One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 171: “I’ll change the world!”

After looking at Rogen for a while, Garp said again.

“I don’t know where you hid Rouge, but since you came out this time and you didn’t bring her with you, that means that she must be in Alubarna or some proximity!”

“And this region is exactly where the Marine set to search!”

“A Captain was sent with his group ever there, and by now, he must’ve finished his negotiation with the king over there.”

Seeing that Rogen’s face changed, Garp stopped.

And then. ”It won’t take long to find her!”

Rogen looked at Garp and took a breath.

“What do you want by saying this to me?”

“I promised Roger to take care of his wife and her child!”

With a sigh, Garp’s expression became complicated.

“I gave him my word!”

“So, you want to know where Rouge is?”

Rogen asked.

“Yeah!” Garp nodded. “Kid, you are involved in a huge storm, it’s not easy to offend the Celestial Dragon, you won’t be safe and you’ll encounter danger at any time and in any place!”

“Don’t forget, she’s still a pregnant woman!”

Rogen was silent, he kept thinking for a while and then he looked up and stared at Garp.

“I can tell you where she is, but you have to help me to go to the Holy Land!”

Garp sighed and answered.

“Do you still want to go there?”

“My partner is there. I don’t what forces a Celestial Dragon to leave the Holy Land and abandon her high status, but I’m sure that she has pain in her heart, I have to rescue her!”

Rogen shouted at that moment.

Since the start of this crew, everyone has a secret story in his heart. Like Jason, he has a powerful force, why would he be trapped in an obscure little pirate boat? And Trensu, although he was only 16 years old, he mastered the magical skills of the gunfight, his mind was far superior to his age. Even Crocodile, he is a rough and ferocious fellow, but he has delicacy and tenderness that ordinary people didn’t expect.

Every crew member, in the view of Rogen, is a treasure, and everything he should cherish and maintain. Although everyone did not tell their story, they were tacitly maintaining the friendship between them.

Garp was silent and he realized a special feeling inside Rogen, it is called “Brotherhood”.

“You are just like him!”

Garp was stunned, he felt that he was standing in front of Roger.

He had seen the woman at the nearby of the Marine base, she was totally different from the Celestial Dragons. More importantly, she was like a cold woman, her bright eyes were deep and hidden with sadness that couldn’t be seen clearly. When he saw her, he was lost in his mind for a while.

“That woman!”

Garp shook his head and sighed.

She hides a kind of inexplicable sadness, which makes people sigh.

Garp stood up and patted at Rogen’s shoulder.

“I promise that I’ll help you to reach there!”

Upon hearing this sentence, Rogen was happy and he even smiled.

“You don’t have to be very happy; you need to know that the Celestial Dragons are very strong!”

“The world government has ruled the world for so many years, as a descendant of the twenty kings. It can be said that they reached a high level in ruling the world, and it expanded numerous times since its beginning. Their power is so scary, and that would make you unhappy!”

Garp condensed.

“The Marines, the world government, agents, and more than 300 allied countries, as well as various assassination organizations, pirate hunters, constitute the world and a regime that has ruled the world for hundreds of years!”

“This regime is not something that could find normal ways to solve problems, they simply use the bloody ways!

“If you want to get involved, you have to be ready to lose everything.”

Rogen’s eyes condensed, and he kept thinking about Garp’s word.

The middle-aged man did not tell him anything confidential, but he made a clear understanding of the essence of the world through an objective analysis of the whole.

Pirates, why they have been pirates for so many years? And why in this era, after Roger’s words, became the era of the great pirates?

Like the eve of revolution and reform, the world government has suppressed the four sides for countless years, accumulated countless resentments and contradictions, and formed a huge bomb. Roger’s words came out and ignited the lead of the bomb.

This is an era of explosion and rampage!

Princes stood side by side, heroes from all walks of life pour into the Grand Line, and fought to survive. They were constantly fighting in the process of gathering strength. Everyone wants to be a king, and command the world’s field forces, and finally, they wanted to challenge the Marines and the world government.

This is the trend of the times as well as the general trend.

“I understand!”

Rogen was loud when he said that.

The general trend is the general trend, but the fact is that until now, pirates are still scattered sand, and the Marines, the world government is as solid as a sheet of iron, so there is no way to start.

In this case, Rogen will be under very big pressure.

“You want to go to the Holy Land and take one of The Celestial Dragons with you! That will be a provocation for the Celestial Dragons and for the whole world. Do you know the consequences of such a thing?”

Garp warned Rogen once again.

Unlike the Marines, facing the Celestial Dragon means facing the whole world.

A kind of nervous and fearful mood appeared in Rogen’s heart. But in a twinkling of an eye, he was completely stunned. After a while, he opened his eyes, and he was full of confidence that was clear from his smile.

“She is my partner, and I have to bring her back!”

“You’ll do that even after you knew that you’ll be the enemy of the world?”

After a few talks, Rogen’s expression changed, also his temper.

Even Garp, he was stunned by this momentum.

After a while, he looked at him and said.

“You are like him, but quite different.”

“No big guy, I’m different from him!”

Rogen smiled and his tone was loud.


“He’s dead, and I won’t!”

“I’ll let that old man who lies in the coffin open his eyes and look at the world while I change it!”

“Look at the world that falls into my hands and became the perfect world!”

Garp looked surprised, he laughed and kept looking at the kid in front of him.

“Your personality is the same as that of my kid, you two may have a common language!”

“Dragon! He won’t let you down.”

Rogen smiled lightly.

“Naturally, he will be an excellent Marine, like his father, hahaha!”

Rogen didn’t respond, he just shook his head. He knew that Dragon’s future won’t be in the Marine.