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S.P.P: Chapter 183: Pluton!

On a small newspaper, a striking headline printed in red attracted Rogen.

He got shocked when he read the lines.

“The Marines issued an emergency call order, they have doubts about facing an upheaval. The rank of Lieutenant and above should gather in the headquarters.”

“The Golden Lion and many pirates gathered together, and they are preparing to attack the headquarters!”

“Pirates in the 2nd half of the Grand Line are crazy. After what Roger said before the execution, the first spark of the new era started.”

Reading such lines, Rogen’s eyes contracted and he felt something strange.

After a few seconds, he glanced at the picture printed in the newspaper.

The first one, the Marine headquarter gathered together and swept away. Vice admirals, Rear, and lieutenant were at the headquarter, they seemed to be prepared for everything.

In the second one, the Golden Lion stood in the void with overbearing eyes, and under him, many pirate boats strewn in pieces, almost out of sight.

The third one, full of fire war, with countless pirates with burning eyes, they were holding their banners and seemed to be looking to something.

These simple three pictures were a conclusion of the world situation at this period.

The first picture and the third did not disturb Rogen, it’s the usual chaotic world. But the second one was very shocking for him.

“The Golden Lion hasn’t been caught yet?”

“He hasn’t even attacked the naval headquarters, and he’s calling the old ones!”

“What’s the matter?”

As he came to this World, Rogen gradually discovered something different from the original. Although the general storyline was generally the same, it has changed a lot in terms of details.

For example, the position of Kizaru and the Golden Lion at the moment. Maybe there are many unknown changes in other parts of the world, and Rogan doesn’t know about it yet.

His expression became serious, Rogen frowned and kept thinking about it.

He was like that until Jason waved in front of him.

“Is this a butterfly effect?

What is the impact of crossing time and space?”

Rogen wasn’t sure, but he couldn’t find any other reason.

If you want to come to a complete world, you’ll be an outsider for this world. If there’s no change, it won’t make sense.

He has more or less revealed Roger’s subsequent encounters, such as his death, Shiki’s containment, and the whitebeard’s power.

Perhaps these unintentional words have caused Roger to have some undetermined consequences on his journey and to make the whole world change.

“However, this is also a good thing!”

After the shock, Rogen smiled.

“Golden Lion.”

Glancing at Shiki, the Golden Lion in the newspaper, Rogen’s eyes twinkled.

If he wanted to face the whole world alone, he won’t succeed, but if a strong man attracts the whole Marine headquarters, then the risk will be divided into two or even more.

The Golden Lion just attracted the eyes of the whole world, Rogen has to take the opportunity to do what he wanted.

Just when he thought about it, Iceburg had already come to him.

“Please come with me!”

Rogen looked up, he nodded and waved his hand.

Immediately, his crew followed him.

Five minutes later, they came to a house deep in the shipyard.

“Tom-Sensei is inside, come in!”

“Also, here is the shipyard, don’t make a mess!”

Iceburg warned them.

This is a pirate group, and who knows, they could be mad at any moment.

“Oh, Iceburg, we are not chaotic people, rest assured!”

Rogen smiled.

Behind him, Crocodile and the others did not say a word, as the captain ordered them.

Iceburg was a little relieved and nodded, indicating that they could go in.

The stood in front of the door and then they knocked. When they heard the word “Come in!” Rogen pushed the door.

When the door opened, Rogen saw a fairly spacious office. Mr. Tom was leaning on the chair at the moment and looked a little tired.

When he saw the group coming in, Tom changed his position and sat down straight, and then he kept looking at them.

“Who are you, what are you looking for?”

Rogen didn’t answer Mr. Hu’s question for the first time. Instead, he looked at the indoor environment and found that it was very simple and tranquil.

“Mr. Tom, I’ve heard a lot about you a long time ago!”

“I came here just to visit your famous shipyard!”

Tom got frowned, there’s a lot of things need to be arranged. It was unknown when will the World Government come, there is no time to waste.

“What the hell are you doing? Let’s talk straight.

“Well, since Mr. Tom is so urgent, I have to make a long story short.”

Rogen shrugged helplessly.

“I’m asking you to build a ship for me!”

Hearing this, Tom lifted his hand and pointed to the door.

“My disciples are enough to fulfill your request.”

“I’m still busy. Forgive the poor hospitality.”

Shaking his head, Rogen’s tone became serious at that moment.

“I don’t think so!”

“Because I want to build Pluton!”

The heavy voice came out and immediately suppressed the atmosphere in the house.

Tom raised his head fiercely and stared at Rogen.

“Who are you?”

And without waiting for an answer, he shouted again.

“Your request is refused, there is nothing can be done in here, get the hell out!”

“Hey you, old guy!”

One of the Elephant Dragons became angry, and he shouted.

Rogen moved his hand and stopped his crew from talking.

Crocodile and Jason were watching quietly, they know very that Rogen is doing something in a planned way, they don’t have to interrupt him.

“Mr. Tom, you have built a unique boat for my brother to help him complete his dream.”

“Why can’t you help me again?”

Approaching the table, Rogen looked at Tom with a smile on his face.

“In this case, I have another purpose besides building a ship.”

“Thank you very much for helping that fellow to fulfill his dream, even though he is dead.”


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