One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 182: Shocking scene!

The stupidity of Franky was unbearable.

Everyone knows that Mr. Tom’s end will never be as safe as he said, they’ll inevitably execute him, but this stupid boy seems to believe that his master will be fine.

What an idiot boy!

As they were arguing, a ship was getting close to the port.

“Are we close?”

A young voice came out.

“Captain, we are very close, it looks like a very lively island much more than the long ring long land!”

“It’s different than that island!”

The ship was loud, and this scene made the young man who asked the first very happy.

This young man was Rogen, and after a period of sailing, the Dragon Root finally reached the port of Water 7.

The ship approached slowly to the shore, and in a short while, it came to a steady halt.

“Partners, here we are, get ready to disembark!”

As he said that, Rogen jumped from the boat.

“Haha, finally, this was very fast!”

“Come on everyone jump, and the slower one will stay here!”

The loud voices came out, and everyone jumped quickly. The deck of the ship was close to 4 or 5 meters from the port, all the crew jumped and stood firmly.

Finally, there was only one man on the ship, and he kept looking anxiously at the empty ship behind him.

“Haha, Dragon Elephant VI, take care of the ship, we will tell you everything about this City when we come back.”

“Haha, slow boy!”

“Don’t blame us, you don’t usually practice well, and naturally, you can’t compete with us!’

The Dragon Elephant VI stood on the bow and pinched his fist. He was looking at his friends with hatred, and finally, he snorted and turned to practice.

“Alright, alright, don’t make trouble, and prepare to enter the island!”

Crocodile shouted and stopped the laughing of these guys.

After jumping quickly, they walked together, Rogen took the lead, and the rest walked behind him or side by side, wrapping him in the middle.

From the distance, you can see clearly the unique style of this group, it’s easy to recognize the unique style of pirates.

Which means that they became pirates, officially!

Franky rolled and then he stood up.

Iceburg was angrier at the moment.

They have seen the flag on the Dragon Root.


It was a wanton, arrogant as if it was laughing at the world. This frightening and terrifying flag has a unique style among the Pirates.

Iceburg didn’t see such a flag in his life.

“Who is this group?”

Just when Iceburg and Franky were worried, Rogen and his crew had already walked toward them.

“Iceburg, they are coming, they are coming to us!”

There was a clear panic in Franky’s tone.

For people of his age, Pirates means bad persons.

The pirate group was getting closer and closer, which made the two kids very afraid and sweating.

In this group, the two guys on the left and the right were very scary.

They were two meters tall, a strong body, especially the one with an Alligator on his shoulder.

Even more terrible, Iceburg and Franky were afraid to wake that scary animal.

In the face of this group, Franky couldn’t help but hold his breath. He didn’t even dare to look at them.

“Hey friends, where is Mr. Tom?”

Iceburg and Franky pretended that they didn’t see them, but Rogen and his crew stopped in front of them and asked.

“Mr. Tom?”

When they heard this name, Iceburg and Franky immediately looked at each other.

It was a young man, and they were almost at the same age, but there was a unique vicissitude in his eyes, which was very strange. With a faint smile on his face, Rogen kept looking at the two kids at that moment.

“Why are you looking for Mr. Tom?”

Iceburg kept looking at them, and suddenly Franky’s voice came out.

“Damn it, Franky!”

Iceburg was totally angry at that moment, and he wanted to punch Franky to the death.

It was unknown what will this group do when they find Tom, Franky took the risk when he asked such a question.

“Oh, it seems that you know where Mr. Tom is!”

Rogen’s eyebrows rose, and he felt that he was very. These two people who were familiar to him seemed to know something.


Iceburg’s pupils contracted and he couldn’t be silent anymore.

“Who are you guys?”

Rogen turned and pointed to the pirate flag on his ship.

“You saw it, this is a pirate flag.”

“Oh My God, pirates!”

Franky shouted out loud.

Rogen was very helpless about this, their identity is very certain, isn’t it? Moreover, there are so many Pirates in this world, there is nothing to make a fuss about.

“Are you looking for Tom-Sensei to build a pirate ship? I will never tell you where he is!”

Franky shouted again and then, looked at Rogen and his group.


Rogen stunned, and then he smiled.

From the beginning, he felt that this kid was very familiar. He recognized him now, this is Franky, and that other kid, after careful observation, he recognized his too, this is Iceburg.

“You gu…”

Iceburg’s face changed, in a twinkling of an eye, he put his hand on Franky’s mouth.

He knew very well that this guy won’t do anything good. If he keeps talking, the other party will know everything.

What makes him angry was he already told them a lot.

What a pig teammate!

“Please take me to Mr. Tom, I have something to discuss with him!”

Rogen was sure that Tom was still alive at that moment.

Behind him, the five Dragon Elephants moved and surrounded Iceburg.

Seeing this scene, Iceburg shook his head helplessly.

“I will take you there!”

Iceburg made the right decision.

Ten minutes later, the two kids led the way for Rogen and his crew and came to Tom’s shipyard.

“Wait in here, I’ll tell Tom-Sensei about you!”

Iceburg said to everyone with a serious tone, and then he pulled Franky.

Rogen was calm, he took on of the piles of the newspapers in the waiting room and sat down.

However, in a glance, his pupils tightened and he got shocked.

“Is this???”