One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 208: 10.000 tons of sand


A figure suddenly flew out hitting some buildings were there.

Immediately, when the wind swept, two figures covered by the dust moved.

The Yuan Hong sword bloomed, and in the eyes of Z, the attack of one sword became an attack of many swords rushing toward him.

It was sure that Z wasn’t an easy opponent to deal with, which made Rogen use one of his best skills.

“179 swords!”

“Damn it, he avoided them all!”

Rogen’s eyes contracted, and he retreated fast.

As he retreated, he remembered what Trensu said about that foresee.

“This is the Kenbunshoku Haki!”

The Kenbunshoku Haki should be the ability that Z used.

“Have you finished your attack? It’s my turn now!”

When he found that the other side was stunned and didn’t attack again, he shouted and clenched his fists.

“Hey hey, don’t forget our turn!”

A t this moment, a loud roar came out.


A large amount of Golden Sand gathered into a torrent and turned into a rope in the air like a snake, and in a moment, it rushed toward Z.


Z blinked, and then he shouted.

“Busoshoku Haki!”

His hands were covered with Haki and began to punch the snake made of sand.


His fists were as fast as the light, and in a blink of an eye, he blasted the attack by several quick punches.

“Hey, Crocodile, the ordinary attack is useless to him. His Haki is unbreakable!”

Trensu was a bit confused.

“Hmm!” Crocodile thought about it, but then, he smiled coldly.

As he smiled, he controlled the sand grains again. At the same time, he launched the special ability of his fruit, in a blink of an eye, the area around him became dry.

Z turned and shouted at Rogen and he didn’t see what Crocodile just did.

“Rogen! is it my turn now?”

As he said that, he strode toward Rogen and slammed his fist.


Rogen raised his sword and kept moving it to block those punches, but after every punch, he was pushed back.

This Admiral is really strong, Rogen couldn’t resist this huge power.

“Ha ha ha, you have to surrender, there are only a few people in this world that can beat these punches!”

“But I have to say, I respect your insistence and will!”

Z laughed, and his punches became heavier and heavier.

Rogen was very angry, he knew that the other party increased his power, and he saw that the Yuan Hong began to tremble, and it might break at any time.

No one beat this sword ever since Rogen went to the sea.

This is the Admiral of the Marine Headquarters; he wasn’t an easy opponent at all.


The Yuan Hong lost his brightness, the tremendous power of this high-ranking Marine broke the sword.

Rogen’s expression changed and he was stunned. After a while, his eyes became red, and the tomoes inside it began to rotate quickly.

After losing his swords, Rogen got angry, and he decided to kill this bastard as fast as he can.

In didn’t take much time until Z punched again.

“Take this!”

His fist’s wind was like the blade, and it made Rogen’s hair swayed.

Within a fraction of a second, Rogen avoided this punch, and he leaned to the front.

Immediately, he jumped and stood away from Z.

At this moment, Rogen felt that a little pain, and after touching his head, he got confused.

He wasn’t fast enough to dodge the fist. A small wound appeared on his cheek.

Behind Z, Jason yelled and rushed.

“Arhat Boxing!”

Jason’s fist was as strong as the Admiral’s, there wasn’t a big gap between them.

The two kept punching each other for a while.

Jason reached his limit at this time, his power consumed quickly, and he used all the Rokushiki he knew, Soru, and Tekkai. What made him angry was that he couldn’t hit the opponent at all.

Like before, this dude is able to predict the upcoming moves and easily avoid them.

Jason’s moves in front of this guy were useless and didn’t make a change at all.

“Damn it!”

Jason cursed; he didn’t know how to deal with this Admiral.

What’s the matter, Jason’s technique used to destroy his opponent, but it wasn’t effective at all against Z.

In the middle of this fight, Rogen and his mates realized the gap between then and this powerful Admiral.

His Haki added to his personal arsenal of abilities made him somewhat invincible.

They have fought hard but they couldn’t defeat Z. Even Trensu’s 100% shooting accuracy, it couldn’t hit him at all.

Crocodile’s powerful ability of sand was restrained by Zephyr’s Busoshoku Haki, he was completely afraid to fight close to Z because one mistake will take his life in a moment.

Rogen’s speed, his professional moves, and his great power, he was the most powerful one among his group. In front of Z, he was completely crushed and he could barely protect himself.

Jason, who was very strong, he couldn’t even hit him at all.

The Kenbunshoku and the Busoshoku Haki, besides the powerful body and the physical quality, it creates the Admiral that stands in the world peak ranks.

“The Buddhist Palm!”

Rogen didn’t give up, and he used one of his powerful abilities.


Suddenly, the golden Buddha’s light shone, and a golden palm appeared with a radius of 50 meters and pushed toward Z.


Z narrowed his eyes, and then he shouted.

“Busoshoku Haki!”

The Haki covered his right hand, and then, he jumped toward the palm and hit it with huge power.

It took only a few moments and the Buddhist Palm was totally crushed.

The powerful Palm has destroyed and shattered under this punch.

Rogen couldn’t believe what just happened, and at the same time, Crocodile shouted.


The Wraith retreated quickly, and using Geppo, they jumped into the air and moved quickly.

It seems that the planned to run away if things went wrong.

“Desert Girasole!”

Crocodile’s eyes narrowed, and immediately, he waved his hand and pressed hard.


Z kept looking at the sand that covered the ground quickly, and in a moment, the ground beneath him began to shake, and he was about to fall. Suddenly, he raised his head.

What made him surprised was the amount of sand that covered the whole area.

“That’s amazing!”

Z seemed to like this ability.

He didn’t focus and kept looking at the sand.

In the next moment, 10.000 tons of sandblasted down and drowned Z.