One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 184: Is it possible to build this?

When he heard Rogen’s words, he got surprised. He didn’t even care about the Pluton, but he looked at the kid in front of him carefully.

Rogen’s face looked familiar to Tom, but he didn’t recognize it.

“You! Who is your brother?”

In his career, he made built many boats for pirates and others, and each one was extremely good, he was very proud of his work.

Rogen’s tone changed and he smiled.

“My brother is, Gol D. Roger!”

He couldn’t believe what he just heard. He was in shock at that moment, he stared at Rogen and then to the crew behind him.

Jason was crossed his armed, with looking around, and beside him, there was Crocodile who kept smoking and his face was very serious, behind them, five young people, they were too concentrated.e

The group of people in front of him had different breaths, but he saw something called “hope”, deep in their eyes.

“What about you, what is your name?”

He seemed to be excited when he asked.

“Gol D. Rogen!”

Rogen whispered.


Tom opened his mouth, and then…

“Yes, yes, he told me that he has a younger brother, and he is very young. I don’t remember the name, but you have no reason to lie to me!”

He built a ship for Roger once. When he came into contact with him, he found that he didn’t have the arrogance and hegemony of pirates. Instead, he was cheerful, that man has a unique atmosphere. When he talked to him for the first time, he found a kind of dream light. This was the reason behind building a ship for this pirate.

“You have the exact personality as your brother!”

While he was staring at Rogen, Tom talked involuntarily.

Tom will be in trouble once again; he just met the brother of Gol D. Roger.

Seeing Rogen, he saw once again the will and the road of dreams that will never be broken.

“Are they all your partners?”

Tom asked again.

Rogen looked at the old man in front of him and immediately understood his feeling.

Seeing the younger generation taking over all the efforts of previous generations, Tom was very pleased and amazed.

“Yes, they are all my partners. I’ve set up a pirate regiment and we will follow Roger’s path!”

Tom stood up and went to the front of the group and kept looking at them.

But this time his stare was more serious and more careful as if he wanted to imprint everyone’s face in his heart.

“Well, very well, Rogen!”

“Roger would be very happy to see his younger brother establishing a pirate group and passing through his path!”

“He once said that you don’t want to be a pirate, I thought that you were hiding this. Sadly, he won’t see that!”

“I didn’t expect you to come one day!”

Tom was pleased.

There were black lines on Rogen’s face, that old man was a good man for other people.

“You just said that you want a Pluton, right?”

After talking for a while, Tom’s face became serious again.

“Yes, Mr. Tom, I want a good ship, comparable to Pluton.”

“The real Pluton is hard to be built, but for a similar one, I think that I can rely on you!”

Rogen was serious.

As an ancient weapon, the Pluton may have a chance to be built in the distant past, but in this era, that would be impossible.

That was Rogen’s though, but when he said that, Mr. Tom shook his head.

“The Pluton, I can make it!”

“W…. What?”

This time, Rogen was shocked.

The ancient weapon, the legendary one, is it possible to build it?

“Yes, I can make the Pluton.”

Tom was sure.

“Compared to the sea train that I planned, the complexity of the construction of the Pluton is much worse.”

Seeing the shock in Rogen’s eyes, Tom smiled and shook his head.

“Don’t exaggerate the ancient weapons. Legends are just legends. Maybe the Pluton has great fighting power and can destroy an island.”

“The times are developing, and there are people able to destroy an island without using such a weapon!”

With a simple explanation, Rogen gradually understood.

That’s right, times are progressive, and the Pluton may have strong attacking power, but in this era, there are many powerful guys.

The Golden Lion, Shiki, who can make an island floating in mid-air, the White Beard who can trigger a tsunami with one blow, these guys are probably not inferior to any ancient weapons.

“I’ve conceived a new type of ship in my mind, it will surpass the Pluton in comprehensive ability, but it weaker in attacking power.”

Tom explained.

Rogen showed his intentions, he wanted a powerful ship with a good comprehensive ability.

Tom said that he had an idea, and this is what Rogen expected.

“Mr. Tom, can you make it?”

“Only nature can make it!”

Tom was sure and very confident, but after a while, he hesitated.


Rogen wondered.

“My time is running out, I’m afraid that the World Government will come soon!”

Tom was upset.

He wants to build a good ship for the younger brother of his old friend. He expects that this young man will create an era more brilliant than Roger.

“World Government?”

Rogen was stunned, and then he remembered that the ship maker who helped his brother to build the Oro Jackson was also implicated.

“Mr. Tom, rest assured, for the time being, you won’t be in danger.”

“The World Government will not take you, and you’ll be safe for a decade at least.”

When he said that, Rogen looked confident. After seeing the original story, he naturally knew that Mr. Tom was dismissed and killed by the World Government after building the sea train.

“I hope so!” Tom smiled and shook his head.

“To build a new ship, it will take some time, maybe two months!”

“Two months?”

Rogen frowned. He doesn’t have time to wait.

“You can go elsewhere first or wait in here, and when it’s time, you can pick up the ship!”


“I need to change the ship’s drawings.”

“Besides, you are very lucky, there’s still some of the wood hewn from the treasure tree that Roger used, enough for another boat.”

“Sometimes I wonder if that fellow ever thought you’d go to sea and get ready in advance.”

Tom smiled.



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