One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 172: “Do you want me to follow these pirates?”

Garp couldn’t persuade Rogen, so he stopped talking and shook his head.

“I know that you are a powerful kid, that can defeat admirals, but you have to be careful against the Celestial Dragons!”

Rogen nodded, he naturally knows that the system will help him, and he could summon a powerful soul to face the Celestial Dragons.

A random summons may not be useful, and targeted ones are good, but its value doubles.

“Tell me where Rouge is, and I’ll ask Bogard to take you wherever you want!”

Rogen’s eyes flashed, and after a while, the surrounding Marines began to wake up from the coma.

When he saw them, he approached to Garp and whispered the address in his ear.

“I’m okay with that, but I’ll take her back when everything is alright!”

Garp nodded solemnly. “Just give it to me kid!”

Rogen wasn’t a person that trust everyone, but this Garp, he felt that he is trustworthy. He should trust him; he has no other way.

Once he reaches the Sabaody Archipelago, no one knows what will happen, will he be able to attend to Rouge then?

“Bogard! Go with them and when you reach the Sabaody Archipelago get off the boat and contact us!”

Garp turned his head and ordered his assistant who just stood up.

“Hai, Vice Admiral Garp!”

Bogard immediately nodded and saluted his captain.

But after a moment, he pointed at Rogen in surprise.

“Wait, What? Do you want me to follow these pirates?”

“Is there a problem? Besides, these are not pirates, have you seen a pirate flag?”

Garp went toward Bogard and hit him softly.

“Alright then, Comrade Marine, come with me.”

Rogen voice came out and moved forward, and Bogard followed him with anger face.

“Kid, take care and don’t die!”

The two ships quickly separated, and Garp stood on the bow and shouted.

Rogen smiled and looked back at Crocodile. These guys were solved by Garp in a few moments, they didn’t suffer any injury, but their confidence was hit at the moment.

After thinking about it, after a period of practice, they thought that became strong, but the result was unpleasant, they got defeated easily.

“Captain, who is this guy?”

Before Jason and Crocodile spoke, one of the trainee group asked.

“This is Bogard, he is responsible for leading us.”

“A Marine, would give us the way?”

The whole crew was surprised.

During this period, they have heard many times that the captain was very mysterious.

Bogard stood at the bow and watched Garp that was waving at them. His face became bitter and he even wanted to cry.

Especially when he looks back and sees the group of cold-faced criminals that he wanted to kill, Bogard felt that life was so desperate.

“Garp-Sama, why me?”

In his heart, he screamed, and Garp from the distance seemed to hear his inner voice.

“Ha Ha Ha, Bogard, when you finish this task, I’ll promote you!”

Bogard soul was burning at the moment.

He would rather not be promoted and become a rice worm than do such a dangerous thing.

“Bogard, lead us to the Sabaody Archipelago and then you can leave!”

Rogen approached and said with a low voice to calm him down.

Bogard’s mouth trembled and he wanted to refuse. After seeing the vicious guys, he gave up again and went to the rudder helplessly.

“Turn the bow, change the course and go from this way. Do you want to go to Skypiea?”

His tone was stiff and he showed his unwillingness.

“Hey, Marine, I advise you to take off your uniform, or you’ll be seen by others and misunderstood that you’re with us. That’s not good.”

One of the trainee group smiled and pointed at the suit. At this moment, Bogard was very angry.

It has to be said that what he said was very reasonable, So Bogard took off his suit and went to the rudder again.

After seeing the whole group laughing, Bogard wanted to cry, he doesn’t like to be there, and anyone in the marine would be like him.

Under the command of Bogard, the Dragon Root changed its way.

Rogen didn’t know about this route, maybe the Marines have its channels, not known for the rest of people.

He doesn’t need to pay attention to this. Because of the six new members of the ship, most of the work has been done without the help of the old members. It’s good to have more crew members.

After being hit by Garp, Jason was even angrier, he didn’t talk much with his crew, he kept practicing all the time.

Trensu and Crocodile went to their captain to ask some questions.

“Captain, my strength isn’t enough, isn’t it?”

Crocodile didn’t ask directly, he kept silent for a moment and then he asked with a low voice.

Before Garp’s punch, Crocodile was very aware of his shortcomings, and with only one punch, all his defenses seemed to collapse and became completely ineffective.

“Oh? What do you want to do? I’ve already given you some advice on your devil fruit!”

Rogen was curious.

“My skills are too bad, and my physical fitness is not enough!”

Crocodile was very sad.

“Want to get a new soul?”

Rogen smiled.

“That’s very simple. You need to practice to reach the superman’s level first.”

“Superman?” Crocodile wandered.

After eating the Suna Suna no Mi, he was able to elementize, so he thought that he became a superhuman. However, at this time, when Rogen told him to practice to reach the superman level, he was somewhat confused.

“Yes, you have to practice more to reach the superman level first!”

As he said that, Rogen pointed at Jason.

“Just like him!”

Crocodile’s face was dark. Jason’s physical level was very high, how long would it take to be like him?

“Of course, if you want to reach his level, it will take about ten years according to the usual method.”

Rogen’s smiled when he said that.

Crocodile’s face was darker.

“However, if you can master the Elephant Dragon, you’ll overcome this deficiency!”

“I have a set of physical skills, I’ll teach you!”

Roger’s words made Crocodile’s eyes lit up again.