One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 221: Admirals-level fight!

This scene made Z somewhat confused.

That was unbelievable, Z has fought against this young man before, and he naturally knew what Rogen’s strength was.

However, this sword destroyed all his thoughts.

His momentum was like a thunderbolt, Rogen was moving like a raging Dragon. When they collided, Z felt that he was fighting against another Admiral or someone stronger.

This power was indeed at the same level as an Admiral.

After a few moments of collusion, the Seven Stars sword trembled and directly smashed by Z’s power.


Z seemed to be happy, he felt that he won this fight.


It didn’t take a moment until the sword trembled again and transformed into an angry Dragon that was roaring all over the area.

Z was astonished, how is that possible?

“What is going on?”

The Dragon kept roaring, and then rushed and attacked Z.


Z was lucky, he felt the attack and avoided it quickly, but the main entrance of the Marine Station was completely destroyed.

From a distance of tens of meters, that blow was strong enough to destroy the whole entrance. All the Marines were panicked, they have never seen such a thing in their life.

Missing the target, the Dragon seemed to be angry, and he kept roaring.

On the other side, Z was angry also. He didn’t understand this strange power, and he wanted to kill Rogen so badly.

“Rogen, that’s your secret weapon then!”

As he said that, the Dragon attacked again.

This time, Z’s body trembled, and avoided that blow, and then he jumped and punched it.


The full of Qi sword has been hit directly to the ground and made a huge hole.

“Admiral Z, last time we were lucky to beat you!”

As he said that, the Sever Stars sword raised and came to Rogen’s side and bloomed.

“But this time, I’m all alone…”

After saying this, he jumped and crossed at least 30 meters, it was like teleportation.


Seven Star Sword returned to the scabbard, but later, another sword appeared, and it seems to be more powerful than the previous one.

Z’s expression changed; it was his first time that he fights someone strange like this.

Z remembered what Sengoku told him about this kid, he said that his strength makes him able to fight against Admirals. During this fight, Z felt a strange pressure in his heart.

“Today, let me have the honor to fight against an Admiral alone and defeat him!”

Rogen stepped, and in a blink of an eye, he reached 30 meters in front of Z.

“Big talk, kid, you have a strong self-confident!”

Z’s words were full of contempt.

In his heart, he never felt that this kid could defeat him.

“In the previous fight, I destroyed your sword using my fist, and now you dared to fight me alone? You will suffer under my fist, and I will send you to Impel Down…”

Z shouted loudly, and then he strode forward and attacked him.

“We’ll see who’s boasting later!”

As he said that, Rogen stretched out his right hand, meanwhile, the Seven Stars Sword trembled.

The Qi spread from Rogen’s hand to the sword, which trembled and bloomed.

“Heavenly Sword Style!”

As he chanted, the Sword in his hand waved and trembled.

“I’ll destroy you, and then I will send you to the Marine Headquarters!”

Rogen’s tone changed, and then he waved his sword and strode to Z.

The latter saw the transformation of the sword which became longer and bigger, immediately, he raised his arm to block the next blow.

In a blink of an eye, the Haki covered his whole body, and he took the defense position.

But when he saw Rogen’s speed, and his great momentum, Z trembled and changed his expression.

Can he block it?


Suddenly, the Sword hit Z directly hit Z, but as always, he blocked it, but this time, it can be said that he got hurt a little.

This possessed soul of Dugu Yuyun was definitely at the same level of an Admiral or even stronger.

The power that Rogen has after this possession was extremely strong.

The light of the sword quickly dissipated. Rogen’s eyes narrowed and Z retracted his arms after blocking the last attack. The Heavenly Sword Style didn’t hurt him.

“As I expected, you deserve to be an Admiral!”

Rogen retreated a few steps, and then he stared at Z and blinked.

It didn’t take much time, until Rogen launched an attack, once again. Z opened his eyes, and he raised his fists to block it.

The two kept fighting for a while at a very close range, with no fatigue, with no retreat.

Mastering the various immortal technique of swords and swordsmanship, Rogen with this sword has reached an unimaginable level.

Rogen kept throwing the Seven Stars Sword and take it back, he did that move several times, the sword was as fast as the light.

Z couldn’t do anything but shaking his fists and kicking at a very fast speed.

The fight was getting bigger and bigger as if it was a fight between two Admirals. Between the Sword hits and the punches, the ground was blasted with many holes.

“What are you looking at? Go and support your Admiral!”

The trapped Vice-Admirals shouted loudly at the Marines who had just come.

They were trapped by an inexplicable power and couldn’t get out at all.

The Marines kept looking without understanding anything, as if they were dreaming, and even more, some of them ran away from the area with panic.

Rogen’s eyes flickered, and he wanted to shoot them, but when Z saw his intention, he increased the attack and stopped him.

“This Z really deserves to be an Admiral!”

Rogen sighed, that day, he was really lucky to defeat this Admiral.

Compared to Kizaru, this Admiral was terribly stronger.

However, Rogen wasn’t afraid at all. How could it be when he has the soul of Dugu Yuyun.

With this possession, no one could defeat him.

Even if you are a strong Admiral, you have to kneel down.

Rogen kept throwing his sword and take it back quickly and with no stop, the two were furious and angry.

Suddenly, Rogen turned and left.

“Boy, where are you going?”

When he saw Rogen’s action, Z shouted loudly.

“Do you think I’m going to run? What a shame!”

A smile appeared on Rogen’s face, and then he shook his right hand and threw it toward Z’s foot, and then he closed his eyes and began to gain momentum.

Controlling such kinds of swords needs focus and a lot of skills. It’s a very powerful sword, and very hard to use.

Only God could control it.