal with.

The boxing power of Jason was great, even the air collapsed from it, it was terrible. Also, his captain, he was very mysterious.

“Don’t go with us!”

Jason shouted loudly.

His fists were pinched and finally released. Crocodile took a cigar from his pocket and lit it. The smoke lingered, and he said faintly.

“He’s unable to walk from fear!”

Rogen was somewhat astonished; it was unexpected that this ugly and rough-looking Crocodile would be afraid of death.

“Our captain appreciates you. Otherwise, he would kill you if you refuse to join us!”

Jason disdained.

“You shouldn’t play tricks. Otherwise, I’ll punch you!”

Crocodile didn’t pay attention to Jason’s threat, he just turned his eyes and looked at Rogen again.

Listening to the tone of the big man, and looking at Rogen who seemed to have other thoughts, Crocodile kept thinking about the strange way of putting a huge bounty on Rogen by the marine.

“Sure enough, this guy is very mysterious!”

After a few breaths, Crocodile was much less nervous.

“What about us, captain!”

At this time, Crocodile’s crew followed nervously, and they were looking at Rogen and Jason with fear.

“We, what shall we do?”

“Disband and do whatever you like.”

Crocodile’s face was surrounded by white smoke, and his voice was light.

The crew was shocked, and they couldn’t believe what was happening.

“No captain, we can’t live without you!”

“Yes captain, don’t abandon us!”

“Captain, don’t go!”

In a flash, the pirates shouted in horror.

Crocodile didn’t turn around, but he answered coldly. “Get out of here right now!”

Crocodile’s tone made the crew knelt down and never dared to speak again. With such temper that their captain has, he will kill them if they keep talking.

“It’s really ruthless!”

Jason sneered.


Crocodile didn’t quarrel with him, he strode forward and walked beside Rogen.

Seeing Jason guarding up, Crocodile said harshly.

“Reassure, I promised that I will follow you!”

Rogen waved his hand.

“Jason, from today on, this guy has joined the gang, so don’t be so alert.”

“But he!”

Jason stared at Crocodile.

“By the time we will change his bad habits!”

Rogen said.

Crocodile just heard what Rogen said, and he smirked slightly with a mocking smile.

“What a good guy!”

“Unfortunately, the sea doesn’t need this kindness!”

After that, the three didn’t say anything, and they went together to the camel trailers.

Trensu trembled in horror when he saw Crocodile, also, the middle-aged uncle.

Is this vicious fellow in front of them able to control the desert? It is unimaginable that human beings can achieve this kind of realm.

“Relax guys! This guy is already with us!”

Rogen laughed and patted on Crocodile’s shoulder.

Then, they all got on the trailers.

The camel bell rang, and the camels began to move.

Crocodile who has a huge figure, the small trailer was a bit crowded, and because of the newly joined guy, all of the crew seemed to be silent.

Gradually Trensu’s breathing became urgent, and his face turned red.

Finally, he had the courage to ask Crocodile.

“Is it you who killed my companion?”

“Your companion? I haven’t seen you!”

Crocodile glanced at Trensu, indifferently.

“Of course, it’s you! It was your sandstorm that blinded my companion in front of bandits which they killed them!”

Trensu shouted.

“Calm Trensu!” Jason shouted behind Trensu.

That young boy was very angry.

“Oh! Even the guys who can’t cope with the sandstorms in this area must die also.”

Crocodile revealed a smile.


He paused again and said.

“Didn’t my sandstorm also kill the bandits?”

“So, you need to thank me because you are alive!”