One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 138: World criminals.

In a few words, Crocodile saw that Trensu was angrier, but could refute it.

This fellow didn’t kill his companions in purpose, but actually, he helped them, which made him even more unacceptable.

“You are a disgusting guy!”

Tightening his gun, Trensu was angry at the extreme.

“Are going to fight me? These two guys surely don’t want to see you dead!”

Crocodile sneered.

“Crocodile, don’t be too arrogant!”

Jason shouted.

“Shut up!”

Just when the nerves began to convulse, a cold voice blew up.

It wasn’t a loud voice, but it seems to be directly in the ears of everyone, making them shocked.


Jason’s face turned pale and didn’t utter a word.

Trensu saw Jason while he kept silent, so he bowed his head and packed his gun.

Crocodile sat next to Rogen, he looked at him while he was sitting and closed his eyes, there was a slight shock in his eyes.

His voice wasn’t loud, but it shook Crocodile’s head, it was like a bomb placed in his ear.

‘This kid is very mysterious, that let this big man and the other kid with gun follow him like this!’

‘He must have other identities!’

It was clear from Rogen’s eyes that he was very serious, which made Crocodile began to think in his mind.

He has no information about this kid, only his name and his bounty amount, but who was he, what background he has, and what tricks he used, it was unclear.

The camel trailers moved quietly in the desert, and when the night came, the uncle stopped.

“The night has come. In this desert, the night is very dangerous, let’s take a rest, and we’ll keep moving tomorrow at dawn!”

When he heard the uncle, everyone jumped out of the trailer.

“Trensu, come with me!”

Jason shouted, and Trensu followed closely.

The two came to the back of the other trailer and pulled the curtain.

“Rouge, let’s take a rest, we’ll move tomorrow!”

Jason was very kind when he said that to Rouge.

Rouge slowly stepped out with the little master, and then, with the help of Trensu, she stepped out of the camel trailer and came to the fire that Rogen and Crocodile had lit.

Around the fire, Crocodile blinked and saw Rouge, and his eyes were even more puzzled.

‘Is that a pregnant woman in the other trailer?’

‘What the hell are these guys doing?’

‘Something wrong!’

But as Rouge approached, his eyes glanced at the woman’s face, and it was somewhat familiar.

‘There is a bounty on her, I forgot the exact amount, but I’m sure, I won’t miss it!’

“Trensu, go and get some water from the trailer.”

Jason’s voice came out at this time, and the latter responded with a run.

“Captain, Trensu is a good kid, let’s take him with us later!”

Jason said while he came to the fire.

“He still has his own things to do, don’t mess around, you will implicate him.”

Touching his head, Jason was a bit embarrassed, and he won’t mention this again.

Trensu ran over and gave the water to everyone, but when he came to Crocodile, his face turned cold.

 “Why don’t you want to give me water, little child?”

Crocodile ridiculed.

“You are the child!”

In the end, he was still angry, and Trensu threw the bottle of water on Crocodile’s face.

Crocodile smiled, and he caught the water.

Around the fire, everyone began to talk.

“Sister-in-law, how do you feel about the bumpy road?”

Rogen asked softly.

“Good, but have you fought before?” Rouge asked.

“It’s not that serious. Don’t worry about it.” Rogen nodded.

“I can rest assured of your strength, after all, even the Admiral couldn’t defeat you!”

Rouge talked and smiled, and then she looked at Crocodile and Trensu, and then she asked.

“Who are these new faces?”

“Let’s not involve anyone else.”

“This is Trensu, a good gun master, his aim is very good!” Jason said with a loud voice. “We met halfway and saved him!”

As for Crocodile, he was introduced by Rogen.

“His name is Crocodile, he’s a pirate!”

“A pirate?”

Rouge showed an astonished look and stared at Crocodile.

As she asked before, she understood that Rogen encountered some pirates, but she didn’t ask too much, and she knew that Rogen already dealt with them.

Crocodile, who was staring at the fire, he kept listening to them.

He just joined them, and he needs to know them, their strength, and their identity.

Just now, he heard a few words. Clearly, she didn’t explain, but the meaning of it was dissected by him.

“An admiral?’

“This woman mentioned the Marine’s Admiral, and she said that she’s reassured by their strength. Have they met the Admiral before?’

‘But how is that possible?’

Crocodile was shocked, the power of the Admiral was very clear, this rank is the highest rank in the marines and in the world. And as they just said, they already confronted an admiral, even Crocodile doesn’t have the courage to stand in front of such a powerful man.

‘Who are those guys!?’

“Jason, you are really strong, but your skills are too bad!”

“Yes captain, I have been strong since I was a child, but no one taught me, I just groped myself.” Jason smiled.

“Tomorrow I’ll teach you a set of skills, boxing and so on!” Rogen said.

“Really? The magical method you taught me last time, I practice every day, I feel stronger and stronger!” Jason was happy.

“Well, this time I’ll teach you the 18 palms of Dragon!”

“It’s all about boxing!”

Rogen nodded.

Jason didn’t understand what this set of martial arts was. He only felt that once he learns it, he’ll become stronger.

“Jason, will the captain teach us martial arts?” Trensu asked curiously.

“The captain is so powerful, and he knows a lot!” Jason turned to Trensu and began to talk.

Rogen heard them, and he couldn’t help but shake his head.

At this moment, Jason sat with Trensu, and he started telling him about the benefits of joining them.

Suddenly, the fire crackled, and the flames rose.

Crocodile’s voice also rang at that time, and he seemed to be very serious.

“Who are you?”

“You have no pirate flag, and it’s impossible to be a Marine!”

Rogen’s eyebrows raised and laughed.

“As you can see, we are world criminals!”

“World criminals!”