One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 194: The new bounty!

Rogen and his crew just left Water 7, and after a short time, the mighty waves just started.

The World Government has sent officials, but they got killed by a group of pirates. Such a thing is extremely bad, and it shocked the world. Also, it made countless high officials upset and angry.

What’s more, Spandam’s family itself is a high-ranking official in the World Government, it can be said that this will be very bad for Rogen and his group.

What this group did, was like riding on the head of the World Government, which has a great influence on this prestigious organization.

When they heard about this incident, the Commander-in-Chief immediately issued an order.

“We must exterminate these rats!”

In an instant, the Government operated with extremely fast efficiency, and a large number of troops began to move.

From the first look, Water 7 was still remaining calm, but actually, it was raging already.

Many investigative teams rushed into the island to ask witnesses and collect evidence to identify the identity of the criminal.

“Suna Suna no Mi! Humm, Logia type!”

A small team of seven people just reached the island after Rogen’s departure.

At the moment, the leading man who was wearing a top cap looked at the deck that was stacked with sand and whispered.

“A tall and strong man!”

Another person stood under the boat and looked at the two deep holes into the ruler and muttered.

At this moment, a woman with glasses was busy asking the crowd.

“The identity of these people has been confirmed!”

In a short time, the identity of Rogen and his crew was exposed. Those investigators are very efficient and fast.

“Oh, really?”

The leading man turned and looked at the woman.

“The Suna Suna no Mi user, Crocodile, with a bounty of 45 million on his head.”

“He used to be in Baroque Works, Alabasta. It didn’t expect him to be here!”

“He is working with another person, according to our speculation, it’s Jason Statham!”

When he heard the name of the partner, the hat man was surprised.

“Is it the one with one hundred million bounty on his head?”

“Yes, it’s him!”

“What about the rest?”

“According to the witnesses, there were 10 people in here, but we could get only these two because of the chaotic scene, we don’t have enough information for the rest.”

The woman answered and she hesitated.


The hat man asked.

“Some people have seen a pirate flag on their ship!”


His pupils shrank and he was stunned.

“Then hand it to the marine, CP5 is more than taking care of this kind of things!”

“But… But he is our chief!”

The woman hesitated again.

“So what… huh!”

The leading man sneered, and then he turned and left.

After one hour, the CP5 who came to investigate in the murder of their chief, they left and ignored this matter.
If their superior was dead, naturally they don’t need to follow other people’s instructions during this time.

In fact, the mysterious organization named Cipher Pol, have all kinds of incredible power, they are powerful. The various Cipher Pol cells are stationed throughout the world and investigate for the World Government.

“Captain, why don’t we care about this?”

On the boat after leaving, a young man wondered.

This matter involves their chief, so it’s up to them to take charge of it.

“What is hard for you to understand?”

The lead man sneered.

Behind them, the man who explored the ship that was moved by Jason, he said with a low voice.

“The man who moved that ship, his Doriki surpasses 3000!”

When he said that, all people on board stared at him with shock.

Doriki is a unit of measurement used by Cipher Pol to directly determine the physical power of someone. Assuming that a common armed soldier on average has around 10 Doriki, and according to them, a Doriki of 500 or higher is classed as superhuman. In their CP5, their captain has only 3000.

However, the guy who moved the ship, by measurement, his power exceeded 3000.

This was just amazing, even if the CP5 wants to face them, they won’t make it, there are 10 people on the other side, and with 3000, that would be impossible.

They were sure that the other party was far more than imagined, and they naturally know how to choose. Spandam, whether he is dead or not, it won’t make much difference for them.

On the second day after Rogen’s departure, the news has spread quickly throughout the world. this news shocked all the world.

“The Wraith Pirates took the shot and killed the World Government official Spandam!”

In this world, no one dares to do this except a few brave fighters.

This was simply a slap on the face of the World Government. People who made such a bearing action will be very famous, and everyone will fear them. However, they will be in a big danger, because the World Government and the Marines will chase them to the end of the world.


In the middle of the headquarters, Kong hit the desktop ruthlessly.

Under the look numerous Marines high-level, Kong quickly announced new Wanted Poster, ordering this group of people to pay attention with emphasis.

The bounty was revealed, and the Wraith Pirates became known officially to the world the first time.

“Jason Statham, Wraith pirates, 250 million!”

“Crocodile, Wraith Pirates, 200 million!”

Because of the lack of information for the rest, there were only to Wanted Poster for this pirate regiment. But the bounty amount shocked all the world.

Although they were only two persons, the sum of their bounty which was 450 million surpassed many pirate regiments in total.

No one knows from where this group came from, but they immediately jumped into the supernova group and rushed into the top ten.

In the Dragon Root, everyone was laughing.

“Haha, Jason-Aniki, you’ve got a huge bounty on your head, it’s 250 million!”

“Crocodile-Sama also, it awesome, the bounty on your head is 200 million!”

“Captain, look at the two of them. They have overtaken you at once.”

Everyone looked at each other and laughed.

Rogen was standing on the bow, he smiled, but he kept staring at the Six Dragon Elephants and thought.

They’ve become officially in this crew, but their strength is no enough yet.

The upcoming trip to the Sabaody Archipelago will inevitably face fierce battles. Whether they can participate in it or not, Rogen was still hesitating.

“Maybe, it’s time to arrange another task for them!”

Rogen sighed and he kept thinking.

He doesn’t want anyone in his crew to be hurt, he wanted to ensure the safety of all of them.

He’ll do everything to avoid the danger.

However, this mission has great importance for him, but it requires manpower.

Correspondingly, it’s extremely dangerous.