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S.P.P: Chapter 191: Watch out!

8 people with different shapes, and different masks. When they entered the room,

When Spandam and his guard saw them, they panicked.

“Who the hell are you?”

Seeing this terrifying group, Spandam asked with a loud voice, with clear panic in his eyes.

“Leave, you are not welcomed here!”

With a cold tone, Crocodile glanced at Rogen and whispered.

When he said that, he was looking at Rogen, but actually, he meant Spandam and his group.

Crocodile was worried about his captain. He wanted to kill the other party, but he shouldn’t do that here, it will cause trouble for Mr. Tom.

“Do you know what are you doing? It’s a big crime to hinder the work of the world government!”

Spandam shouted.

“haha, big crime? Then we have to thank you for warning us!”’

One of the Dragon Elephants laughed loudly, under his mask, a hint of ridicule appeared on his face.

And then, as he laughed, he strode forward and kicked Spandam, he didn’t want to keep talking with this group.

When he did that, one of the black-suited men moved and…


In a twinkling of an eye, he blocked him with his feet, making a dull sound.

The Dragon Elephant was stunned, the black-suited man was very serious, he seemed to be powerful.

“They do have power!”

The Dragon elephant was surprised and he admired it.

He kept training during this period, he became much stronger than he was. It can be said that he is five or 6 times stronger than before. That Dragon Elephant became a little superman, but unfortunately, someone stopped him, that’s why he was surprised.

This group of people is really strong.

As that action happened, people behind them strode forward and prepared for the fight.

When he saw the full group, the black-suited man retreated.

“Sir, this group are quite strong, I suggest to leave and make plans!”

Spandam’s face changed.

“You are an elite fighter!” He whispered.

“When don’t know them, they might have powerful skills!”

The black agent responded and scanned the group again.

The group on the opposite side, they seemed to be killers from the first class, the black agent was afraid that these five people will make a difference. Especially, this group has more people than them.

It’s dangerous to fight against them.

“Leave, you will have only one more chance.”

Crocodile shouted again as if he was scorning slaves.

Hearing this disdainful tone, Spandam became angry, and he shouted out loud.

“You’ll regret it, you’ll suffer!”

Rogen who was standing in front of Crocodile kept silent, but when he heard Spandam’s threats, he immediately shouted.


His shout wave was merged with Haoshoku Haki, which affected Spandam and his agents.

The black-suited men were shocked, and they turned around.

Immediately, one of them fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

Rogen’s Haki was quite good.

“Are you okay?”

The leading man was panicked, and he was wondering what happened to them, and in a few moments, several members of his group fell down, and they were unconscious.

“I’m okay… ugh!”

This group of elite fighters was very powerful, under the attack of the Haoshoku Haki, they fell on the ground but they did not lose consciousness completely.

“Who the hell are you?”

One of the falling men asked Rogen.

Rogen was indifferent, he was silent and kept staring at them coldly.

“No one can defend the world’s criminals. If you offend the government, you will have serious consequences. Is that what you want?”

One of the black agents said coldly, and then he helped Spandam to stand up and leave.

They had very bad luck to face Rogen and his crew.

They’ve realized that they made a wrong choice facing him.

After the departure of Spandam and his group, Jason looked at Rogen and said.

“Why did you let them go? they’ve threatened Mr. Tom!”

His tone was full of intensity. Mr. Tom, who wanted to make the most unique ship in the world for them. He got threatened by some stupid World Government’s agents and Rogen let them go.

“Trensu!” Rogen didn’t want to answer, he only shouted for Trensu.

The latter nodded, he seemed to understand what Rogen meant, and he immediately turned and left.

After a while, Rogen nodded to tom.

“Mr. Tom, it’s okay, we’ll solve this!”


Tom shook his head.

“If they come back, I’ll be ready for them!”

“Fortunately, I’ve already finished the drawings, but it will take time to build it.”

“You’ll have time for that.”

Rogen nodded, and then he turned and whispered to his crew.

“Brothers, do you have the courage to knock on the gate of heaven palace with me?”

Spandam was the chief of the CP5, which means that anyone offends him will go to trial in the Judicial island.

“Hell yeah!”

Crocodile puffed the smoke; he was very excited.

“I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time!”

“Captain, let’s go, I want to knock this guy down!”

Jason shouted, he seemed to recognize him from last time.

The five Dragon elephants are naturally not afraid of the World Government, and they want to raid as soon as possible.

In the streets of Water 7.

A group of black-suited men with Spandam were running at high speed.

“Hurry up, we need to leave this island!”

Spandam lowered his voice and said to his guards.

“What? Captain, do we have to do that?”

The guards were shocked and they wondered.

“Yes, those bastards with masks! They are just a bunch of losers.”

“Yes, and we didn’t exert our full strength, we are not afraid of them!”

Spandam stared at them and said, “No, the strength of this group is terrible, and it’s not inferior to the supernova pirates, I can tell that these masked men are stronger than the supernova!”

When he said that, everyone got shocked.

Supernovas are the new pirates who have a bounty of more than 100.000.000 berries, they do have great potential and strength, which makes the Marines and the world afraid.

It wasn’t clear for Spandam and his guards where did Rogen’s group came from, but can they fight against the Supernovas?

“From where did they come from?”

“I don’t know either!”

Spandam shook his head.

After a while, Spandam and the black-suited man crossed five or six streets, and they were about 100 meters away from the port.

At that moment, Spandam shouted.

“Watch out!”

As he said that, the six people panicked, and jumped quickly.


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