One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 187: 5000 meters range!

Compared with the problems of the gun that the seller has said, Trensu believed the feelings he felt at this moment.

He never had such feeling, from the first look at this gun, he wanted it very much, this weapon made his heart move.

“Yes, I’m sure, I want it!”

Trensu was very sure.

“You want it!”

The seller was stunned.

He was an honest man in his business, several people asked about this gun and he told them its problem, he told everyone and didn’t hide it. Some people didn’t believe him, and they wanted to try, but after the test, they were all disappointed.

“Do you want to try it first?”

“There’s no need, how much?”

Trensu wanted it so bad.

After taking the gun, the feeling was even more unique, Trensu believes that there’s something different in this gun.

“Then, give me 3000 bellies!”

He said with hesitation.

Trensu didn’t judge, and he gave the money to the owner and then he left.

When he reached an empty place, Trensu took out the gun and tested it.

As a skilled marksman, Trensu was familiar with guns. After the first try, Trensu smiled.

“All parts are brand new. There is no problem with the gun itself.”

The gun was black and full of mysterious colors; besides, the sniper scope enhances the function of the gun to a new level.

After testing it, Trensu found that this gun looked like a light rifle, but in fact, it was a new type of heavy rifles with heavy power, its power was about 3 or 4 times higher than ordinary guns.

After that, he tested the gun again, but this time, he used the scope, and after a long time, he finally got the result.

“This scope is amazing; you can see people who are five kilometers away!”

Trensu was amazed, and he felt that this gun was extraordinary.

“The gun is powerful, the scope is precise, then there’s no problem with it!”

He was very happy.

“No one can use it of course!”

Relying on what the seller said, Trensu did not agree. This gun is very hard to use for ordinary people, he believes that only a few people in this world had the skills to use such a gun.

It was a kind of self-confidence.

After a while, he continued to aim, and after several tries, he had a general understanding of the gun.

“I have to hit a target 300 meters away!”

Trensu was quite confident about his ability.

Without using the scope, he looked at the front and pulled the trigger directly.


The bullet directly hit the tree pole, and all the birds on it flew away.

Trensu was a great marksman, he was a professional one.

“There’s no problem with it!”

This time, he put eyes on the scope and began to adjust the aim and the density of it.

It took only three seconds to set it up.

At this moment, he didn’t hesitate to shoot again.


When the gunshot sounded, a leaf fell.

There was a smile on his face, and he seemed to have understood it.

After that, he didn’t use the scope and pulled the trigger again.

This time, another leaf fell.


Trensu stood up with a smile on his face.

This gun is amazing, the owner was wrong when he said about the 500%, it’s 100% the target.

It wasn’t only higher performance than the average gun, but its aim is even higher.

“This is a mysterious gun, it’s all about the scope, all aiming must be completed by it, as long as you set it up in a good way, the accuracy can reach 100%!”

Trensu was very sure.

In a short period, he came to the conclusion that shows his professionalism.

“1 kilometer away, Done!”

“2 kilometers away, Done!”

“3.5 kilometers away, Done!”

After a series of distance determinations, Trensu took a breath, lay on the ground and began to test.

“The next challenge is, Five kilometers!”

The range of such a gun is amazing. It’s also the limit range that Trensu got after testing it.

Few guns only can reach such a terrible range and hit the target.

Of course, this was just a test.

Whether it can achieve it or not, he wasn’t sure.

For a distance like that, the bullet may not be effective and hit w the target with all its power.

Compared with before, Trensu was very serious.

He kneeled, and then he put his eye on the scope and adjust it to lock it at five Kilometers.

The result was just amazing, he could see things from this distance clearly.

Taking a deep breath, Trensu took the position and decided to start.

This is the most serious moment; he needs to be concentrated.

Three minutes later, he was ready, he held his breath and pulled the trigger slowly.


When the gunshot sounded, all things that were one meter around Trensu swayed.

After the action, Trensu shook his head.

“Oh, it’s very difficult!”

After all, five Kilometers is a very long distance, and it’s also a big challenge for himself.

Trying to reach the ultimate distance with a newly purchased gun is not easy.

When he failed, Trensu decided to leave, and he wasn’t upset at all.

At the port of Water 7, a ship was slowly approaching the coast.

There was a group of black-suited men and they seemed to be professionals.

The man in the front has a purple hair and dark red nose, and also, the was black markings around his large eyes, and he seemed to be a very arrogant man, he didn’t even look at the team behind him.

After a while, everyone jumped from the ship and then stopped.

“Where is Tom?”

The leading man asked with a loud voice.

“At the shipyard, chief Spandam, he didn’t leave.”

Behind him, one of the black-suited team whispered.

“Well, he is smart, he knows that even he dared to escape, I’ll get his as* back!”

Spandam tone was full of arrogance.

And then, under his leadership, all the group went toward the shipyard.

After he made one step, a big man with chicken legs in his hand and eating wildly and didn’t pay any attention to the group.

When Spandam saw him, his expression changed immediately.


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