One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 162: Female Titan

Crocodile was a bit surprised, this guy was struggling, he felt that his ability became weaker or something.

It was like the agent has a mysterious power to counteract his power.

“Is it the Haki?”

Taking a deep breath, Crocodile’s face was even more serious.

As he said that, he moved his right hand, and then the large sand on the ground began to condense rapidly, rushing toward No.2.

The sands were numerous and huge, with more than hundreds of tons in weight, which can crush everything with its weight only.

At this moment, with the control of Crocodile, the density of the sand increases indefinitely.

Finally, his last move came.

“The sandstorms funeral!”


Suddenly, the density of the sand increased again, it was like huge blocks made of steel rushed toward No.2.

The surface of the boiling sand suddenly calmed down, and the resistance of No.2 stopped also.

A faint bloody smell came from the sand, and a trace of red blood fluttered.

Crocodile breathed slowly, and he relaxed, he knew that his enemy became dead body because of his powerful ability.

Controlling the sand, Crocodile descended from the sky and came to Jason’s side.

With a blank expression, he looked around.

“Let’s go, you did well against them!”

Jason was stunned, when he saw Crocodile turning the whole place into a desert, he wanted to talk more, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Hey fellow, you are so powerful!”

After a while, he said it, and he was amazed.

“After following our captain’s advice, I made some improvements to my abilities.”

Crocodile answered with a low voice, and the sand grains gathered together on Crocodile’s shoulder to form the fierce alligator.

“That’s too exaggerated!”

Jason said with a clear shock on his face.

“Three hundred meters, this is my limit.”

After he said that, he lifted the treasure from the ground, and then he stepped forward.

“The Den Den Mushi just rang, there’s something happening to the captain, we need to hurry up!”


Jason’s expression changed, he took the package and ran.

In front of the wooden house.

Rogen’s Den Den Mushi suddenly sounded.

He looked at it, and then he quickly picked it up.

Before he could speak, the anxious voice of Jason had come.

“Hey captain, some enemy had encountered us, but it’s okay, we solved them. Now we are running back, is it okay at home?”


With a heavy breath, Rogen was relaxed when he heard that.

Facing the five agents, he was confused, not only in terms of strength but also in the overall situation. First, there’s Rouge and Trensu, and then, Crocodile and Jason that he wasn’t sure about their situation. If he liberated the system, then it would be difficult for him to summon a powerful soul under the pressure of the other party.

It takes time to launch an attack and hit them, even if he was very fast.

The first thing that would stop him was if he failed his attack, then Rouge will be in big trouble, as well as the uncertain life and death of Crocodile and Jason.

Until now, he was in a difficult situation because of the departure of the little master and the serious injury of Trensu, but hearing the good news from Jason, he became a bit relieved.

“Trensu is seriously injured, and the little master was forced to leave.”

“You guys, come back quickly!”

Rogen said quickly, and then he hangs up the Den Den Mushi.


On the other side, Jason, who was running fast, was stunned and angry.

“What happened!” Crocodile asked.

“Our captain also encountered enemies there, and Trensu is seriously injured. And also, they forced the little master to leave!”

Speaking of this, Jason looked very sad.

“The kitten?” Crocodile calmed down and then said again. “That cat is full of spirituality, more like a person, I’m afraid that it has some special origins.”

“It doesn’t matter now, hurry up, I’m worried!”

Jason clenched his fists.

“Last time and this time do, I didn’t do anything, I let the captain bear all of this alone.”

Jason used all his strength to hurry.

“You didn’t count me, I’m your crewmate also!”

As he sped up, Crocodile behind his accelerated also.

“Desert king.” Jason glanced and then smiled.

“Well, no matter what happens, let us do a great job this time!”

Crocodile’s eyes flashed, and he smiled.

“I’ve long wanted to be famous. It seems that this time, I’m involved in something extraordinary.”

“Ha Ha Ha!”

The two laughed and accelerated.

At the same time in the wooden house.

“Come out, it’s a boy!”

The happy voice of the midwife suddenly came, and Rogen relaxed a little bit, and then he stood up.

“Have a good rest, Jason and Crocodile will be here soon!”

“Alright, captain.”

Trensu’s face was pale, and he was powerless, but he tried to act as if he was fine.

Subsequently, Rogen pulled out the Yuan Hong sword and walked out slowly.

As he walked outside, he heard the yelling of the midwife.

“Oh my god! What is that?”

Looking up along the field, a tall body reflected in his eyes. It was like a moving mountain, the ground was shaking as if there were a thunderous earthquake, leaving a huge footprint behind him whenever he moves.

This giant was incredibly tall and magnificent.

With a height of 80 meters, this giant has a big head like a hut, and big hands like a platform, he passed tens of meters every step he made.

It seems to be extremely slow, but actually, he was amazingly fast.

“Go inside, I’ll deal with it!”

With a serious tone, Rogen asked the women to stay inside.

After a few steps, Rogen reached the courtyard.

Then, he ordered the system.

“System, call me a giant creature!”

After he said that, the system seemed to think a little, and then, a cold voice came to his mind.

“Specify the concept call, you’ll spend three times the amount, please confirm!”

Rogen didn’t hesitate at all.


After he confirmed, the system’s sound rang again.

“Congratulations to the host, The Female Titan of “Annie Leonhart” has been summoned, with 300 million!”

“Female titan?”

When he heard this name, Rogen got stunned.

But there’s no time to think, the fierce giant is already in front of him.