One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 178: Foosha village

When he turned around, Rogen saw a clear shock on everyone’s face.

“What happened?”

Rogen was wondering.

“C-Captain, your last name!”

“The captain’s last name is the same as that person!”

“Oh My God, No!”

At this moment, their pupils contracted.

Bogard was even more shocked and he stared at Rogen.

If the identity of this guy is really what he guessed, it would be terrible.

The bounty on his head wasn’t very high, that means that the Marines doesn’t know the true identity of Rogen, but there’s a hidden rumor inside the Marines.

Roger, the pirate king, has a younger brother!

“You guessed it well, that person is my brother!”

Rogen smiled faintly while he said that.


The sound of their breath came out, and at the same time, everyone’s eyes were bright.

“So, are we in the pirate regiment of Roger’s younger brother?”

“Oh My God, I’m so happy, I’m going to faint!”

“I have a hunch that we will be the best among the sea!”

The six new members were very happy.

Crocodile was in shock also, and his pupils contracted several times. He was curious about Rogen’s true identity, but he didn’t expect that he would have such a shocking life experience.

He already imagined that one day, when Rogen grows up, he will rule the world of pirates.

When he’ll establish a pirate group, all the enemies will surrender in front of him

That young man in front of him, he will be the nearest one to be the Pirate King when he grows up.

“Don’t be too excited. We are not pirates now.”

Rogen shook his head and interrupted the fantasies of everyone.

“W-What? Captain, what are we?”

The Dragon Elephant VI was wondering.

This time, no one hit him, and they all stared at Rogen with curiosity.

“What is it?”

When he heard such question, Rogen kept silent.

He doesn’t know what his people are like at the moment, pirates? No. Revolutionary organization maybe. He kept looking at his crew and didn’t know what to say.

Shaking his head, Rogen began to think carefully.

Maybe it was the time for him to build a pirate crew.

This is not just a matter of form. As the size of the group expands, they will inevitably need a banner, this banner is the soul and the pillar of everyone in his crew.

Just like the Whitebeard Pirates, Roger Pirates, and the Golden Lion Pirates, when they moved from childhood to maturity, they all create a banner represent their group, and one dares to provoke it easily.
“Captain, let’s build a pirate group!”

At this time, someone’s voice came out and he was very excited.

“Yes captain, let’s set up a pirate group!”

Crocodile’s eyes were shrinking and expanding, and his expression was changing rapidly. He was silent, but it was clear that he was in a very agitated mood.

In this new era, becoming a pirate is a real thing that makes people feel excited.

After thinking for a while, Rogen looked at everyone and revealed a smile.

“So, we need a banner first!”


Everyone jumped excitedly and they shouted out.

Rogen finally decided to establish a pirate group.

A group of Marines formed a line and were moving fast under the watch of civilians.

“Vice-Admiral Garp, I think that’s not a good idea!”

Behind him, a Lieutenant whispered.

“Do you have a better idea? This department will not let me easily enter the country under the control of the Celestial Dragons.”

Garp raised his eyebrows and looked indifferent.

“I didn’t mean that, you are selfish!”

He was in a hurry, and he wanted to explain.

“Do you think that I reach to this because I’m generous?”

At this moment, Garp, who was moving very fast, suddenly stopped, and his voice became very low.

The Lieutenant was shocked, and fear appeared in his eyes.

He felt that the atmosphere of Garp has changed and he became very fierce.

Instantly, the Lieutenant was frightened.

“Garp-Sama, we won’t tell anybody.”

The Lieutenant bowed his head and continued his run.

After a while, the anger disappeared, Garp’s momentum returned to its original state.

“It’s nothing, I’m here to visit an old friend. It doesn’t affect my mission.”

After saying this, the team of the Marines moved quickly and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Half an hour later, in a small town about 5 kilometers from Alubarna.

“That kid was very careful when he chose the place. I’m afraid it’s hard to find her!”

Garp swept around and whispered.

“Garp-Sama, let’s move quickly. I’ve received information that Commodore Daigin of our department has arrived at the port, and he is heading to Alubarna!”

At this time, another officed came from behind and whispered.

“Well, come with me!”

Garp nodded and moved forward.

Most of the Marines were officers, and he will expel them once he finished this task.

Whether they will say it or not, Garp wasn’t worried at all.

Over the years, Garp is still one of the people that rules in the Marine Department, and no one dares to sell him out.

With a flicker of indifference in his eyes, Garp stood at the door of a house.

“Knock, Knock, Knock!”

Garp knocked at the door and tried to show his expression as gentle as possible with a smile.

“Who is it?”

A soft voice came from the house, following by baby screaming.

“He’s already born! Damn, that kid didn’t tell me.”

Garp kept thinking in his heart.

“Hey, I’m Garp!”

Garp murmured.

The door opened and suddenly closed again.


Garp called the woman that was holding her child.

“Are you here to arrest me!?”

Rouge held Ace and looked worried.

“No! I’m here to protect you!”

Garp smiled and then he explained.

“The Marines has failed to find you. Rogen told me about you and I came here to protect you!”

Rouge’s eyes flashed and then she nodded.

“I understand, where are you going to take us?”

Rouge hesitated and responded quickly.

“Foosha Village!”