One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 140: Haoshoku Haki


The air seemed to tremble, and the tiny grains of sand floated in the desert.

The fire beneath his feet burst into two halves.

Nearly two or three meters away, Crocodile’s face changed, his eyes were dizzy, and his whole body trembled. He was panicking at the moment, and he sat on the ground.

As far away as Trensu was, the driver’s uncle flipped his eyes and fainted directly at the moment he was struck by this momentum.

Even Jason was shocked.

At this moment, Rogen who was standing in front of Rouge, like a king standing at the top of the world. He was releasing a strong, majestic and hegemonic momentum in the place that fanned forward to his front 100 meters.

Only the strongest person sitting on the top of the world’s highest throne can have a unique momentum, which was released from Rogen’s body at this moment.

After 6 seconds, this breath gradually dissipated.


He sat down in the desert, Jason was powerless, he kept looking at the figure in front of him, and his eyes were full of fear.

At that moment, he seemed to be facing a king. This has nothing to do with power, but a complete crush on the spiritual level. For example, a high-level creature, standing in front of the low-level creature, even if he is injured, the low-level creature will be afraid even dare not to go forward.

Also, Crocodile, who was even more shocked, he was worse than Jason, at that time, his consciousness was a bit fuzzy.

Also, at this moment, his heart turned from jealousy to fear from the young man.

Before the fire, Rogen slowly opened his eyes, and his breath restored calm.

There was a glimmer of clarity in his eyes when he saw the wind blowing around him.

“Is that Haki?”

The fierce guy who just joined was a skunk, and Rogen was furious, but at the same time, he understood his lack and also knew that his spirit wasn’t in a perfect situation.

Despite all kinds of powerful personality possessions, coupled with those mysterious secrets, his mood was still incomplete.

His mentality remained unchanged. He did not realize his dreams. He looked ahead and was cautious. However, he lacked a kind of fearlessness of a man who was angry and splashed with blood.

In the face of the sea, he wasn’t afraid of its vastness, but the depth, which was the big danger.

It shows that he has no problem, but in essence, he was afraid!

But this time, Crocodile the rough fellow, hit Rogen’s heart directly so that he recognized his deficiencies.

Thus, the unique skill was born under pressure.

Yes, this is Roger’s younger brother, and he has the blood of the one true pirate king.

The first awakening made a massive explosion, which was hard for Jason and Crocodile to bear it.

“What… What happened between them?”

Seeing other people who suddenly fell to the ground, Rouge’s face puzzled. She was sitting behind Rogen, but she wasn’t affected by this momentum. However, she was swept away by the aftermath.

“He was pushed down by the wind!”

Rogen smiled.

Awakening the Haki, after clearing his mind, it was indeed a great thing.

“Crocodile, you disrespect our captain, this is a punish for you!”

In the middle of the scene, Rogen’s words rang in Crocodile’s ears.

“Jason, you’re not strong enough, you need to practice!”

Another sentence passed into Jason’s ears.

Both of them could tell that this was Rogen’s words and they were angry, so they closed their eyes.

It was obvious that he did great work, why did he blame them?

Of course, he would to, he saw them fall to the ground.

After that, Rogen lifted Rouge back to the trailer to rest.

And then, he added some firewood and began to feel the Haki.

Speaking of Haki, it’s a unique phenomenon. It has a great defensive and offensive power, and it’s also effective against the attack of the devil fruit. This kind of Haki he has wasn’t the one which he could predict his enemy’s actions and enhance his five senses and insight, but it was a tremendous crushing power.

He can directly destroy the combat effectiveness of all weak creature.

He could attack using his spirit. It’s all about spirit mood. It has something related to the courage, the will, the spirit…

It has to be said that this was the Haoshoku Haki! People who have this unique Haki are born to be kings.

“Hegemonic, aggressive, and it ignores matter!”

There was a faint smile on his face. With the help of his system, Rogen quickly found out the characteristics if this Haki.

After comprehending it, it would take a long time for Rogen to be familiar with the use of the new power, which can be used almost at the beginning of this awakening.

“Thirty meters ahead, that’s the range of my Haki!”

he opened his eyes and looked forward, and suddenly squinted.


The air trembled, and the flame suddenly fell down. Also, a tiny crack appeared in the flat desert ground.

“The invisible influence is tangible. It’s a terrible skill!”

After several trials, Rogen became more familiar with the control of the Haki.

“With the spirit, the courage, and with practice, the scope of my attack will improve rapidly!”

With a clear understanding of his heart, Rogen closed his eyes and began to practice his skills in the stars and acupoints.

The next day, just before dawn, Trensu and the others were rubbing their heads and got up.

Jason was shocked by force came from Rogen, and he lost his conscious until now, he just woke up.

“What happened to me last night? It’s like being hit with a stick!”

Jason shook his head hard to wake himself up.

“It’s Rogen, what the hell was that?”

Crocodile’s pupils were constricted, and he stared at the distance with shock.

The feeling of being ineffective against such power made him feel as if his soul was blank.

“Are you awake? Tidy up and get ready to go.”

Rogen’s voice sounded and passed into everyone’s ears.

He didn’t explain what happened last night, and he directly called Jason.

It took him half an hour to wash his face and hands, and then he said to Rogen.

“What do you want me to do?”

Crocodile was bored.

“As I said yesterday, your strength is still too bad!”

The first conversation between the two this day made Crocodile very annoyed.