One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 181: Tom’s shipyard.

Water 7.

This pyramid-like city, it has countless and symmetrical waterways flowing clear and freshwater from top to the bottom. The unique geography and culture, coupled with the outstanding local talents, has made this small island city a world-famous capital.

Not long ago, Water 7 became famous also because of a company. The skilled Tom’s Workers company, in which, Tom the shipbuilder, was the one who built the Oro Jackson, Gol D. Roger’s ship.

During this time, a series of things triggered by Tom are also spreading throughout the island.

Inside Tom’s workers.

The crowds come and go, and the huge shipyards, show the prosperity of this shipbuilding company. In his deep office, several people were arguing.

“Tom, you have to leave quickly, the world government won’t let you go!”

Kokoro’s tone was very serious, she was very angry.

“Tom-San, let’s go, they are coming!”

The two young boys Franky and Iceburg were very worried about Tom.

In the face of the worried people, Tom was sitting in a chair, and he looked calm. At that moment, he didn’t respond and seemed to be thinking.

But after a while, he looked at them.

Slowly shaking his head, Tom’s voice was light but firm.

“Not yet, I can’t leave now!”

“The design of the sea train is at its end, and maybe in a few days I’ll be able to start testing it.”

“Nothing is more important than this!”

His words made worried people in front of him angry.

“No, sensei, they will execute you, you must go!”

Iceburg shouted.

Franky clenched his fists and stared at Tom.

Tom smiled when he saw them.

These two disciples are the pride of his life, and with their excellent talents, they will be inevitably the best shipbuilders soon.

“Iceburg, Franky, they may catch me, but they won’t necessarily kill me!”

When he said that, there was a hint of confidence in his tone.

“Sensei, but you…”

Franky was in a hurry.

Building a ship for the Pirate King is not a crime, but who knows what that group of sick people will do. There are rumors said that they will send Mr. Tom to the Judicial Island for trial.

Everyone knows what is going on in that damn place. If you go in, you will never be able to come out again.

“I have drawings and plans for sea trains in my hands, as long as I have this, the World Government will know what to do, only if it is stupid!”

“A living Tom is far more meaningful than the dead Tom.”

“And this, this is my life’s dream, if I complete it, I don’t mind to die!”

As he said, there was a chuckle between his words.

“Even if the World Government wants to kill me, I must complete this plan first!”

On the side of Kokoro, Iceburg, and Franky, when the heard such words, their bodies trembled, and they became afraid.

This is their friend, teacher, and father, Mr. tom whom they have respected him throughout their lives.

Although he is a Fishman, he is so great.

“Iceburg, Franky, I have something to tell Kokoro about, leave us alone!”

Tom smiled at them again.

Seeing their teacher’s calmness, the mood of Franky and Iceburg calmed down, and after what he said, they gave up trying.

“If the World Government takes me, everything here must be handed over to Iceburg!”

Facing Kokoro, Mr. Tom was very calm when he said that.

“But, didn’t you just sa…”

Kokoro was worried and then he interrupted her.

“Whether they would execute me or not, no one knows!”

With a bitter smile, Tom shook his head and did not finish.

For building the ship of the Pirate king, it might be enough reason for the World Government to kill him, but they shouldn’t do that.

The sea train, which was his dream, no one can complete it without him, and also, these plans, no one should take it, it belongs to Tom’s workers and impossible to go anywhere.

He’d rather choose his dreams before his life.

“Tom…” Kokoro’s face was full of complexity.

She spent a long time with him, he was her best friend, and no one ever thought that this day will come.

“Besides, Franky has an impulsive personality, and I’m afraid that he’ll do something, you have to look after him!”

He said that slowly and then he stood up.

He walked to the window and looked out at the busy and hot shipyard with a smile on his face.

“For building the ship of the Pirate King, I’m proud of it!”

“After building it, I helped that man to set a foot on the other side of his dream. That guy showed me that he is a person that can complete his dream!”

Kokoro was silent.

She was reluctant to leave the old friend in front of her, but at this moment, she did not know what to say. She hesitated because no reason can stop a man from pursuing his dreams.

The sky of water 7 was blue, and the people on the street walked slowly and leisurely, they looked very laid-back.

At the port of Water 7, two young men walked with sad faces.

“Hey, Iceburg, Tom is going to be safe, right?”

“Is he okay?”

Franky suddenly asked, kicking the stones under his feet to the sea0

When the stones fell into the sea, it made a peaceful sound, calming they inner feeling.


Iceburg responded.

“Hey, you are dealing with me!” Franky was disgruntled.

“Franky, I don’t have time to take care of you, don’t bother me!”

Iceburg suddenly raised his head and said with anger.

Then he strode forward, trying to shake off the latter.

Franky was angry at that moment, and somewhat dismayed, and then he reacted quickly.

“Hey, you!”

“Childish, impulsive, unreasonable guy, when can you mature a little bit!”

Iceburg turned back and shouted.

Iceburg has been always a calm boy, and now, he exploded like a bottle of gas.

“Are you trying to scold me?”

Franky was stunned.

“This not only what I want, actually I want to hit you!”

The anger was out of control, Iceburg stepped forward and punched Franky.

He directly knocked down on the ground by a single punch, but this moment, he forgot the pain and looked up at Iceburg.

The unfamiliar Iceburg, let Franky find a difficulty to recognize him.

“Iceburg, what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing Franky’s appearance, Iceburg shouted.

“Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!”