One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 161: “Resistance”

The sand flow quickly rushed forward, and everything touched by it cracked and turned into sand by Crocodile’s ability.

Like a spark of fire, a little sand quickly affects the surroundings and turned it into more sand. In a blink of an eye, everything became sand under the eyes of Jason.

Starting from Crocodile, 150 meters ahead of the road became a river of sand.


Crocodile puffed the white smoke and then he swung his right hand forward.

“No one can escape my Desert Girasole!”

“Barján!” (Crescent-Shaped Sand Dune)


The sound of the leaves that were rubbing came out, and there were some people around got shocked by the scene.

It was like a torrential flood of sand currents, and in an instant, he stretched out countless sand ropes which rocked straight up and rushed into the air like fierce snakes toward No.2 and his mate.

The speed of these countless ropes was extremely fast, and its number kept growing.

The dense sand ropes covered the whole area, which shocked the two agents.

There was nothing to do against such attack, the agent only flashed twice and he was directly pulled by the rope at his heel.

After he got caught by only one rope, his movements were instantly stagnant, and then, more and more ropes came up and tied his whole body.

A strange force swept up along the sand current and blocked the black agent.

“What the hell is that?”

His pupils contracted and he shouted.

“Busoshoku Haki!”

The rope trembled a little as if it was affected by the Haki, but Crocodile didn’t hesitate at all.

When the rope was tied up, the black man was pulled down to the ground.

“Vrrrr!” (sand river SFX!)

In a while, the sand river began to move, and it takes only 0.2 seconds before the agent drowns in it.

And then, Crocodile swept his look toward No.2 in the air.

Seeing that his mate lost in a few moments, he got panicked.


Just as he used one of his Rokushiki and ran, the sand beneath Crocodile’s feet rushed.

In the next moment, the sand rope rushed up like a long snake and went straight toward No.2 which was dragged down.

“Jason is too slow, I’m the one who will deal with you!”

Crocodile’s low voice was like thunder in No.2’s ear.

No.2 couldn’t help it, he already saw how powerful was Crocodile using his fruit.

With this kind of power, it’s easy to take the Rear Admiral position and compete with the powerful people in the Marine.

But such person, why would he hide in Rogen’s small group?

“Crocodile! The Marines is looking for you, and the whole world wants you dead!”

As he said that, No.2 clenched his fists and a trace of black surrounded it. In a blink of an eye, his two fists were covered with steel.

“Busoshoku Haki!”

“However, your power is useless against me!”

The white smoke was lingering, when Crocodile saw the strange color in No.2’s fists, he didn’t rush and stood away from it.

“Is that the Haki that can hurt devil fruit users?”

“Oh, do you know it?”

No.2 was surprised.

According to the information of these people, they are just small characters who have just stepped into the Grand Line, they do have a strong captain, but how did they know about Haki?

“I know many things.”

As he said that, Crocodile stretched out his right hand and pointed ahead.

“And now, it’s time to finish you, we are in a hurry!”


As he moved, the sand currents behind his were flying up with loud noise.

This scene shocked No.2 and his pupils contracted.

He saw the sand flowing on the ground and then formed a huge sandstorm that covered everything behind Crocodile, it was oppressive and very powerful.

Followed by, Crocodile waved.


As he said that, the golden sand was boiling up, it seems to be controlled by an invisible force. In a blink of an eye, it passes Crocodile and went straight toward No.2.


The sand grains treble in the air and reached No.2 in less than a moment.

No.2 knew very well how dangerous was this sand, so he kept retreating toward the rear. However, the speed of the sandstorm was faster than No.2, which made his even more frightened.

In a short moment, the sand already covered his whole body.

“Damn it, that’s too bad!”

No.2 was panicked, so he moved his right foot.



With No.2 last blow, the sand scattered and then converged again. This strong ability of sand wasn’t easy to deal with at all.

After that, more sands already rushed up.

In the air, the density of sand around No.2 began to increase quietly, and gradually, the situation became scarier for the agent.

The golden sand in front of him made him unable to see.

“Damn it!”

He wanted to hit the sand with his Haki, but every time he did that, the sand was scattering and converging again quickly but denser. It was very hard to deal with.

Jason stood on the ground and looked up, and his eyes were full of shock.

Sands were flowing from the ground like a golden waterfall. It was very magnificent.

After a few moments, No. 2 was unable to move, he was very close to death because of the sand current.


Crocodile puffed the smoke and then he moved his right hand.


The sand squeezed together as if it was out of control, and then fell to the ground.


The sand rushed up, and it was very fierce. Crocodile, who was standing on it, saw that No.2 was still resistant, so he made another blow.


Like waves hitting the sea, a large piece of sand snapped fiercely toward No.2 who just stood up.

However, it’s not over yet.

The sand that covers the ground was boiling, and the strength of No. 2 was still struggling.