One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 216: Great future.

“He is in warehouse number 3! “

Delia was very excited.

The auction building is divided into many rooms, the devil fruit was located in room number 8, and her brother was in room number 3.

“Lead the way!”

Crocodile nodded.

Immediately, they walked toward room number 3.

They were very fast, but when they reached where the prisoner was, they found him in shackles and surrounded by three bodyguards. When she saw this scene, Delia’s face changed.

“Stop them, please!”

Immediately, she shouted with anger.

As he heard her, Crocodile waved his hand. In a twinkling of an eye, the three bodyguards fell to the ground with no resistance.


Crocodile puffed smoke and then he asked Delia who immediately ran and helped her brother.

“Thank you, thank you very much! And now come with me, I’ll lead the way. Because there are strong people stationed in here!”

Delia was grateful, she held her brother and walked quickly.

Crocodile’s eyes narrowed, and then he followed her.

He was sure that this auction had a strong background, but what this woman said surprised him a little.

In this big event, you could find agents from the World Government also.

There was no danger along the way toward the exit, Delia put her brother inside a wooden box carried by two people. Many people saw them, but no one doubted, she must have done a good preparation to save her brother.

But just as they were about to step out of the auction, a loud shout came.

“Stop there!”

Crocodile’s eyes narrowed, and he turned back.

They were in the back door of the building, which was the door for the entry and exit of personnel.

And here, bodyguards were strong enough to keep strangers away.

All the bodyguards stared at Crocodile and the group with doubts.

“What’s inside the box?”

One of them asked loudly.

“Johnson, this is a special cargo that the boss needs, I asked my brother to help me because it’s too heavy! “

Delia looked calm when she answered, she didn’t want to get caught after what they did.

“Delia, I know that you are an important person in this auction, but I need to check what’s inside the box!”

The bodyguard still has some doubts.

“This is a special cargo for our boss, and he needs it. Are you sure you want to check?”

Delia took a piece of paper out of her pocket and gave it to the black-suited man. When he saw it, his expression changed, and when he looked at the bottom of the paper, he saw the signature of the boss.

“I’m sorry Delia, but five minutes ago, we knew that someone sneaked in here and killed our guards, and also, he stole something important.”

Johnson insisted.

“To avoid suspicion, you’d better let me check it!”

His eyes were firm and his tone was pressing. It seems that this guy won’t let them leave easily.

“Are you doubting me?”

Delia got angry at that moment.

Johnson didn’t anything after, and he waved his hand to the men behind him to check.

Seeing this scene, Delia’s expression changed. She spent a long time in preparation before doing this, such as finding the location of the goods, and then this cargo order. Finally, the big risk to invite this dangerous pirate to help her.

However, she didn’t expect Johnson to be so tough.

“Stay away, you can’t check!”

Delia gritted her teeth and stood in front.

“This is the boss’s goods, no one can check without permission!”

“Delia, you’d better get out of the way, otherwise, we’ll harm you!”

“You look more suspicious now, I need to know what’s inside this box!”

Delia discolored, she was very afraid to get caught, all she wants was to save her brother.

Immediately, Crocodile puffed smoke and strode forward.

“Step away, there’s no need for all of this!”

As he said that, the Alligator on his shoulder moved, turned into sand and spread in all directions.

“Who are you?”

Seeing this scene, Johnson’s face changed immediately.

In a blink of an eye, and before he could say anything else, the sand stream drowned him and all his mates.

“Let’s not waste our time!”

Crocodile stepped forward, grabbed the handle of the box and pushed it away.

Delia was even more shocked, she looked at the corpse on the ground and trembled.

It was only a coincidence that she met Crocodile; she saw him on a wanted poster once. It can be said that she was lucky to find him, and also, she had the courage to talk to him.

However, she didn’t expect him to be very strong.

A group of strong bodyguards she knew couldn’t hold for 3 seconds.

When they walked out of the auction and disappeared, a huge stir began there.

Someone sneaked into the building and stole a Devil Fruit and a slave.

He dared to sneak and stole, how dare is he? It was like slapping a Celestial Dragon on the face.

After a while, in a small house.

“I really appreciate that, thank you, thank you very much!”

Delia was very happy and excited, she felt relieved after escaping successfully.

“What’s up with this kid?”

Crocodile nodded and then he asked about the young man in a coma which has blonde hair as his sister.

“He stabbed a Celestial Dragon last week!”

Delia was very upset.

When he heard that, Crocodile was shocked.

He didn’t believe that because this kid was skinny, and seemed to be powerless. From where did he get the courage to stab a Celestial Dragon?

At this time, the golden boy’s eyelids trembled a few times and he woke up.

“Finally, Samiro, are you okay?”

“Thank you… Ugh, thank you for saving my life!”

The little kid smiled and thanked them for saving his life.

Saving him from the Celestial Dragons is indeed a very difficult thing.

“You are a very brave boy!”

Crocodile approached him and said softly.

He rarely praised someone, but this kid dared to stab a Celestial Dragon, which was very brave.

“I just hate that I have no power! But I could kill that guy!”

Samiro clenched his fists.

The Celestial Dragon is not an easy man to face.

What this boy did surprise Crocodile, he was sure that this boy ate the heart of a sea beast to do that.

“What if you get a chance?”

Crocodile laughed.

Such a brave young man, once he gets the chance, he will have a great future.