One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 139: Awakening!

Hearing these words, Crocodile stunned, and his eyes sharpened.

“You should be clear. That’s not what I asked.”

Looking at the aggressive tone of the big man, Rogen smiled.

“You’ll know later!”

Adding some firewood to the fire, Rogen asked casually.

“What about you? Why did you go out to the sea and became a pirate?”

Crocodile stared at Rogen, and when he noticed that the other party had no intention to answer, he changed the subject and memories appeared in his eyes.

“I saw the execution of Roger, the pirate king in Logue Town.”

“Any man who heard his words before he dies, he would do the same as me!”

“I am no exception. I want to go to that new world and fight against the strongest man.”

“I’ll do it, I’ll become the strongest pirate!”

His voice was loud and forceful, and his earnest words were heard by everyone there.

“Oh really?”

Rogen smiled faintly.

Aside, Rouge also heard the words of Roger, and her heart was tight, and she felt a twitch.

“What about you Rogen, what’s your purpose? Aren’t you a pirate? Don’t you want to go to the new world and fight the strongest men there and see how choppy and magnificent this era?”

“You and Jason are quite powerful, as long as we cooperate with each other and set up a pirate group, we can definitely go there!”

Crocodile suddenly got excited.

‘Why did he step into the sea? This is the new era, the most chaotic era, to reach the summit and enjoy the glory of the world or fear and praise.’

“Became a pirate?”

Rogen laughed again.

“We’ll talk later!”

This casual tone made Crocodile’s face violently stunned.

“Don’t you want to be a pirate? Don’t you want to be the strongest?”

“Rogen, don’t you have your own dream?”


When he heard this word, Rogen suddenly turned back, and his peaceful eyes burst out with terrible dignity and majesty, which made Crocodile tight all over.

He felt as if he was being stared by a tiger, and it was on the alert all over his body for an instant.

The momentum of Rogen changed, and the flame waves up. Also, a circle of wind diffuses toward the surrounding.

“Just rely on your devil fruit ability!”

“Do you think that you are strong, Crocodile?”

“You are too weak! What are you talking about is just a dream!”

Three consecutive sentences, and for each one, Rogen’s voice was getting louder and louder. Also, his majesty was getting heavier and heavier.

“You don’t understand what I’ve experienced in my life!”

After he said those words, he returned to calm.

For a while, and after Rogen’s word, Crocodile wanted to answer and say something, but he trembled, he couldn’t utter a word in front of the fierce momentum of Rogen.

After a few moments, Crocodile decided to say something.

He stared at Rogen, and with a low voice, he said.

“My bad, Rogen, I thought you were a strong man, but..”

“You are just a coward who doesn’t even care to realize his dreams!”

Crocodile stood up slowly, his black robe was shaking with the wind, and his voice was like an old man in the vicissitudes of his life.

“We have dreams, that’s why we came to the sea, with no fear of winds or waves, with no fear of death or power!”

“In my opinion, men who sail on the sea, whether they were pirates or marines, they have a strong heart, and they’re not afraid of anything!”

“When you stand on the wooden boat for the very first time, and you look at the huge waves rolling in the endless sea, will you be afraid of this waves that might submerge you? Or you’ll feel that you can bear it and become more powerful because of its vastness?”

“I don’t know what are you afraid of?”

“You are very strong, but you have a very weak heart!”

“Weakness is something bad that push us away from achieving our dreams!”

Those words fell like the thunder on Rogen’s heart, making his face paler and paler.

What is a dream? For Rogen who had been erased by all kinds of societies and became unable to breathe under pressure, it was simply something that couldn’t be imagined.

Houses, marriages, raising children, rising prices, long-lost wages, all these things, let him even dare to imagine to complete what he wanted to do, to strive for the dream he had dreamed of?

Dreams, like fantasies, mostly heard, but who has ever seen them?

Of course, Crocodile was an enemy before, and now he’s a guy who just joined. Also, he’s very clear about Rogen. In this short time, he realized that this little guy has a dream in his heart, but he dares not to achieve it.

As he said, Rogen is a weak-hearted guy.

Sometimes, human’s strength comes from his spirit, not from his body.


“Do I have a dream?”

Rogen was confused, he felt that someone covered his neck with big hands as if there was a lack of oxygen, and his eyes turned black.

At this moment, all kinds of consciousness in his mind were rapidly flowing, looking for the dream in his heart.

‘In my previous life, my dream was to write a magnificent novel, that I like and others do so.’

‘But because of all kinds of events, family obstruction, and the lack of money, which stops me from achieving my dream, it made me unable to keep moving!’

‘But in this world, what is my dream?’

In his mind, all the scene of his growth appeared in front of his eyes.

Suddenly, a thunderbolt passed, and he heard something.

“What is your dream!”

A low and severe voice sounded in his mind.

“You have to save this world!”

A short sentence appeared in Rogen’s consciousness, and there was happiness in his eyes.

At that moment, he finally understood what it meant to kneel on the scaffold and look at Roger before he died.

“The body can be abandoned, the soul can be sacrificed, but the dream, it never dies, never!”

Rogen muttered, and his eyes became brighter and brighter, also his will, it became more and more determined.

At the same time, a sense of hegemony surged out of him.

This feeling, as if it was hidden in his body until this moment only awakened from his body.

It was like a tiger opening his eyes from his sleep and looking down at the lower creature.

This hegemony and overbearing, it was capable of destroying the will of the others.