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S.P.P: Chapter 189: Pluton Drawings.

Jason and Trensu walked side by side toward the island and kept smiling.

Finally, Rogen jumped off the boat.

“Hey Dragon Elephant V, take care of the boat!”

Rogen shouted from the bottom to the 5th Dragon Elephant.

“Don’t worry captain, I’ll do my best!”

Rogen waved his hand, and then he disappeared quickly.

The mask carnival in Water 7, a great event that happens every year. Wearing different masks is the way that all the citizens celebrate in it.

He needs to be like them, that’s why Rogen bought a mask from the roadside next to the street.

He chose a monkey’s mask, which was very simple. It looks like the Monkey King Havoc from Havoc in Heaven.

Hiding under his mask, Rogen took his road and went toward the shipyard.

At the same time, The Wraith Pirates rushed to the island. At Tom’s shipyard, a group of noisy people just arrived.

The boatmen saw the group of people stepping into the shipyard, they got angry and kept pinching the tools in their hands and scorning the group of uninvited guests.

“Don’t be impulsive, let them in!”

Iceburg rushed out and whispered.

At the same time, he looked up and stared at the person in front of him, and then with a cold tone, he said.

“Spandam, Tom Sensei called you in.”

“Do you still want to stop me. That old man knows what to do better, otherwise, I’ll send all of you to the judicial island!”

Spandam sneered and then he walked proudly to Tom’s office.

“I don’t know at all what kind of stupid guy I’m facing!”

As he walked, Spandam sneered again and again, and his eyes were full of arrogance.

This sentence attracted all the present and made them angry, but after what Iceburg said, they couldn’t do anything.

When Spandam and his group have entered the office, all the boatmen looked at each other and began to talk.

“Who is that guy? And why he is so arrogant?”

“They came for Tom-Sensei to take him!”

“We will never allow such a thing to happen!”

“No matter who he is, we won’t let him take Mr. Tom!”

“We’ll wait here, if he dared to arrest our Sensei, we will kill him!”

At this time, Spandam kicked the door of Tom’s office and stepped in.

“Dear old man, have you thought about it?”

Mr. Tom was checking the blue drawings that had just been drawn on the table, and there was clear exhaustion in his eyes.

He has been in a hurry all night. He has not finished the drawing at this time, and there’s no way to continue, the bad people are already on the door.

He made some lines on the drawings silently and then…

“The Pluton drawings, is it for us?”

Spandam came toward Tom and with fierce eyes, and then he hit the table with all his power.

“There is nothing you want in here.”

Tom answered with a cold tone.

“Big talk dead man, do you know that you’ll be sent to the judicial island at my command, and you’ll die at my command also?”

Spandam shouted.

“Hand me the drawings of the pluton and I can give you a way to live, don’t be ungrateful!”

There was a clear threatening in his words.

“You won’t take it; you can do what you want!”

Tom’s expression was still very cold.

“Last night I was kind enough to let you go, what you are doing right now is not the thing I’ve been waiting for!”

Spandam was very angry at that moment.

The drawings of the Pluton are very important. He will be promoted if he gave it to his superior. At that time, he will be in a higher position and have everything he wants. he should not let this opportunity go.

“Don’t think about it, there nothing you need here.”

His voice remained calm.

He stared at Spandam and then he said.

“I don’t care about what you will do, whatever it is, just do it, the old man is ready for everything.”

“Freaking old man!”

Spandam waved, and he was about to attack but…

At this moment, a sound of kicking came out, Franky opened the door and ran into it, and then he stared at everyone.

“Who are you? What do you want from Tom-Sensei?”

When he came in, he saw Spandam who raised his hand, so he shouted.

And then, he clenched his fist and rushed up.

“No, Franky!” Tom was shocked.

Standing behind Spandam, a black-suited man suddenly moved.


It was a strong kick that pushed Franky, nothing stopped him but the wall, which made all the pictures tremble and fell on the ground.

“We are the world government, we arrest criminals!”

The black-suited man stepped back and said that.

“Damn it!”

Franky stood up and then he stared at the guys in front of him.

“I will never let you take Tom-Sensei!”

“Tom, I’ll give you another chance to choose whether to hand over the construction drawing of Pluto. This is your last chance!”

Spandam waved his hand to the group behind him, and in a moment, two of them responded and caught Franky.

“What are you doing?”

Seeing them coming, Franky lost all his courage.


At this time, Tom shouted.

“I’m the one who helped the Pirate King to build his ship. It has nothing to do with anyone else. Don’t involve this innocent!”

“If you are going to take anyone from here, just take me, I’ll go with you!”

“You can’t change anything, I’m the one who decides in here!”

Spandam sneered.

“No, sir, what he said makes sense, only Mr. Tom is guilty here!”

One of his group whispered, and he was very serious.

Spandam got angry when he heard that.

“You shut up!”

He shouted with anger.

“We are only the world government guard, subordinate to the eighth unit of the Army Department, not under your jurisdiction, we are here only to assist you in completing the task, we have the right to refuse your orders.”

Hearing these words, Spandam’s face became darker and his fists slammed slightly.

“Damn, I knew that I should let the CP5 come with me!”

“Tom, you only have one chance, will you hand over the drawings or not?”

He turned and shouted again.

“I said that I won’t give you anything!”

Tom looked calm and firm.

“Good!” Spandam was very angry and then he waved his hand. “Arrest and send him to the judicial island!”

At the same time when he said that, Rogen walked slowly from the door.

When he saw the angry crowd at the door and the boatmen with tools in their hands, he was slightly shocked.

“What’s going on here?”

“What happened?”

By the time he walked in, Iceburg had seen him and hurriedly greeted him.



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