One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 192: The sacrifice


A bleu projectile descended from the sky, and its target was Spandam and his guards.

The compressed sickle wind was very big, about one meter, and it was very fast like the lightening.

It came from an unknown place, and directly cut the corner of the wall in front of them, in less than a moment, the powerful projectile slammed on the six people.

This blow forced the black-suited men to jump and avoid it.

“Over there!”

One of the six people has a sharp eye, and quickly he found the source of the attack.

At the top of a building, a little man was standing there proudly, and he was looking at them.

“Sorry, you won’t leave this island for the time being!”

Under the sun, Trensu’s figure was dazzling, you have to own a sharp eye to be able to recognize him.

When they finally found him, the black-suited men were nervous.

“Who are you?”

Spandam was very angry, and he asked loudly.

“You can call me Trensu!”

He took off the mask slowly and answered with a dignified tone.

“Trensu, we are attached to the World Government department. We are here because we are responsible to arrest a world criminal called Tom, don’t make a mistake and interrupt us!”

Spandam shouted.

“Our captain said that we have to knock the door of the world government, here I am then!”

When he heard Spandam’s words, Trensu didn’t panic at all, and his eyes became very fierce.

At this moment, he decided to attack again

“Protect Spandam!”

Seeing Trensu’s expression, one of the agents hurried and shouted.

6 vs 1, it can be said that they could beat him up, but if it goes wrong, that would be their responsibility.

At that moment, one of them couldn’t believe what he just saw.

“Oh My God, he is walking in the air!”

In a word, everyone looked up quickly.

Every step he made, a cyclone appeared beneath his feet, in a few moments, he was in mid-air and stood there, and then he moved again.

He was very fast like he was walking on the ground.

In a blink of an eye, he reached their positions.


He lifted his right leg, and immediately, a blue projectile fell from the sky toward them.

The black-suited men avoided it, and they were astonished by this guy’s power.

One of them was too late, he couldn’t avoid it, the Rankyaku cut his arm.


Spandam’s eyes contracted, and he shouted.


The others reacted and immediately shot Trensu.

They were too late, when they shot, Trensu disappeared already.

“I am here weak people!”

A voice of indifference came from nowhere, and then a figure appeared.

With a gun in his hands, he stared at the people in front of him and mocked them. It was Trensu.

“What are you going to do?”

One of them took his short sword from his waist, he was very angry.

“Haha, we have to knock on the door of the Heavenly Palace. Actually, we don’t know where it is actually, but presumably, we must cross the door of the World Government.”

Another voice came out, but this time, it wasn’t from Trensu, it was from the other side of the alley.

Upon hearing this, the black-suited men turned quickly and they found that one of them was killed.

“How dare you? You have killed one of the World Government’s army!”

They got panicked immediately.

“Oh really!”

With a monkey face mask, a figure descended from the sky holding a sword in his hand. It was the man who has Busoshoku Haki.

“Who the hell are you guys?”

A black-suited man asked desperately.

When Trensu used the Rankyaku and walked into the air, they knew that it was impossible to defeat him.

Trensu and his mates could control the Rokushiki.

The black-suited men are not a good opponent for these masked men.

“You can call us The Wraith!”

Rogen pulled out the sword and strode forward.

The expression of the black agents immediately changed, and they pulled out their weapons.

But in the next moment, a mirage flashed, just like a beautiful butterfly flying in the flowers.

When Rogen stepped over and came to the front of Spandam, all the remaining guards held their necks, and then fell to the ground.

He was very fast as the light.


Just as the Yuan Hong sword returned to the sheath, everyone was laying on the ground.

This scene shocked Spandam and he couldn’t believe what he just saw.

When he saw the monkey face mask in front of him, he couldn’t help but tremble.

The mask was funny, but the coldness behind it made him afraid.

“What do you think of death?”

Spandam was shocked hearing those words, and he immediately shook his head, he was very scared at this moment.

“No! don’t you want to die?”

“I’m the chief of the CP5, you can’t kill me!”

Behind Rogen, the sand on Crocodile’s shoulder floated up and turned into a long rope and moved forward.

“Logia Type?”

Spandam was shocked when he saw that.

“No, don’t kill me! you’ll be guilty against the World Government, and the guilty will know the agony!”

The sand rope swept the dead bodies, and in less than a moment, it became dry and split.

Spandam was going crazy after seeing such a scene.

“Cutting this head will be the sacrifice for the birth of our pirate regiment, The Wraith!”

When Crocodile was about to attack, the monkey-faced man suddenly said.

Hearing this, the sand rope turned into a long sword, and then rushed in high speed.


A corps without a head, that was Spandam after Crocodile’s attack, and the last thing he saw was his body standing while blood erupted from his neck like a volcano.

The head of the chief of the CP5, it’s a good thing for the reputation of their group, right?

Crocodile licked his lips; he was very excited.

He has been waiting for this for so long.