One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 153: Something strange happening!

After a few talks, the team walked into the street and disappeared in just a short time.

Alabasta, in the gate of the city.

“Oh My God! Is that human? He is very tall!”

“It’s not only his tall, but he is also very huge!”

“His height is 30 meters when he is sitting, what if he stood up, he’ll reach 70 or 80 meters, Oh My God!”

On the ground next to the door, a huge man was sitting, and his burly figure shocked all the nearby people. Anyone who enters the city got scared by him. He was terrifying, and if he stood up, he would be like a mountain.

He was bigger than the wall of the city.

He was wearing in black, sitting there with no movement, as if he was a sculpture, and he was full of indifference.

Many curious people not far from him were watching this person with horror, they’ve never seen such a figure in their life.

“Blu Blu Blu Blu!”

Suddenly, the Den Den Mushi rang.

The giant lifted the Den Den Mushi and answered.

“Mushi Mushi!”

His voice was very loud, like the thunder. Also, the breath was like two strong winds coming out of his nose, which forced people nearby to retreat.

This guy was very big, winds came out of his nose when he breathes, it was unimaginable, people were thinking, what if he moved, he will be like a giant mountain, and he will shake the ground.

“No.6, No.1 invited you to come over!”

A cold voice came from the snail and then hung up.

No.6 put the Den Den Mushi back and then stood up, he was 80 meters in height, higher than the wall of the city, people in front of him were like ants.

“Thanks for your hospitality!”

No.6 nodded at the shopkeeper and then left.

Every step was like tens of meters of moving forward.

There was only a bunch of people behind him who kept looking at him with fear.

When he left the place, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and then sat down.

He couldn’t believe that this huge man just killed 3 of his assistance hours ago, and after killing them, he sat down and waited on the ground.

“Finally, he left!”

Sighing, the shopkeeper was very afraid, and he couldn’t calm down.

After half an hour full of noises from the streets, No.6 finally joined the rest of his group.

“Here we are, and now we need to hide and wait for No.2 information!”

No.1 stepped, and in a flash, he reached the shoulder of No.6.

The rest of the group were cold and indifferent, and they jumped to the shoulder of No.6.

Subsequently, No.6 start moving, and as he walked, the ground was shaking, and he caused a slight earthquake. In a short time, he left the place.

Rogen and the others were unaware about what happened here, they were a bit far away from this place.

Conan spent his whole life collecting money, whether from his dark ways or from business, he felt that he would be the richest person in the world and nothing would destroy him. However, his guards didn’t give Crocodile and his friends all the money and kept some for them.

“System, how much money is there?”

Rogen talked secretly to the system and waited for the answer.

“A total of 230 million!”

After three seconds, the system responded.

“More than 200 million, awesome!”

Rogen showed a smile, and he was very excited, also Crocodile, he was happy.

“Captain, we robbed all of this, what should we do?”

Jason asked.

“What will we do with it?”

Rogen’s eyebrows rose, he waved his hands, and all the treasure in front him disappeared instantly, it was collected by the system.

“Still not enough, you need to bring me more and more!”

Seeing that all the treasures that he just brought it disappeared, Jason was astonished, and he couldn’t help but kept thinking about his captain’s special ability.

Whether they will become wealthy or not, Rogen’s group didn’t care at all.

Trensu was a young man who loved treasure, and after he set foot on the road to strength, his desire was growing, and his admiration for money became smaller and smaller. As for Crocodile, he never lacked money, which was nothing compared to the devil fruit development. Jason, he was naturally strong, he doesn’t need money, he only wanted to be with Rogen.

After talking for a while, Rogen guided them to train, and then he left.


When he came to Rouge’s bedroom, Rogen saw the little master licking his body and his paws.

“Haha, are you enjoying your time? I’ve been working hard this period. I’ll make sure to give Ace a delicious meal when he came to life.”

Rogen smiled.


Upon hearing this promise, the little master took back his paws, looked at Rogen, and then went to Rouge.

At this time, Rouge was lying on the bed, and she was a bit tired.

“Ah, here you are. In fact, you don’t have to do such a thing.”

Rouge looked at Rogen and said softly.

“Ace is about to born soon, and I’m his uncle, of course, I have to be with him.”

Rogen smiled again.

Rogen and Rouge kept talking, and the master stirred in from time to time, which made Rogen very relaxed.

Suddenly, Rogen’s expression changed.

He didn’t say anything, just stood up slightly.

“I should leave now, have a good rest.”

Then, he quickly left the room.

After practicing in this period, Rogen’s instinct developed, and he became able to feel the danger without seeing it.

At that moment, he felt a strange atmosphere.

He went out of the house, and he was sure that there’s something strange happening.

However, he felt that there’s someone had come.

Standing outside for ten minutes, Rogen didn’t find anything. He turned back and went to the bedroom.

He stared at Crocodile and the others, and then he said.

“Crocodile and Jason, you need to go out and bring money!”

“Trensu, you stay here and practice in the yard.”

“Always pay attention to everything, there’s something strange coming!”

Jason and the others were aware of the serious tone of Rogen, and they immediately nodded.