One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 188: Mask Carnival.

“Hey, you!”

Unexpectedly, the big guy passed by him, and he was about to fall. The ending won’t be good for Spandam if he stood there.

He immediately shouted, but it didn’t stop the big figure from falling on him.

Three seconds later, the big guy lost his balance and because of his huge body, Spandam was crushed under him, that big man didn’t even notice him.

Behind them, the black-suited man blinked, and then he retreated two steps in silence.

“Oh, I’m fine…”

Jason shook his head as if he was out of his mind. After leaving, he went to a bar to eat and drink, and he got really drunk, that’s why he couldn’t control his walk.

“Get up!”

Underneath, Spandam’s voice came out, and it was full of anger.

“Who is speaking?”

Jason sat up in a daze and looked for it.

He was really big, and Spandam was like a stone under him.

“He’s under you!”

A black-suited man pointed under Jason.

When he saw Spandam under him, Jason’s face showed a sad expression.

“Sorry, I’ll stand up.”

“Hey!” Spandam shouted with anger. “Not too fast!”

Jason was a little numb, and when he heard him, he turned and he couldn’t control himself, so he fell again.


Jason was heavy, when he fell again, he felt that his ribs got broken.

“Sorry, Sorry!”

Jason stood up and apologized again and again.

“Are you okay?”

Turning around, Jason stretched out his hand to Spandam and apologized. After all, he was wrong.

“No way!”

Spandam was very angry, he was breathing heavily, that dude is really heavy.


Jason was embarrassed to take his hand back. After a short moment, he decided to leave.

“Stop, are we done here?”
Spandam got up and shouted in anger.


Jason was puzzled and turned around.

“What else?”

Looking at Jason, which seemed to be naïve, Spandam got angry and shouted.

“You seemed to like seeing me being hit by this pig!”

Turning around, he reprimanded the group behind him.

The black-suited men bowed their heads and smiled secretly. After all, Spandam is their leader and they have some respect for him.

“I don’t want to catch him only; I want to send him to the judicial island for trial. he offended the world government officials; I will sentence him to death!”

Spandam growled.

“Sir, this will take much time, it’s not suitable to do that now. Besides, there are many people here!”

A tall man whispered back.


Spandam thought a little, he saw that many people had gathered around, he snorted and then stared at Jason.

“Don’t leave, be sure that I’ll come back when I finish my business.”

After he said that, he took his group and left quickly.

Jason was stunned, he didn’t understand what was going on.

“Nervous disease.”

Jason turned around, and then he took the chicken legs and walked toward the port.

At dusk, Rogen and the rest of his crew returned to the boat.

They were carrying necessities of the ship enough for a period of time.

Every day on the island means purchasing necessities, this routine has become the routine of everyone.

“Jason-Aniki, you are back!”

The six Dragon Elephants were playing cards, and they saw Jason laughing and singing.

“Hey there!” Jason greeted them; he was more awake than before.

After he came back, Rogen called all the crew members.

“We’ll stay here one more day, and then we will go toward the Sabaody archipelago.”

“Pay attention to the suspicious people on the island, especially the shipyard. If there are people from the world government, you should eliminate them!”

“Mr. Tom promised to build a ship for us, we can still help him out!”

Rogen’s commands were very strict, and he naturally knows that these are temporary solutions, and cannot solve Tom’s trouble.

Against the whole world, you should leave Water 7 and escape to a world that no one knows, otherwise you’ll be caught sooner or later.

However, according to the Manga, Mr. Tom won’t face any trouble for more than a decade, that’s what makes Rogen felt relieved.

“For how long could I delay them?”

Shaking his head, Rogen entered his bedroom and kept thinking.

Nothing happened that night. The next day…

When the sky was bright, everyone left the ship and went toward the Island.

These guys were very interested in the customs and culture of Water 7. It seems that they want to catch up with some festivals in the capital for today.

“Dragon Elephant III, did you see that, people in the streets are wearing masks, are there any activities today?”

The Dragon Elephants were walking slowly and whispering.

They have seen a lot of pedestrians with a variety of masks, it makes a strange and mysterious atmosphere.

“Maybe, let’s ask!”

After asking people around, there were five more masked people on the street. They kept pointing at each other and laughed, also, they exposed their shortcomings and enjoyed themselves.

At the port, Jason took a bear face mask for himself, it was quite worthy for a big man like him.

“Hey Croco, do you like my mask?”

Crocodile shook his head; he was too lazy to take care of Jason.

In a while, he strode forward leaving Jason behind him.

“Hey, Boring mates, today is the special mask day in Water 7. I already thought about what kind of mask I would wear today the last night!”

Crocodile didn’t respond, he just raised his hand and left in silence.


Turning his head, Jason looked at Trensu, he found that he was wearing a half mask, like the mysterious mask of the masked ball.

“What a pretty boy, haha!”

He was mocking Trensu.

Trensu is a handsome guy. After wearing this mask, he looks mysterious and has a unique temperament.

“Jason-Aniki, your mask is also very powerful!”

Trensu smiled.

“Haha, no offense!”

Jason laughed.

He likes Trensu and his straight character.

Looking at the group outside the ship, Rogen couldn’t help but shaking his head.


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