One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 179: The Wraith!

“Give her clothes!”

Garp turned and ordered the female marine behind him.

Immediately, she stepped forward and walked into the room with Rouge and then she closed the door.

Garp and the rest stood outside and waited quietly.

Five minutes later, the door opened and they left quickly.

When they left, a female accompanied them and she was wearing a Marine’s costume, with a rank of petty officer.

The speed of departure was much faster than of arrival.

When the Marines arrived and consulted with the king in Alubarna, Garp and his group left the place.

Along the way, no one dares to block the Vice-Admirals team.

Three days later, Garp’s warship left the island secretly.

“Change the route and head to the East Blue!”

On the bow, Garp shouted and ordered everyone to change the route.


When he said that, everyone got surprised.

“Follow the orders!”

He shouted again and didn’t explain anything.

“B-But the headquarters is there!”

The officers at the rear hesitated at this time.

For now, Garp and his team need to go to the Marine Headquarters as reinforcements.

“The time is coming!”

Garp’s voice came out, and he was looking at the sea in front of him. There was a strong and domineering breath sweeping around his body.

Wearing a Dog’s head cap, Garp looks funny. But at this time, with the sea breeze, the cloak of justice and his sturdy body showed a hegemonic arrogance, as if the whole sea would bow down under his majesty.

The officer was helpless, he changed the waterway and then he accelerated.

An hour later, and in front of the bow, a bicycle came slowly from the sea. The whole group got shocked when they saw such a scene.

“Oh My God!”

“Someone… Someone is riding a bicycle on the sea, who is it?”

Upon hearing the exclamation of the subordinates, Garp’s face showed a smile.

The bicycle was getting closer and closer, and when it reached the bottom of the warship, the one who was riding it jumped up.

“Is it convenient for me to take a ride with you guys?”

His dull voice made all the group think that he was a lazy man with a lazy spirit.

“Rear-Admiral Kuzan!”

All the Marines who were on board were astonished when they saw him.

He is one of the best in the Marines, that could suppress the power of this era. He wasn’t an Admiral, but the rumors say that he has enough power to be in an Admiral level.

It can be said that encountering such a person in the sea is extremely shocking for everyone.


“Oh! Garp-Sama!”

Kuzan opened his eyes, he was surprised.

“Come with me then!”

Garp laughed.


Kuzan looked confused.

Later that day, the warship went to the Calm Belt at a very high speed with no stop. Onboard, there were two of high-ranking marines.

At the same time on the Dragon Root, everyone was thinking.

“What is the name of our pirate group?”

“Besides, I’m curious about what our pirate flag looks like?”

“These two questions are so hard!”

“In case we become famous, what people should call us?”

“I’m so distressed!”

The crew members, including Jason, they were seriously thinking about it.

At this time, Rogen walked out and sat on the bow.


At this time, Bogard walked over and called Rogen with a serious tone.

“Hey Bogard, is there anything?”

Rogen looked back and smiled.

“I’m very curious about one thing!”

Saying this, Bogard seemed to have some doubts.


“Roger, as far as I know, he is 53 years old, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” Rogen nodded and he was stunned.

“That means that your parents are so strong!” Bogard shouted and there was a hint of laugh clear on his eyes.

If his brother was 53 years old, and Rogen is about 17 years old, that means that Rogen was born when Roger was 36 years old, and that means also that his parents were at the age of 52 at least.

Bogard put Rogen in a very awkward situation.

Upon hearing this, Rogen naturally understood what Bogard meant. He was very angry at that moment.

“My parents were 56 when I was born, is there a problem?”

His voice was low and full of anger.

“Cough and cough. Nothing, are they alive? I want to visit them.”

Bogard smiled.

“Bogard, just come here, I won’t kill you!”

Rogen reached the anger peak at that moment.

“Hahaha, spare me, captain!”

Bogard smiled and ran quickly.

Jason and the rest of the crew, although thinking about the name and the flag, they heard the dialogue between Bogard and Rogen. At that moment they laughed secretly, and they pretended that they didn’t hear anything.

“Cough, this family, whether it’s Rogen’s or Roger’s, this is awesome!”

“Yeah, that’s amazing!”

As soon as the crew finished this passage, they heard Bogard cry, Rogen was biting him at that moment. They couldn’t help but look at each other and stop laughing.

No one could make jokes on the Captain’s life.

In the evening, Rogen discussed with all the crew.

“First of all, you need to determine the name of our pirate group!”

Looking at everyone, Rogen said quietly.

“Dream Pirate!”

“It’s called Rogen’s Pirates!”

“I think that the Strongest Pirates is better!”

“I suggest the Hope of the Pirates!”

“Brother Pirates!”

Everyone put forward their suggestion one by one, which made Rogen very curious.

This group of people, can he rely on them?

In the end, he sighed. Sure enough, relying on others is worse than relying on himself.

Rogen closed his eyes and kept thinking about it.

“All my strength comes from the possession system, and all the ghosts that have passed away have given me the power to deal with everything.”

“Dead people become ghosts, and alive people called souls!”

After a while, he opened his eyes and said.

“Our pirate group is called the Wraith, the dead have gone, but their soul is here, and forever!”