One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 177: The Pirate Song

“Come on Bogard, let’s drink together!”

Rogen filled the Wine glass and put it heavily in front of Bogard.

“Thank you for taking us to the Sabaody Archipelago!”

His tone seemed to be kind and there was a hidden smile in it.

Bogard looked with complex, he stared at the glass on the table, and then he sighed and shook his head.

“This is what Garp-Sama ordered me, you don’t have to thank me!”

“Haha, being together is a fate, why are you angry?”

Rogen smiled again, and then he lifted the glass of wine to the level of his head and shouted.

“Come on, thank Mr. Bogard for helping us!”

Everyone took his cup and shouted.

“Bogard, have a drink!”

“Come on big man, don’t be a chick!”

“I don’t want to look down on you, I’ve seen you for the past days, and we want you to join us until you finish your task!”

In a blink of an eye, the crew members laughed.

“You guys!”

Bogard was surprised. He is a marine, but now, he is surrounded with a bunch of pirates or world criminals, they were a group of absolute villains in his eyes, but their enthusiasm at that moment made his heart warm.

Yes, since it’s a fate to be together, then why should he bother himself with identity?

If Vice-Admiral Garp has such think, why can’t he learn from him?

“Well, we won’t get drunk today.”

Bogard took a deep breath and raised his glass. He solemnly scanned the group in front of him and then he drank it all.



“Bogard, good!”

The crew shouted one by one, and then, with the strength of the wine, the crew laughed loudly, and for a while, the atmosphere was very happy and lively.

Drinking vigorously, the crew who used to be calm, they were excited and began to agitate.

“Captain, we just joined your crew, and Bogard is here, you have to sing a song!”

“Pirate and Wine, Pirate and songs, the best couple ever!”

“Yes, yes, today we’ll all sing one by one. Till the evening!”

The six new members were all excited, they were dead drunk.

“Haha, well, you have a lot of energy today, I’ll sing!”

Rogen smiled and stood up, he looked at the glass and drank it all.

At the moment, he was also full of energy and emotions.

When they saw the captain standing up, the group cheered and clapped.

Speaking of it, the boat was full of young people, the oldest was only in his 20’s, but there was a breath of blood in their heart, it was the pursuit of dreams, the most passionate burning years and noisiest.

Rogen is a human being, and he is also young. He’ll be always young as long as his heart is kind.

After coughing twice, Rogen picked up his chopsticks and placed several bowls and wine jars.

“Dang Dang Dang!”

The crisp voice sounds and spontaneously composes a clear and simple rhythm song, which makes everyone’s ears move and gather up their spirits.

“With the sword and the sea, welcome my brothers, I hope that our dreams become true and stay together forever!”

All the group kept looking at him and listening carefully.

And after a pause, Rogen began to sing.

“With your sword, cut the sea king…”

“The mountain, dare to the sky!”

“When the fire burns, the sea raise ten thousand feet!”

“The wind will not blow away the clouds and smoke. The flowers will float beyond the horizon!”

Unique rhythm, simple and clear, but full of domineering lyrics, with the accompaniment with the heavy beating sound, it attracted the attention of people in the place.

“Majors, Vice-admirals, Admirals, thousands of navies are crying!”

“Tigers in the wood always wanted to hit the eagles in the mountains!”

“The sea has no boundaries and no mausoleums in the mountains. All people in the world left me alone!”

“My sword is for you to rush, and all arrows will go unaccompanied!”

The song’s rhythm has raised gradually, the lyrics made the people very excited.

“If you want to fight the world, then don’t be afraid of wolves, why did you hide inside the boat?”

“Even if there’s a sword in my chest, I’ll be the wall that covers my friends!”


Everyone on board stood up. In this world, some people were born with a pure mind, and some of them were crazy. But to achieve their dreams, they could let everything and dedicate their lives.

“In this life, I promise that even if you are in the enemy camp, I will rush through the sea of fire and help you!”

“I’ll be there for you!”

At this moment, Rogen screamed, and then he lifted the glass on drank the wine.

His voice echoed for a long time, and everyone got excited more and more.

The lyrics made a very raging moment, making the whole crew screaming.

“Brothers, keep drinking!”

Rogen, who was screaming and drinking, showed a different personality than he used to be.

“Haha, Drink!”

In front of him, Jason and the others screamed, they looked up and drank too.

People shouldn’t have many friends; they only need a few brothers and that would be enough.

In this vast sea, life and death depends on each other, cry for you, howl for you, run for you!

This is a fetter, but also faith.

After a while, everyone became drunk, and they were singing loudly. Even Crocodile, the one who has the hardest temper, at this moment, he shouted out his dreams.

“One day, I’ll challenge the world’s strongest people!”

The six new members were infected with the atmosphere, and they screamed also.

“I’m Trensu, I’ll be the most powerful sniper in the world!”

“I’m Jason, I’ll stay with the captain for the rest of my life, and I’ll work hard to cultivate. If Rogen-sensei is the strongest one on this ship, then I must be the second!”

Everyone was looking at the sky and kept shouting their dreams.

After that, they all looked at Rogen and shouted.

“Captain, it’s your turn, tell us your dreams!”

Rogen had a headache. This group was very drunk, and they looked fierce as if they would beat him up if he didn’t say anything.

“I’m Gol D. Rogen, I’ll be the strongest person in the world.”

“I’ll inherit my brother’s dream. I’ll end this era and I’ll create a new world!”

His serious tone echoes in the sea.

Rogen, for the very first time, and in front of everyone, he shouted out his full name and said his dreams.