One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 163: Two giant’s fight.

Inside the fog, a giant who is dozens of times larger than Rogen’s Body shape, Squats in one step, and then rushed into his body.

He summoned a lot of souls, but this was his first time with a female possession, he didn’t expect such thing would happen.

However, this possession made him a little stunned.

When the giant stepped into Rogen, his body began a series of rapid and strange changes.

Annie’s life experience was quickly introduced into his mind, along with the rough fighting skills and the Titan’s virus.

Compared with the previous attachments, Annie’s possession data was much less. In a blink of an eye, Rogen has received all of them.


As No.6 moved, the field’s ground shook, even the midwife that was inside the wooden house didn’t dare to look outside, and she kept shivering.

It would be difficult for ordinary people to hide their fear in front of the tremendous giant.

“Giant ah! Then let’s have a two-giants fight!”

The other side was aggressive, and the purpose of Rogen was very clear, he should stay away from the wooden house because, with only one blow, it would be destroyed, and all the people inside it would die. This ruthless power has already aroused his inner anger. Such big creatures would need a big area to fight freely.

He put his right index finger in his mouth, and then he (She) bit it, causing self-injury.


The hot white fog rose, and under it, an incomparably huge body grows from small to large.

In the twinkling of an eye, the white fog rose to about 70 meters and then stopped.


A low roar came from the giant’s mouth, causing a great wind.

The white fog dispersed, revealing a thin, but mad, giant that was standing there with a fierce look.

This giant was Rogen. Originally, the giant of Annie was only 14 meters, but with the strength data of Rogen combined with hers, it changed at the moment and became a giant of 70 meters tall.

The attack titan, one of the nine titans, didn’t actually have much power at all, their shortcoming was obvious, if they got hit hard in the back of their necks, they would die. But after switching the world, it became very valuable, also, combined with Rogen’s own strength, it made a tremendous change.

The two giants were almost at the same height of 70 or 80 meters. They were standing in front of each other, causing some shakes.

In Rogen’s previous life, that would be as high as two buildings with 20 floors.

No.6 who just came to the field saw a giant that appeared suddenly, and completely different than giants he ever knew, this one was very fierce like a wild animal. It made him astonished.


The giant Roared with an incomparable fierce momentum.

His eyes were full of murderous, Rogen bent down slightly and ran toward the front.

In the beginning, he was a bit slow, but after two steps, he became like a gust of wind.


Every step he made, the ground was shaking, just like an earthquake.

In only a few steps, he passed a distant of a few hundred meters and reached the front of No.6.


Rogen swept his right foot toward the ground, which destroyed many flowers, leaving a huge trace on the ground. And then he swept it toward No.6.


No.6 huge body suddenly titled, and the two men who were standing on his shoulders immediately changed color and jumped out.

In the midst of it, Rogen raised his head and roared, and then he grabbed one of them with his hand.

In less than a moment, Rogen’s hand reached the agent who jumped and grabbed him tightly.


The majestic force immediately crushed the agent’s bones, so he couldn’t help but made a loud cry.


The other person shouted.

Rogen didn’t care at all, and his eyes were even colder, he raised his right hand and then threw him in his mouth.

In a short moment, No.4 has been thrown into the Titan’s mouth.

Finding himself inside the Titan’s mouth, No.4 was panicked, and in a blink of an eye, he became dead meat.

Then, the Titan swallowed him.


As the white fog rose, Rogen’s height began to increase again, reaching 75 meters.

“Oh My God, I’ll kill you!”

The other person was astonished by what he just saw.

He used the Rankyaku and attacked Rogen’s neck.

The agent didn’t hesitate to attack, the Rankyaku he used directly attacked Rogen’s neck in a very short moment.

Reaching the Titan’s neck, the compressed air blade dissipated in a flash and didn’t damage the Titan at all.


The agent couldn’t believe what he just saw, he couldn’t believe that his attack didn’t work at all.

In the next moment, his eyes were dark.

Rogen’s big hand came to his side and banged on him.


As he shouted, he got pushed down by Rogen’s slap, just like a fly.

At this time, No.6 recovered his balance and headed toward Rogen to hit him.


No.6 attacked Rogen directly on his chest, but it didn’t affect at all, Rogen just retreated one step toward the rear.


After raising his head, Rogen roared. His body was hidden in the back of the Titan’s neck. As long as he opened his mouth to speak, his voice would become a tremendous roar for the outside world.

“What monster are you?”

The voice of No.6 was dull, he took the axe on his back and stepped forward, trying to hit Rogen.

Rogen retreated again to avoid the attack and then stepped forward with his knee toward the other side.


No.6’s hand was blocked, and then he retreated a few steps.


The great force consumes Rogen’s energy. His body was much more fragile than No.6. After several collisions, many scratched appeared on the Titan’s body, and now he is recovering in the white fog.

Subsequently, the two giants looked at each other with indifference in their eyes.

“No.6, destroy the cabin, this guy killed our mate!”

At this moment, the other agent climbed up from the ground and shouted. It was No.3 and he was very angry, he was suffering from the last attack of Rogen.

Immediately, No.6 stared at the wooden house.

When he heard that, Rogen’s expression changed, and he roared and stepped forward.

“I’ll kill you!”

Rogen shouted loudly.