One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 190: Sun Wukong!

“What is going on?”

Rogen asked curiously.

“The world government is here; we need to take Mr. Tom!”

Yesterday’s evening, Iceburg was called by Tom and told him about Rogen’s identity, and told him also to keep building the ship if he got caught.

Therefore, when Iceburg saw Rogen, his heart moved and hoped that Rogen would help him.

“World government?”

Rogen was stunned, he thought about that yesterday. The world government is here already.

Iceburg approached to Rogen and whispered.

“Rogen-Sama, can you take Tom-Sensei away? Staying here is dangerous for him!”

Rogen is a pirate and all his life is in the sea, and it can be said that facing pirates are much worse than facing ordinary people, but comparing with the danger that Mr. Tom is facing now, it would be safer for him. On the sea, the world government would find a difficult to catch him.

“Let me have a look first!”

Rogen is thoughtful, he didn’t agree directly, and he went toward the office.

“No, the World Government agents are there!”

Iceburg was very upset.

“Haha, don’t worry, I just want to see what the world government guys are like?”

With a smirk, Rogen led the way and went toward the office. Iceburg kept looking at him and he couldn’t believe what Rogen was doing.

Just as Rogen entered the room, Iceburg took a fast look, and he saw everyone inside.

“Ah, here you are!”

The white smoke was hovering, and two tall men were coming from the door of the shipyard, behind them, a short person was smiling and carefully wiping his gun.

Not far from them, a group of five people wearing weird masks laughing and coming to join the group in the door.

This group is the same that came with Rogen last time.

“Hey, boys, where’s our captain?”

The big man with the Cigar in his mouth asked one of the boatmen coldly.

His voice made Iceburg tremble, and he answered in a hurry.

“He went to Tom’s office.”


The big guy nodded, and then he went toward the office.

“Haha, I told you, the captain will be faster than us, but Jason didn’t believe it!”

One of the Five Dragon Elephants laughed.

“Shut up!”

Jason was upset.


His words made everyone laugh.

Looking at the group passing by, Iceburg felt relieved.

This group of guys looks very unreliable from first sight, but they can strangely give people a sense of security and reassurance.

They might solve it.

At the moment, in Tom’s office.

“I’m going with you!”

Tom sighed.

“Old man, I told you already, I have many ways to kill you unless you give me the drawings!”

Spandam whispered threats.

“Damn, let me go!”

Franky struggled and shouted.

He was handcuffed, so he couldn’t resist at all.

“You wanted to attack the World Government’s guards, stop moving is the best choice for you.”

Seeing that Franky didn’t cooperate, the black-suited man threatened him.

“I can kill you all you bastards!”

Franky shouted.

Because he heard a few talks outside the door, he became intolerable and wanted to resist more and more.

“Noisy boy, I’ll start with you, and we’ll see whether your Sensei wants to help you or not!”

Spandam suddenly turned and walked angrily toward Franky.


Suddenly, he kicked Franky’s leg fiercely, making him scream. However, Spandam felt pain also, and it seems that he hurt himself.

“You have a real hard bone, you are untouchable, I’ll kill you!”

He raised his foot and wanted to kick again.


Tom was angry and shouted.

This group of people was much worse than pirates.

Tom wanted to stop Spandam, but the black-suited men intercepted him.

Spandam kicked Franky again and didn’t show him mercy, making him crying again and again. After the third kick, Franky shed blood.

“Stop it!”

Tom shouted again, but no one cared about him.

“Haha, you want to rebel against the world government and dare to build a ship for the world criminals, you have to bear the price.”

“You’ll die all, you’ll die, hahaha!”

Spandam laughed loudly.

No one dared to stop or resist him.

“Do you know how big the world is?”

“More than three hundred allies, countless islands, we are the world, do you want to face the world? This is your sad ending!”

Spandam kept shouting and kicking, making Franky suffering.

“When you give me the drawing of the Pluton, I might start thinking of letting this dog free!”

Turning around, Spandam revealed a threatening smile.

Tom was extremely angry, but he couldn’t do anything.

After a while, a voice suddenly came in, and then a figure appeared from the door…

“Speaking of weak people, hello bastard!”

With full of indifference tone, Rogen kicked the door and entered the room, and then he stared at Spandam.

“Who are you?”

Seeing that someone suddenly came in, Spandam hurried and hid behind one of his guards.

When the black-suited men saw Spandam’s reaction, they looked at him with contempt.

Although they had to obey his orders, they despised him.

“Who am I?”

Rogen sneered.

“You can call me Sun Wukong!”

With a mask on his face, Rogen seemed to be very aggressive, which made the whole room feel the panic.

“Sun Wukong?

Spandam didn’t hear the name very well.

He tilted his head out from the black-suited man’s back to take a look at Rogen when he found that he was alone, he stood in front of him and shouted.

“Hah, big talk, how dare you? You want to stop the world government, and by yourself? I’ll send you to the Judicial Island, and you’ll suffer!”

“Who said that he is alone?”

After what Spandam said, a voice came from outside.

And then, one by one, a large group of people entered the room and gathered in front of Spandam.


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