One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 180: The way toward Water 7

“We’ll carry all the hopes and dreams of our predecessors, friends, and brothers by our pirate regiment.”

Rogen’s voice was low, but the eyes of all the crew members were all bright.

A fire of hope at this moment finally has its fuel, and the ambitions of the whole ship got bigger and bigger.
“What about the pirate flag?”

Everyone started to discuss again this time, and Rogen didn’t interject, he only kept listening.

Some of them said that they should use a ghost as a flag, others suggested to insert a sword on a skull, and others wanted to put a sun behind the skull. Everyone’s suggestion was very interesting.

Trensu kept silent, and he didn’t interrupt them.

“Well, let’s just use a Skeleton!”

At this moment, Trensu’s voice came out.

“Trensu-brother, many crews used this flag.”

“Yeah, Trensu, what’s up with you?”

“No, No, I mean our flag is just a skeleton!”

“Since all the pirates use Skulls on their flag, why don’t we use skeleton directly?”

Trensu explained with a smile.

When he said that, everyone got stunned and thought about it.

“Trensu’s suggestion is very good!”

“We agree with that!” The six Dragon Elephants were very sure.

“Then, design it according to Trensu’s ideas!”

Rogen smiled, using a skeleton as a banner? That was simple and clear, but also very terrifying.

It has to be said that the proposal of Trensu was great.

It took one night of work, and the next day, the flag was ready.

The black Skeleton with red and burning eyes, it looks like a ghost coming out of the hell, which was frightening.

Ten minutes later, when the dark pirate flag rose and fluttered in the wind, all the crew members jumped excitedly.

“Hahaha, we are The Wraith Pirates!”

The six new members shouted with excitement.

Crocodile lit up a cigar and smoked it.

Jason’s fists kept bumping and banging.

Trensu put the rifle on his shoulder, and his hair swayed with the wind. Rogen kept looking at the flag with full of hope face.

Finally, Rogen, he stood on the bow and kept looking at the sea.

At the noon, after eating, Bogard stared at everyone with a complex face.

“I have some good news!”

“What is it, tell me!”

Jason smiled.

“We are very close to the Long Ring Long Land!”

Bogard was a bit happy.

When they heard that, everyone was silent.

If they were close to the Long Ring island, it means that Bogard will leave soon. This Marine, he didn’t spend much time with them, but they warmed up with him. During this short period, they became friends.

“We’ll meet later, you’ll be always our friend!”

Trensu came over and patter on Bogard’s shoulder, and then he hugged him.

The whole crew was sad when he bid farewell to them.

When he arrived at Rogen and looked at him, there was a strange feeling.

“I hope we’ll meet again, dying in the hands of a friend better than dying in the hand of enemies of strangers.”

Rogen smiled at Bogard.

When he heard that, Bogard burst into tears.

“Take care!”

The tone of Bogard when he said that was heavy, he knows how dangerous to fight against the Celestial Dragons.

Three minutes later, the ship docked, and without saying anything, Bogard jumped and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

After watching Bogard’s departure, Rogen turned to his crew and said.

“Well, it’s time to do our thing!”


Everyone looked at him.

“You, Dragon Elephants, go and buy some supplies and come back in the evening!”

“Trensu, go buy some ammo!”

“Jason, go and buy things we need for practice, carry some weights, dumbbells, and some medicines, etc.…”

“Crocodile, you have to guard the ship!”


When he said that, everyone jumped from the ship and acted quickly.

They disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Crocodile stood on the bow, he kept smoking while he was looking at the island that wasn’t big in front of him.

“I’ll guard the ship, so boring!”

When he walked in the town, Rogen found that the people there were a bit strange. The creatures and the plants revealed a strange atmosphere.

Their body shape was different than the usual as if they were pulled hard.

‘Is it because of the different weather of this island or what?”

He kept thinking secretly, but he has no clue. The world is very strange that science cannot explain at all.

For example, in the same area, two islands have different climates and even cultures.

Another example is the biggest unscientific, The Devil Fruit!

The Long Ring Long Land is an archipelago, not a separate island. People and plants are unique. It makes all the new visitors very curious.

Rogen wanted to sneak and increase insight, he didn’t spend a long time in the sea, but what he saw made him very careful.

“There’s a lot of wonders in the world, and a lot of places need to take risks for!”

With a smile in his eyes, Rogen was expecting more and more.

In the evening, everyone returned to the ship with parcels. And then, at the night, the ship left slowly.

“The next stop is water 7!”

Rogen stood on the bow and faced the sea breeze.

“This time, our purpose is not to sail, nor to travel to the second half of the Grand Line.”

“We’ll get our partner back!”

“When we complete this task, I’ll lead you to a wonderful adventure!”

“Let’s start from scratch and take a closer look at the beauty of the world!”

His low voice introduced into the ears of his crew behind him.

“Haha, captain, we’ll be always with you!”

“Adventure yeah, I look forward to it!”

“If I can, I’d like to start from the East Blue, which is the hometown of Gol D. Roger, the pirate king!”

After saying that, everyone began to talk.