One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 160: “I’ll get the big fish!”

In the field, the Dragons kept blinking and roaring with a loud sound and then rushed.


With this attack, the Dragon on Jason’s right arm awakened and went straight toward the air blade (Rankyaku) and bit it.


The sharp attack of the black agent that can cut a whole building, in front of this palm, it cracked like glass.

The expression of the black-suited man changed, he flashed and retreated.

“How is that possible?”

Even No.2 who was standing in the distance, his eyes contracted while he was looking at Jason.

When he retreated, Jason stepped forward in a fury, he was as majestic as a dragon in his roar.

“The Dragon Soars in the Sky!”

“What the hell is that?”

Jason’s legs slightly bent, and an invisible air swirled between his legs, and in the next second, his body flew up.

In an instant, he seemed to fly in the air.

What shocked the agent was that Jason has already come to his side.


The Dragon vaguely formed again, and Jason didn’t hesitate to shoot.

The agent flashed again.


The ground was blasted by the power of Jason’s palm, which made the dust from the dirt road flew out. Also, a deep pit with a diameter of more than ten meters appeared.

In mid-air, Jason’s burly figure appeared again, he was like a Dragon, and then, he squatted forward very fast and rushed toward the agent.

“The Dragon is Seen in the Fields!”

The momentum of Jason burst to the extreme.

This huge temperament of Jason forced his enemy to retreat.

When Jason finished his blow, agent’s clothes were torn, and a long wound appeared in his body.

This scene makes his pupils shrink beyond belief.

“Oh My God, how is that possible?”

“How could someone like him make such an attack!”

He couldn’t believe what just happened, and he was very angry.

Once again, he wanted to avoid the attack, he stepped into the air and rushed toward Jason.

Jason’s eyes burst with murder when he saw that the other side was not retreating.

He made a big step forward with huge force, which shook the ground and made a thunderous earthquake, and after 15 meters stepping ahead, strong and violent winds appeared by his side.

“The Dragon’s battle in the field!”

With a loud roar, his palm plunged to the ground.


Under this palm, there were five Dragons hovering around him and roaring.

His enemy, who was in mid-air, didn’t expect Jason’s power to be magnificent. He wanted to catch him, but a Dragon immediately blocked him.


In an emergency, he shouted, and in a moment, his muscles swelled, and the density of his body increased rapidly.


With a huge power, the Dragon opened his mouth and drag him to the ground for ten meters.

“Nothing to do against it!”

Blood gushed from his mouth, he couldn’t stand up, but he smiled.

At the next moment, he looked up and saw a shadow covering his vision, which made him angrier.

Jason’s indifferent face came to the front of him. What made his pupils shrink was that his opponent stretched his hands and made it again.


To defend himself, he shouted and used the Tekkai again.

But as he shouted, a fist hit his stomach.


A dull voice came out.

Huge power instantaneously diffuses the whole body of the agent, and the ground beneath his feet was shocked.

His face changed slightly, and the blood rushed out from his mouth again.

Jason’s attack isn’t over yet, he was like a lion, able to tear everything apart.

“Arhat boxing!”

Step by step, he changed move and made a strange gesture in the eyes of everyone in the place.

“Tiger’s hit!”


The majestic power once again came to the black-suited man, letting his body shook and gushed blood.
“Three picks in a chain!”
“Mai Lai’s eyebrows!”
“If you come to spend flowers!”

A punch directly hit Jason’s enemy. In the face of the martial arts of a different world and Jason’s powerful body, the black-suited man felt the death.

The black agent seemed to be hit by gods or demons, against Jason, his body kept shaking and spitting blood.

“Bang, Bang, Bang…….”

A series of 7 or 8 punched were like thunder fell on the agent’s body.

When his set was finished, Jason closed his fist and stood indifferently. He glanced at the black-suited man in front of him, and then he turned around.

“See, I’m serious when I said that I don’t care about your skills!”

“You were blown up by the master!”

After Jason’s words, the black-suited man felt a huge pain, and even blood spurted out from his mouth. After a while, the look in his pupil gradually dissipated.


After Jason’s departure, the agent planted himself on the ground and stirred up the dust.

The power of terror, combined with the martial arts of other worlds, broke out in Jason’s body at this moment with incomparable brilliant light and terrible power.

There was some blood dried up on Jason’s body, but he seemed to have no pain, so he strode forward.

After a few steps, he came to the front of No.2.

“My next opponent is you!”

No.2, who saw Jason horrible power, was confused.

“Interesting, I’m worthy of being the second person of Rogen’s group.”

Jason clenched his fists and strode forward.

“I’ll punch you like your friend!”

“hah, I’m looking forward to it.”

No.2 was smiling.

On the other side, Crocodile’s battle with his opponent seemed to be locked in a sticky situation.


Seeing that Jason has simply solved his opponent, Crocodile’s eyes narrowed.

“That silly big guy already defeated his enemy, I’m too slow!”

Slowly pushed his hand forward, and the sand stream from his shoulder immediately stretched out.

A strange force began to spread, accompanied by sand.



Suddenly in the field, an invisible force swept over, and huge sand amount began to spread. In just a moment, 30 meters of the whole place was covered with golden sand.

After a while, 100 meters of the whole place was covered by Crocodile’s sand, turning all the creatures like the trees and the grass into the sand.

This scene shocked everyone.

The agent kept jumping, trying to avoid this terrible sand.


Crocodile was indifferent, and he kept smoking.

“There’s no place to hide!”

After a while, the sand flow has already arrived in front of Jason and No.2.

“Come on, Crocodile, what are you doing? I’m busy in here, and you covered me with you sand!”

Jason yelled and jumped in the sand.

The sand currents kept converging and separating, and in an instant, it formed an attack and rushed toward No.2, which quickly evaded and jumped into the air.

“Jason, stay away!”

“I’ll get the big fish!”

The hoarse voice came out, and at this moment, Crocodile was absolutely domineering.