One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 186: A gun that can’t hit the target…

Rogen is a swordsman. Naturally, he was very concerned about the future of the best swordsman. After reading the news carefully, he couldn’t help but shaking his head.

“It seems that the powerful guys in the future are still young pirates who just gone out to sea!”

Looking at their low bounties, he laughed loudly.

“Anyway, now I am their predecessor, haha!”

Looking at the newspaper again, Rogen was happy and he laughed.

There was much news, he spent a very long period disconnected to the outside world, almost 2 months.

He needs to read the news to judge the situation and choose what to do and what to avoid.

Crocodile was very bored, he looked around for a research magazine about the world’s strongest people at this moment, and engrossed into it.

“The three new Admirals of the Marines almost there, three of the best Logia users!”

When he saw the title, Crocodile was angry.

“The Yellow Monkey, Borsalino, the man who has a powerful Devil Fruit, the Pika Pika no Mi, is one of the three Admirals!”

“Kuzan, the user of Hie Hie no Mi, is now an Admiral, he has a strong fighting power. He once froze a sea area, and didn’t thaw only after 5 days.”

“Sakazuki, the user of the Magu Magu no Mi, became the new Admiral of the Marines, he is strong and decisive, also, he advocates the absolute justice, all pirate must die!”

When he saw Sakazuki, Crocodile smiled.

It was obvious that the idea of that person made Crocodile angry, although he hasn’t seen him yet.

“The younger generation of pirates, they are really good!”

“The Whitebeard Pirates, under the command of Edward Newgate, the world’s strongest man and the user of the Gura Gura no Mi, he can trigger a tsunami easily. He might be the overlord of the second half of the Grand Line!”

“Marco the Phoenix, the user of the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: phoenix, a powerful man under the command the white beard, his strength can suppress the Admiral of the Marines.”

“Diamond Jozu, Flower sword Vista…”

When he saw all these powerful people, Crocodile got shocked, he found that almost all strong persons in this world were under the same banner, the Whitebeard’s pirates.

Subsequently, he saw the crew of the Flying Pirates, it has many powerful pirates, but comparing with the Whitebeard pirates, they were a bit weaker.

“There are many strong people in the Golden Lion pirates too!”

Seeing the dense list, Crocodile found that there’s no need for the whitebeard group on the battle in the side of Shiki, people in his crew were numerous, it can be said that he has at least 10 times more pirates than the Whitebeard.

It was an amazing thing that Shiki can crush too many people with his numerous crew members. He has many types of creatures in his group, ghost, giant…

Looking at the legends in Shiki’s crew, Crocodile was deeply shocked.

For the first time, he discovered that there are many strong people in this world.

Meanwhile, when Rogen and Crocodile were reading the news, Trensu was on his way toward the Gunshop.

For Trensu, it was extremely important to have a gun that suits him.

Every time he went to an island, he would look for it. Although so far, there were only a few islands to reach, he did not give up.

At this point, he looked carefully inside the shop.

“Hello, do you need a gun?”

The owner of the shop was a middle-aged man, and when he saw Rogen, he smiled and greeted him.


Looking carefully at the gun on the shelf, Trensu responded quickly and didn’t turn around.

After several looks, Trensu was disappointed.

Although the seller kept introducing and talking about the different characteristics of each gun, he still didn’t find anything that attracts him.


Shaking his head, Rogen was very disappointed and ready to leave.

When the seller saw that Trensu lost the desire to buy, he didn’t want to keep talking.

As he walked to the door, Trensu, with the corner of his eyes, he saw a gun that attracted him.

“That gun!”

At that moment, his eyes condensed, and he felt that he wanted him so much.

“This feeling!”

Trensu stared at this gun carefully, what he felt at that moment was very strange, he wanted that gun, he admired it from the first glance.

“Hey, what’s happened to this gun? I’ve never seen it before!”

While he was looking at the gun, Trensu asked with curious.

“Oh, that? My son made a little change on it, hehe!”

When he said that, the anger was obvious in his tone.

“Reconstructed gun?”

Trensu squatted to pick up the gun.

Although the gun was placed inside an old box with discounted old-fashioned goods, it looks very new. It was a cool gun with amazing lines. Trensu liked it very much, especially when he saw the long tube above the gun.

Trensu observed it, and then he asked.

“Is that a telescope?”

“This is a sniper scope.”

The owner answered and his tone was very low.

“My son likes to play with guns on weekdays, he transformed this gun the last month, but…”

“What’s wrong?” Trensu was very curious.

This powerful gun coupled with the sniper scope to ameliorate aiming, this is definitely the best gun ever, what will be the problem then?

“This is a gun that can’t shot!” the seller was helpless.


“My son is very good at this, he always made changes on guns, and people really like it, his work makes a very good profit for the shop!”

“But this time, I was responsible to find someone to test the gun, because my son left after he finished it, and he won’t come back for a very long period!”

“I found seven people, and after they have tested it, the result was not good, that’s why this gun is abandoned.”

Speaking of this, the owner was a little angry.


“Yes, people who used this gun said that it can’t hit the target, his shooting accuracy is five hundred percent lower than other guns!”

The seller sighed.

“Five hundred percent!”

When he heard this, Trensu was shocked.

He even wanted to throw the gun away.

But after thinking again…

“This gun, I need it, how much it?”


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