One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 152: Squad

After killing Sagaki, Trensu was very calm at that moment.

From the moment he went there, he already knew that he’ll kill him, so he wasn’t surprised at all.


A soft voice came out, and it made Trensu’s body trembled.

This voice was very familiar to him. In fact, he was very happy when he heard it after killing Sagaki, who once stole his dream girl.

Thinking of the past, Trensu was a bit confused about how would he look at his goddess again after what she did.

Turning slowly, Trensu was still calm, but his heart was trembling.


Saying her name, Trensu’s voice was very low.

Tears began to flow when she was face-to-face with Trensu her ex-lover. This little girl inexplicably had a kind of bitterness, sadness, and shyness.

She wanted to speak, but there was nothing to say. She put her hands on her eyes, and she kept crying in a low voice.

Trensu’s whole body trembled, he couldn’t help but going to Erza and comfort her. On his way, he stopped and said.

“You did that for yourself.”

He didn’t want to, but he couldn’t go to her.

At the same time, at the entrance of the main hall, Crocodile and Jason have already finished looting.

As he turned to them, he said with a loud voice.

“Did you finish already?”

Crocodile looked at Trensu, and then he threw a parcel to Trensu.

“Yeah, let’s go!”

Looking at Erza who was still crying, Crocodile didn’t say anything, so he turned and left the place.

Also, Jason and Trensu took the packages and left the place quickly.

Erza was very sad, she covered her face and ran quickly also.

The remaining guards in the yard waited until Trensu and his friends left, they wiped the sweat and breathed a sigh of relief.

“These guys are terrible!”

“Yes, these pirates are the worst!”

“Notify all our guards on the island, these pirates might come back and kill all of us!”

Word by word, these people started a big noise, but the panic on their face still existed.

When Crocodile’s group left, the guards headed straight for the suburbs. They were very fast when the other group of guards came, but they couldn’t see the pirate group.

On their way, Jason and his crew member kept walking without saying anything.

Behind them, a group of guards suddenly appeared.

“there are three people over here!”

One of them said with an indifferent tone.

Another one took out the wanted posters and checked them.

“Are they the ones who killed the Conan’s?”

Another one asked.

“Wait for the orders number 4, just follow them and find their places!”

The indifferent man who spoke at the beginning ordered.


Number 4 nodded.

“Keep a distance between you and them, and make sure to find their place!”

“I understand, number 2!”

He answered again, and in a flash, he disappeared.

At the same time, in the Alubarna Palace, five men wearing in black were walking there.

“Here you are, his majesty is waiting for you in the palace my lords, he ordered me to receive you!”

The man in the green robe was very respectful.

“Lead the way!”

An indifferent voice came from one of the five elders.

“Yes, please, come with me!”

The man in green robe leaned over and waited until the five elders passed, and then he followed them closely.

The identity of these people was extremely honorable, everyone should kneel in front of them to show respect.

After some time, they reached the palace.

They went straight all the way and entered into the palace. At that moment, the palace was empty. On the throne, there was a young man, of about 20 years old, looking down with dignity.

“Hello your majesty, King Nefertari Cobra!”

The man with the green robe came to the front of the king and bent slightly.

As he bent, he only showed respect, but the expression of his king was full of indifference, it seems that he didn’t pay much attention to the five persons.

“What’s the reason behind coming to our county?”

King Cobra was shouting.

“The master sent us for one mission, and we need to inform you!”

The leading man said.

“And what is it about?”

Looking carefully at the five people standing below, Cobra asked solemnly.

Their expression was full of indifference, and their bodies revealed a strong momentum. Cobra wasn’t afraid at all; he was very strong also.

“You can call me the bald Igor!”

He replied with a strange smile.

It was clear that this guy doesn’t laugh often. This smile was very unreal as if it were forced out.

“What do you want me to do?”

Cobra answered.

“You don’t need to do anything, just give us the authority to kill legally.”

Igor laughed.

Cobra’s eyes condensed, and there was sharpness in it.

“Do not hinder the public order of our residents, nor harm the safety of our citizens.”

“This is how it works, the master gave us an order, and you need to obey!”

Igor roared.

Cobra sighed and nodded.

Subsequently, they talked in details, and Cobra got the promise of the five and let them leave.

Watching them leaving, Cobra blinked.

After a moment, he waved to the guard.

“Inform the guards to take action immediately if any abnormal thing ever happened.”


The soldier shouted loudly and walked out.

These five absolutely didn’t come on vacation, although they promised not to do anything, but how can he believe them?

“Just came to take their princess back, I don’t believe that excuse!”

Cobra was very confused.

Although he was the head of the country, the power of mastery was still not as good as the high-ranking guys.

At the same moment, outside the palace.

The Den Den Mushi rang.

“No. 1, we find the target, what should we do?”

Hearing this sentence, Igor man kept silent, and then he said.
“Wait for the orders, and try to find the opportunity to act!”

Hanging up the Den Den Mushi, he turned his head and asked the black man standing next to him.

“Where is No.6?”

“No.1, because of his huge figure, we put him at the gate of the city!”

“Yeah, we need him here because of his size!”

Igor man nodded.