One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 176: The new members

Since their birth, the six of them have depended on each other. Even when they were adopted, they didn’t separate from each other, they had a strong friendship.

Even their step-parents used them to work and create benefits for their small stores. When they grew up and heard Roger’s words, they wanted the treasure so bad. And finally, when they reached the age of seventeen, they went out to the sea leaving their home and their parents who died from a serious illness.

At that time, when they heard about Crocodile’s group, they directly joined it.

Crocodile’s pirate regiment, although the captain was very strict, he maintained the crew very well. They admired this powerful captain secretly, but until one day, everything changed.

This powerful captain was defeated and threatened to join another group. And as a result, the pirate group that has a very strong potential suddenly collapsed, and the whole members became confused and didn’t know what to do.

Until the end, they decided to wait in the port.

A man who is passionate and persistent in his dreams, no one could stop him.

It was the decision that gave them the chance to jump into this new life.

They saw the new captain, and they met the new Crocodile.

He was different than he used to be. Crocodile became a cool person and has a kind heart.

There’s Jason, he talked to them every day, he always laughs with them, and he occasionally shews his strong muscles. Also, Trensu, who was fishing using his gun, and kept talking with them for so long. Even Crocodile, the indifferent old captain, smiled at them as always and he was nice with them.

This new group gave them the feeling as if they were in their home.

“Hey, guys!”

Jason looked at the trainee group and said.

“Practice well, and in the future, I’ll teach you higher physical skills!”

At this time, Crocodile lit up a Cigar and walked toward them.

“Jason brother!”

Immediately, they looked at him.

“Good job, Jason and I have admitted your identity.”

Crocodile nodded.

“Hey, and me also!”

Trensu squatted and appeared at the door with a smile on his face.

The trainee group was very excited and they shouted. “Trensu-Sama!”

“You are older than me, so call me Trensu brother!”

Trensu shrugged and looked helpless.

“Haha, good for you!”

Jason laughed.

“A young leader haha!”

Crocodile laughed.

This sentence makes the six very excited.

“Haha, that’s right!”

Jason also laughed.

“Hey guys, I think that you forgot me!”

Rogen’s voice came out.

After a few talks, he stared at the trainee group with a serious look.

“You may not know what we are going to do this time, but.”

Taking a deep breath, Rogen’s expression became serious.

“The danger I very big, I have to tell you. We are going to fight the Celestial Dragons!”

After hearing this, the six people took a deep breath.


They looked at each other, but in a blink of an eye, they looked at Rogen and said.

“Captain, we’ve decided to fight with you, even if we were against the world, we are not afraid!”

“Yes, we don’t care about anything, we are not afraid!”

“Yes captain, we’ll go with you!”

“The last thing we have is fear, take us with you!”

The trainee group shouted.

This will, this fierceness, let Rogen got shocked, and then he showed a smile and nodded.

“From now on, you’ll be my partner!”

All the cadres were happy.

The six people were excited, and they even hugged each other from happiness.

“Jason, bring the Saki!”

“Trensu, get ready. We’ll have a party to welcome the new members of our group!”

Rogen shouted.


In an instant, voices came up from the whole ship, everyone was happy.

Bogard, who has been at the helm outside, he was wondering about what happened over there.

“What’s the matter with them, they are all shouting!”

Regardless of what Bogard thought, Rogen and his crew immediately set up the table and the drinks.

“Since there are many people today, let’s eat hot pot!”

Rogen thought about it and laughed.

“Hot pot?”

Everyone wandered, and they wanted to ask. After a while, Rogen entered the kitchen.

“Dragon Elephant One, Two and Three, come here and help me!”

In a short time, the four people began to move back and forth between the kitchen and the table.

After a while, the table was full of dishes, and it was filled with various types of food.

Finally, when the last plate was in the center of the table, Rogen sat down.

After taking a sip, everyone’s eyes lit up.


Jason’s voice came out louder than anyone.

“Hey Bogard, come and eat!”

Rogen called Bogard, who was looking at him all the time.

“Captain, is he an enemy?”

One of them doubted.


One of the Dragon elephants hit his friend and said.

“Why did you ask when the captain is talking, do not interrupt him!”

Rogen laughed and shook his head. “He is an enemy and a friend, in fact, it’s not a big deal, who said that the enemy cannot be a friend!”

“In the war time, we all need each other, why we can’t be friends and have happy drinks while we sing together?”

“We all need friendship!”

When he said that, everyone’s eyes lit up.


The Dragon Elephant IV shouted.

After that, Bogard sat at the table with a complex face.

Rogen’s words were very astonished to him.

The enemy and the friend, two opposite words with opposite meanings, but this man put the contradiction and unity together.