One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 173: A strange training.

“Before this, you have to practice the Dragon Elephant to the fourth level!”

Rogen suggested the best way to train.

Later that day, Rogen taught Crocodile the necessary things in the Dragon elephant skills, he was very excited by this one. He wasn’t as good as Jason, but he was quite good, so it won’t take so long to learn.


His body got tightened, after a while, Crocodile felt that he became another person.

He is familiar with such training, under the lead pf Jason, he practiced it before, but it wasn’t that good. And now, under the guidance of Rogen, the skill rises step by step, and in a blink of an eye, he reached the third level.

“It’s much better than what Jason taught me, that silly fellow, who doesn’t understand many things, he only taught me what good for him!”

He murmured that in his heart, and when he opened his eyes, he saw Rogen smiling at him.

“Arigatō, Captain!”

“Very well, this period, strive to make a good process.”

After he said that, Rogen waved.


Crocodile nodded, then he stepped back and tried to relax his body and his mind.

“Next time, when you encounter a strong enemy, you won’t be afraid of being defeated easily!”

“Call Trensu, I’ll help him to correct his mistakes in training!”

Rogen shouted again.

Crocodile hurried toward Trensu to tell him that the captain called him, and then he walked toward Jason’s side.

He stood on the deck and kept looking at Jason’s posture while he was in a strange mood, Crocodile was full of disbelief at that moment.

“This kid looks stupid, but he has very raging blood!”

Three minutes later, Jason opened his eyes slowly, he shook his body which made all the dust on his clothes flew out.

“Jason, what’s your level at the Dragon Elephant training?”

“The 7th, why, what happened?”

Jason glanced and answered with curiosity.

There was a clear shock in Crocodile’s eyes, he didn’t utter a word, and then he chose another corned and started his training.

That silly silence motivated Crocodile to start his training.

After he called Trensu, Rogen gave him some guidance to understand his ability and what he can do.

During this time, Bogard who was the new member in this ship, he saw a strange scene.

The three main crew members made some strange movements or sitting cross-legged until the evening, and from time to time there was a crackling sound like a cannon, which was very clear and unusual.

What shocked him more, was that he saw the big man, after every practice, he gasps for breath.

“What are they doing?”

Finally, one day, Bogard couldn’t help but ask.


The trainee group looked at Jason, Crocodile, and Trensu with envy.

“The captain said that when we became a formal crew, we will be able to practice, and then we’ll reach their level of power!”

He couldn’t help but the trainee group asked again.


Bogard was stunned, he looked at them and thought that it was incredible. In the Marines, there many ways of practice, and they all pass through hard work to make a great process. But if they do such a thing, can they make progress?

Of course, no one could answer, these new members don’t know the secret of cultivation.

Three days later, the Dragon root took a strange channel under the command of Bogard.

“This route is developed by the Marines not long ago, which lead to the Sabaody, of course, the distance may be longer, but it’s safer.”

Bogard told the crew about the new route.

It was the same day that Jason’s body shocked, and a terrible momentum swept out. And then, the Whole ship sand down, making a loud sound.

“The 8th level of the Dragon Elephant!”

Opening his eyes, Jason looked sharp and punched.


The air bursts, and then the air in front of it seems like a strong wind, forming a strong wind that blows far away.

“Jason-Sama, your strength has improved!”

At this time, the crew who saw this scene ran forward enviously.

“Don’t be envious. You can have such power after you practice well.”

Jason shouted.

At the same time, Crocodile’s body shocked also.

“Haha Crocodile, you did it!”

Jason shouted and laughed loudly.

“What about me!”

Trensu was sitting cross-legged, and suddenly he opened his eyes and flashed light from his pupils. His right hand extended and a blue pale color immediately covered his hand.

“Haha, what do you think!”

He stood up slowly and stepped forward, in just one step he crossed the distance and came to the front of Jason and Crocodile.

“Trensu, you’ve broken through the internal merits, and you developed well!”

Jason was surprised that Trensu succeeded also.

“If I keep doing it in the right way, then I’ll cultivate the true Qi.”

Trensu smiled.

“You three, come here!”

After that, Rogen shouted.

They immediately responded and went toward Rogen’s room.

Seeing the tree entering Rogen’s room, the new members looked at each other with envy.

“Their power has improved again; they became more terrible than before!”

“Yeah, I know very well the power of Crocodile, it has been changed a lot, that’s incredible!”

“And also, Trensu, I was very close to him during the past days, and I’ve noticed the change in his hand, it became like a fierce sword!”

“What about us, when will the captain teach us?”

“Don’t worry, we will be very strong in the future, and the captain will be happy with us!”

“Yeah, from now on, we should work harder!”

While the new members whispered, Bogard who was at the rudder, listened to them carefully and he was very curious.

“What kind of training is this?”

“It’s completely different than the Marines, but it makes people very exhausted!”

“And this Rogen, what kind of guys he is? Even Garp-Sama wanted to help him!”

This type of questions rang in his mind for so long, but he couldn’t find answers.