One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 193: I’ll knock on the door.

When Rogen and his group went out to the alley, Crocodile was holding a round black wrap with bloodstains on it.

To leave the island quickly, Spandam and his group chose a shortcut and walked through it. Because of this, when they got killed, no one found it.

After leaving the alley, they got divided into 2 groups.

Rogen and Trensu went toward the shipyard, and the rest were heading toward the port.

Five minutes later.

“Mr. Tom!”

Rogen entered Tom’s office with Trensu and found blood on the ground, and Trensu was taken to the hospital.


Tom looked at Rogen with amazement.

“Mr. Tom, those bad guys, they will never bother you again in this life!”

Trensu was smiling while he said that.

“You killed them?”

Tom was stunned, and he stared at Rogen with shock.

“We just knocked on the door.

Rogen smiled.

Looking at the two again, Tom was stunned by their power. They dared to deal with dispatched World Government officials, the courage of this group is too great! Spandam represents the World, which is the reason to be so domineering and not take the others seriously.

Power always wins, Spandam was weak, but his rank is staggering. This position makes everyone afraid.

People in Spandam’s position, it will be okay to stay away from him, but if you confront him, you’ll face huge pressure, and you won’t dare to provoke him.

Not everyone has Haoshoku Haki to face such a position.

However, this group showed Tom what was the meaning of facing wild creatures with no fear.

It’s just a knock on the door to the world government!

You have to be brave to do this.

“What are you going to do?”

Tom wasn’t a naive person, he was sure that there’s something very special in this group, they had a purpose. They have attacked the World Government officials, no one would believe that.

“I’ll do a lot of things!”

Rogen laughed.

Tom took a deep breath, and then he turned his attention to the drawings in front of him.

“You’ve done everything, you can’t stay any longer. You have to leave now. I’ll give you a general introduction to this drawing!”

“I don’t have much time!”

Rogen nodded; he naturally understood the meaning of Tom.

After a while, Tom began to introduce some of the structure of the Pluton and the brief features. It was very clear that Rogen was very excited.

“Anchor done, prepare to leave!”

Jason took off the mask and shouted toward the boat.

Behind him, the five Dragon Elephants quickly moved and jumped on the boat one by one.

Crocodile puffed out smoke, and his eyes were drifting to the ships not far away.

“Hey, Jason, is that…?”

“Yes, it’s the ship of the World Government!”

Jason nodded after looking at the ship carefully.

“Me or you?”

Crocodile asked.

“Of course, it’s me, you’ll destroy only!”

Jason Strode forward.

Crocodile nodded and stood in the same place and kept looking at Jason.

He wanted to see what is Jason going to do.

Jason strode forward to the ship, he stared at the anchor and smiled, and then, he extended his hands.


He just inserted his both hands into the hull of the ship.

Jason took a deep breath, and then his arms were exerted again.

At this time, pedestrians in the port were shocked when they saw this.

“What is he doing?”

“Oh My God, he just inserted his both hands into the ship!”

“It’s the ship of the World Government, why would he do that?”

Soldiers on the boat felt that something was happening to their ship, they ran fast to see what was happening.

“What are you doing? Stop it!”

Jason didn’t care about them, and he kept doing what he wanted.

“This is for Tom!”


The World Government ship trembled, and in less than a moment, the water splashed. Jason raised it to the sky.


Jason laughed loudly; his power let everyone got astonished.

After lifting it, Jason took a step and walked forward until he came to a spacious place. His arms trembled before placing the ship on the ground.

“Who the hell are you?”

The soldiers on the boat were panicked, and they asked Jason with a clear fear in their eyes.

“Crocodile, haha!”

Jason ignored them, and he shouted to his fellow.

Immediately, the sand swept around and rushed to the ship quickly.

Subsequently, the sand formed a mound under the ship.

Stepping onto the deck, Crocodile put Spandam’s head on the sand.


The sand made a sound again, and then a figure appeared.

“I’ll knock on the door!”

This is exactly what Rogen told them. The stupid World Government is disgusting. They have to knock on the door and tell the rotten people what to do!

This was only a demonstration from a group of unknown people who dared to challenge the world.

It’s also Rogen’s silent roar, and especially an oath!

In this world, if there’s oppression, then there will be resistance. The World Government dared to threaten Tom, then they should wait for the evil spirit to come!

Rogen headed the port after leaving Tom’s office.


Everyone shouted excitedly, they were very happy with what they just did.

From this day on, they will be very known throughout the world.

“Don’t get too excited, because we have a lot of things to do next!”

“It will be more spectacular than this one!”

Rogen said that while he was smiling.

“Let’s leave!”

Jason stood on the boat and shouted.

As he said that, The Dragon Root roared and sailed away from the port.

Looking at the big ship that Jason placed on the ground, and the shocked people around it, Rogen was confused.

“We will know the door of the Heavenly Palace!”

“Are you readyyy!?”