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S.P.P: Chapter 185: News

Rogen scratched his head, is it possible that his brother thought about him?

For Rogen, he couldn’t understand his brother very well.

Even his feet were smelly, and he didn’t even wash his socks for many days, that’s why Rogen did not want to take Tom’s words seriously.

However, it was good to find wood hewn from the treasure tree “Adam” enough to build another ship.

“Mr. Tom, we’ll stay here for two days, if it doesn’t bother you of course?”

Rogen was thankful.

“You don’t need to be polite; you’ll ride my ship, you’ll fight for your dreams using it, this is the happiest thing for me.”

“That’s why I learned to build ships.”

Tom sighed after he said that.

“I don’t know how many ships I’ve made in my career.”

He sighed again.

“Rest assured that I’ll give everything to build a good and strong ship for you, and even if they took me, my students will finish it.”

“Arigatōgozaimashita Tom-Sama!”

Rogen thanked Tom again.

Having such good help is something good for Rogen. Mr. Tom has never seen Rogen before, and without hesitation, he accepted to help him because of Roger’s sake. That person who changed the whole world.

Rogen knew that Tom will be safe for a decade, but he’ll be under the monitoring of the World Government. And after completing the sea train he’ll die.

“In the future, we must keep Mr. Tom safe, he is a good man.”

After talking for a while, they left.

Rogen saw that the old man was very tired recently and he needs a rest.

After walking out of the door, Iceburg stared at him and said.

“What’s the reason behind asking for Tom-Sensei?”

“I asked him to build a ship for us, and he accepted.”

Rogen was happy.


When he wanted to talk, Tom’s voice came from the room.

Rogen smiled and then he left the place with everyone.

After leaving the shipyard, the crew behind Rogen asked.

“Captain, what is Pluton? And can it destroy an island? Is there such a strong weapon in this world?”

Jason was very curious.

Crocodile smoked and his eyes became serious.

“Of course, Jason, I’ve heard many rumors about it!”

“It is rumored that in the distant past, there were several powerful ancient weapons. They are amazingly powerful and can destroy an island with a single blow.”

“Really? Crocodile, how do you know?” Jason was shocked.

“I heard it from some places, the captain may have more information!”

Crocodile shook his head.

“Pluton is one of the ancient weapons, besides other weapons, and they all can shock the world.”

Rogen explained.

In the Manga, the number of ancient weapons appeared weren’t many and even rarely mentioned. They were mysterious and powerful weapons. Only two weapons appeared, the Pluton and Poseidon.

A Pluton made by Tom, could you imagine how powerful will it be?

Mr. Tom’s powerful shipbuilding technology, combined with Pluto’s methods of construction, it must have amazing power.

Rogen was looking forward to it.

“So, our ship will have the power of the Pluton, right?”

Crocodile couldn’t believe it.

He never thought that one day he would into contact with this legendary weapon.

This was shocking for him.

“Of course not, it’s less powerful, and we don’t need to use it to attack. Don’t forget, we are going to be the most powerful men in the world.”

Rogen answered with a smile.

When he said that, the eyes of everyone became bright.

“Now, let’s move. You can go out and buy what you need.”

Rogen’s words made everyone happy again.

In a while, a burst of cheers sounded, and then all the crew left.

“Crocodile, why didn’t you go?”

Looking at the figure next to m-him, Rogen asked curiously.

“I don’t have anything to buy.”

Crocodile answered.

Rogen nodded, and then he looked around, a newsstand was in front of him, he went there and bought several newspapers and began to watch them carefully.

As he sailed for a long time, he was choosing randomly his destination, and he didn’t know what was happening in the outside world. It was an opportunity for him now to know more about it.

“Admiral Z has stationed in the Sabaody Archipelago yesterday, in case of the Golden Lion attack!”

“Sengoku came out and declared that all pirates’ illegal acts would be ruthlessly annihilated by the Marine.”

“In the first half of the Grand Line, the Supernova gradually emerged to the sea. Bartholomew Kuma and Doflamingo are the strongest and at the top of the list.”

“Doflamingo, this guy is actually on the top.”

Seeing the news, Crocodile’s face became gloomy.

“Well, his strength can not be underestimated.” Rogen nodded and continued to look.

After that, he found some new pirates in the newspaper.

“It’s suspected that the red hair pirates have reached the Grand Line.”

Rogen’s eyes flashed and he smiled.

“He is in the sea already! Shanks is looking forward to it!”

This is an era in which the four emperors have not yet been established. The war period, pirates are crazy, and the situation in the second half is unstable and chaotic.

“Gecko Moria encountered Kaido for the first time, the two sides suffered heavy losses against each other.”

When he saw this, Rogen’s expression became serious.

“Does Moria have the power to face Kaido?”

In the Manga, Moria is already a defeated man. Compared with the powerful Kaido, who is in the rank of Yonko, there’s a huge gap between them.

“A powerful swordsman from Kuraigana Island, he has been visiting various places in the world looking for an opponent, no one ever defeated him. They said that he has a pair of sharp eagle eyes, his imposing manner is astonishing. He might be the best swordsman in this world!”

“Dracule Mihawk!”

When he saw this, Rogen’s eyes narrowed.



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