One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 159: Jason’s new technique.

In front of the courtyard, Rogen ran toward Trensu and looked at his wound, and breathed a little relief.

The man was very energetic and accurate, and with only one finger, Trensu lost his combat power, but he didn’t lose his life. Trensu would take a long time for recovery.

Also, the 2nd attack injured his lungs.

Trensu’s face was pale, and his forehead was full of sweat. This time, he looked at Rogen with embarrassment.

“Captain… I’m sorry…”

Rogen shook his head and stopped Trensu.

“Don’t talk, you need to rest.”

Then, he slowly raised his head and looked at the departure of his enemy with grim eyes, and he wanted to kill them all.

He clearly saw that the little master was trembling with every step he took. The little girl who was hiding inside the cat body, she never thought that she would leave them.

It happened, they forced her to leave.

In order to protect her friends, she gave up the resistance and followed the six people who came to take her.

“No matter what happened, you are my friend Rogen!”

“I will never allow such a thing to happen!”

It’s a shame that his intimate companion forced to go away from him!

Rogen quickly made an emergency treatment for Trensu, and then he took him into the wooden house.

Rouge’s painful screams continued. Ace wasn’t completely born, and the mid-wife was sweating hard.

Breathing deeply, Rogen’s mood became much calmer.

The little master left, and he couldn’t do anything, Rouge and her difficult situation, and Trensu with his wound.

Everything happened was like a shackle, it tied to him in the same place and made unable to move, even breathing was hard for him.

It can be said that since he went to the sea, this encounter is the most dangerous and the most irritating.

After a few moments, Rogen took out the Den Den Mushi and dialed quickly.

Time passed, and no one answered, Rogen’s eyes were deep at the moment.

“Crocodile, Jason!”

Unconsciously, his fists were pinched.

A wave of huge anger turned into a big fire, burning his whole body, and made him very mad. But he needs to restraint. This kind of depression made him obsessed.

“Calm yourself and rest, I’ll send you to the doctor when things are done!”

“You can do it Trensu, be fine!”

Rogen whispered while he was clenching Trensu’s right hand tightly.

Trensu was sweating, but he didn’t list conscious yet. He felt the sweat on his captain’s palm, and he knew how much pressure was there at the moment.

The little master was walking at the forefront, and after a while, the group went farther and farther away from the courtyard.

This time, No.1 suddenly stepped forward.

“What happened?”

Little master asked.

“Your highness, I suddenly remembered, there’s something that has to be done first!”

No.1 smiled, and he waved his right hand toward the back.

No.3 nodded and disappeared.

“You bastard!”

She was very angry at the moment.

“This is the master’s orders!”

No.1’s tone was indifferent, and then, two of them surrounded the little master.

“Your Highness, please hurry up and follow the orders. Otherwise, your companions will not come to a good end.”

With anger, the little master clenched her fists and looked at No.1 in front of her, and then, she moved and followed them.

On the road leading to Rogen’s residence in the suburbs, there are many birds on both sides, but in the middle of it, a fierce battle just started.


Crocodile puffed the white smoke, he was full of indifference at the beginning, but gradually, his expression changed.

He stood still, and the sands formed by the alligator turned into sharp weapons, constantly attacking his enemy. His attacks were continuous and intensive, it was hard to avoid it.

However, under such power, the other party was like a leaf, swaying in the wind, he wasn’t hurt at all.

“Really difficult!”

Glancing at Jason’s side, the man who had been hit frequently at the beginning was standing up slowly with smoke and dust, and his face was as cold as an iceberg.

“You pissed me off!”

his deep voice was full of tremendous anger.

The big man finally broke out his strongest state.

“Hah, pissed you off? In front of Rokushiki, you are powerless, no matter what kind of physical skills or devil fruit you have!”

The black-suited man stared at Jason and laughed.

After he said that, he flashed and disappeared.

Then, his figure appeared quickly in front of Jason, and then he disappeared again like a gust of wind. It was very hard to grasp.

“Do you see that?” This is based on the superhuman physique, the creation of special physical skills is the strongest means.”

“In the face of such skills, you are like a newborn chicken!”


He stepped again in the air and disappeared. In just a moment, he came to Jason again.

“Feel the power of this, weak chicken!”

The black-suited man whispered and then…


Blue light just appeared, and suddenly turned into a blade, flew out toward Jason, who was very close.

Jason, who was very angry, suddenly looked up and saw the speedy air blade.

“I don’t give a f*ck about your 6 or 7 techniques!”

“You’ve completely angered me!”

It was like the calm before the storm.

In the next moment, his rage turned into flames and lightning.

Followed by, facing this attack, Jason still held out his fist and didn’t retreat at all.

“Four-hundred-times strength increment!”

Crocodile, who clearly saw this scene, his pupil contracted.

He has experienced this fellow’s horrible fist, and he remembers very well that terrible destructive power. Jason is going to use that punch again.

“Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms”

Jason changed his technique, from fist to palm, but this time was with fury. His palm pointed to the front, and his fingers twisted slightly, it looks like dragon claws.


In front of his palm, there was a dragon roaring.

“First style!”

As he stepped forward, his big palm ran like a dragon, and its roaring sound became louder.


“The dragon has regrets!”

The sound of the dragon became louder. In Jason’s right palm, the dragon looked very angry and kept roaring with a loud sound.

Its power and hegemony could swallow everything.