One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 158: The truth behind “The little master!”


Seeing what just happened, Rogen’s body flashed.

But, in front of him, a blue light flashed.


No.3’s right foot suddenly swept and kicked in the air.

Rogen’s sword directly blocked the blue light, but the huge power forced Rogen to step back.

Looking up again, Rogen’s eyes became red, and the two Tomoes were rotating quickly.

On the other side, Trensu was kicked out, and he couldn’t resist.

The next moment, another figure with incredible speed extended his two fingers.


“Pew Pew!”

In the unbelievable eyes of Trensu, the fingers directly inserted under his heart.

For a moment, Trensu felt the death, his power was dissipating quickly, and his body fell softly.


Rogen’s expression became very serious at the moment, his heart trembled, and he shouted loudly.

“Damn it!”

His eyes were red, and in a moment of rage, the tomoes speeded up the rotation.

There was no hesitation, and in a moment, he called the system.


When he said that, the black-suited man who attacked Trensu shouted.

“Move again, and I’ll kill him!”

As he said that, he put his right foot on Trensu’s body, which made him shuddered and spat blood.

Rogen was sure that the finger didn’t hurt the heart, that’s why he was still alive.

For a moment, he calmed down.

“I’ve heard a little about your power, how can we be unprepared for a strong person like you?”

No.1 said coldly.

“Also, your friends are being attacked by us. I believe that you’ll be able to get together soon!”

“Jason, Crocodile!”

Rogen’s heart trembled.

He lost his will of killing when he heard that.

“What do you want from us?”

“We’re not here for you, actually, you need to take back our princess!”

No.1 whispered.

Rogen was very confused; he had no idea about what was No.1 talking.

“There’s no such person here!”

Trensu’s life was under the mercy of the black-suited man, which made Rogen unable to attack.

“Maybe she didn’t tell you her identity!”

No.1 revealed a smirk.


Then, he turned at looked at No.3 again.

“No.3, please enter the house and ask her highness!”

The other side nodded and strode toward the door.

Looking at Rogen, No.1 said again.

“If you move, your friend will die!”

Rogen was very angry at the moment, and he couldn’t help but keep calm.

Just as he entered the room, he turned and stepped out again.

Then, in the eyes of Rogen and the weak Trensu, the cat appeared.

“Little master!”

Rogen’s heart trembled, and then he remained calm again.

Also, Trensu was in shock, he couldn’t believe what just happened.

“That cat!!!”

The man next to him, with a glimpse of his eyes, bent and said softly.

“Your grace!”

When they saw the little cat coming out from the house, the six people bent on their knees and showed respect.

“Your grace!”

The little cat walked out step by step, with a complex expression on her face. In the eyes of everyone, her figure began to expand, and in a blink of an eye, she became a 16 years old girl.

A little girl with a princess dress and a cold face gradually appeared in front of everyone.

Trensu opened his mouth and couldn’t believe what he just saw, the little cat turned out to be a beautiful and a lovely girl.

It can’t be said that she is not beautiful, her cool and pure face, with the magnificent noble atmosphere, which makes people feel ashamed of being dirty.

“Little master!”

Rogen looked at her with a strange look.

He finally understood the human behavior of the cat. She was a person hidden inside a cat all that time.

“What are you doing?”

After she back to human form, a cold look appeared on her face.

She stared at the black man in front of her and asked him.

“Big master ordered us to take you back!”

No.1 said with a smile.

“No, I don’t want to!”

She answered with indifference.

Looking at Trensu, she said again.

“Release him!”

However, the black-suited man didn’t obey and kept looking at her with respect only.

“Since when dogs disobey their master’s orders?”

She wasn’t angry, but her voice contained sharpness.

“Big master knows that your highness will not easily obey his orders, so…”
Igo smiled and glanced at Rogen and Trensu.

“These losers are the best way!”

The little princess got angry at the moment.

“Are you threatening me?”

“I dare not!”

He didn’t dare to threaten her, but his will was clear in his eyes.

“Do you think I care about the lives of these mortals?”

She wanted to hide her friendship with Rogen and the others.

“Your Grace, I’ve been with you since I was a child, and I know you very well!”

Iga smiled.

As he spoke, his companion stepped on his foot again, and this time he put in on Trensu’s wound, letting him scream and spurt blood.

Rogen got angry, and when he was about to act, No.3 came in front of him and said.

“If you move, he’ll die!”

Just one sentence was enough to stop Rogen.

After a moment of silence, the little princess finally said.

“I’m going with you, release him!”

Igo smiled, and he seemed to refuse.

“Little master!!”

At this moment, Rogen spoke, and his voice was hoarse, he was very angry.

“Rogen, I have to go, thank you for your care during this time!”

She was a bit sad, but she quickly remained calm and whispered.

Rogen pinched his fist, and the Sharingan was a bit deeper.

After a while, she walked quickly to the front of Rogen.

“You won’t be safe if I stay, take care of yourselves.”

Her voice was very sad, she even blocked Rogen when he wanted to attack.

After a few steps, she came to the No.1 side.

“Let them go, I’m coming with you!”

Igo grinned and waved.

Meanwhile, the one who attacked Trensu retreated.

“You’ll be welcome your grace; you nobility can only be manifested in the holy land!”

“You are not supposed to be in the dust!”

Igo walked forward and whispered with respect.

The little master trembled and then followed slowly.